iPhone Apps Beta Testing - Top Tips


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Competition is immense in iPhone applications market. Approximately 225,000 native applications can be found in iTunes for iPhone's while there are more than a million applications for the Apple smartphone in total. In short, any application that is less than great loses the battle.
You can keep these top tips in mind whenever you go for iPhone apps beta testing. It is noteworthy that untested or carelessly tested applications are bound to doom at Apple Store .

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iPhone Apps Beta Testing - Top Tips

  1. 1. IPHONE APPS BETA TESTING – TOP TIPS Any application that is less than great loses the battle. Only a few feedback that describe your application as less than good are enough to prevent visitors from downloading it. Further, it will lower the ratings for your application at the Apple store. Here are some options that you can consider according to your preference –
  2. 2. SIMULATORS AND REAL DEVICES There are a number of iPhone applications simulators available at the internet but they are actually mere browsers designed to imitate iPhone screen. The real test for your application depends on Network connectivity Zooming functionality Memory Installation Screen CPU So, a simulator can never replace iPhone apps beta testing on real devices.
  3. 3. PUBLIC BETA TEST It is a commonly used and a very credible method of testing your application. iPhone applications public beta testing refers to the release of your application to selective groups of people before its official launch on the store. Notable, Apple restricts the number of testing devices to only 100. Moreover, those devices have to be known to you as you will need the UDID.
  4. 4. TESTING APPLICATION YOURSELF iPhone app developers are not the best persons to test his application because he knows all the functions of the application. However, like developers’ skills get honed with experience so do the skills of a tester. Therefore, if you have theoretical knowledge of testing or have not practiced it for long then you should not rely on yourself alone.
  5. 5. BETA TESTERS FEEDBACK You have to specify to beta testers the functions on which you necessarily need feedback and also ask them to report critical issue immediately when they find one. Delay in reporting critical issues will leave with less time to correct them. In case of critical issue, the running beta test has to be halted until the issue is resolved.
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