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Geeks Report Gk vacwork March 2016


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School holidays can also be a time to learn and be creative using ICT and the Geekulcha crew makes sure of that. High school learners are tasked with real life projects where they use technology and the internet to solve problems and enhance efficiency in public sectors like transport, health and education.

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Geeks Report Gk vacwork March 2016

  1. 1. #gkVacWork 2016 22 - 01 April - Tshwane | City Deep (Joburg) | Soweto The Report
  2. 2. The Geekulcha VacWork program takes in a number of high scholars to a real workplace, and a creativity working environment, get trained and build projects with ICT tools. Youngsters spend their Holidays With The Geeks. The Geekulcha crew and community get to redistribute their skills/knowledge to the young ones. The program is open for all youngsters from Grade 11 to grade 6. What’s This About?
  3. 3. The Theme: Smart City Life This edition of the VacWork will explore how it’s like living in a Smart City. Youngsters will come up with solutions that brings about efficiency and make their cities more liveable. Focus Areas: transport pollution crime information health disability What came out: Scholars have built solutions that addresses their Smart City Life through mobile apps, web applications, electronics systems, craftred arts, graphics design and business development tools.
  4. 4. gkVacWork March: Summary ● 3 locations: Tshwane (40), Joburg City Deep (30) and Soweto (30) ● Scholars from: Joshco, Mamelodi, Ga-Rankuwa, Atteridgeville, Olievenhoutbosch, Hammanskraal, Jabavu and Orlando ● 6 Days of the VacWork ● Over 15 mentors in the 3 locations ● 8 Coordinators ● 16 projects presented ● 3 Judges ● 3 Winning solutions ● 2 buses provided ● Over 120 people were part of the presentations
  5. 5. Special Case 1. The Taxi Driver (Second from Left) of the scholars from Stanza Bonza High School decided to use the opportunity and learn new things from the VacWork program. Geekulcha welcomed this move and was thrilled to have him there as one of the participants - developing skills. 2. Soweto scholars opted to make crafts as a way to prototype their solutions. They were allowed to so in order to promote Maker momentum. 3. Newspapers and Radio houses called to cover the VacWork story. Geekulcha team will contact stakeholders for comments.
  6. 6. “The Clever Boys”
  7. 7. Execution and Support The Judges CoT Bus - 6 days transport CoJ Bus - presentation dayPhoto and videographyFood + braai by TIH Mentorship
  8. 8. Key Activities
  9. 9. AMSAT Workshop & Challenge Mr Nico van Rensberg and Mr Hans from the South African Amarteur Radio Satellites presented a workshop to the scholars. The scholars learned, engaged and asked questions to the presenters. They shown interest onto the radio telescopes and some consider to follow a career path in relation. The Challenge: AMSAT gave the scholars to write a story on “what space means to me”. Best Essay Winner: Njabulo Sibiya, received some nice items. Consultation Winners: Brian Madigoe, Lesego Makgola, Zinhle Boyana and Moses Mhlwana.
  10. 10. Atlanta Mayor Visit The Mayor of Atlanta, Hon. Kasim Reed and his Delegation through The Innovation Hub, visited the VacWork programme in Tshwane - 30/03/2016. Mr Tiyani Nghonyama explained what the programme is about and then took them through the different groups to see what the scholars were developing. His Excellence was impressed with the Innovation that scholars were coming up with and said, “Man, get’ outta here!”. Some of the scholars were given business cards by the Mayor’s council members. Valuable feedback/comments also given by the delegation.
  11. 11. Career Day Career Day is hosted as part of the VacWork program. Scholars must understand that they are taught ICT skills just to make them explore and see it as an enabler in every industry. Industry leaders came to speak to the youngsters: ● Ms Sihle Dlamini, a creative, founder of Sanctuary Mobile Spa, Sanctuary Marketing and Events. ● Mr Nyaladzi Mpofu, Audience Manager at Microsoft shared his Computer Science journey and encouraged scholars ● Ms Nompumelelo Myenza, gave a brief of the Mining industry as a career option ● Mr Tiyani Nghonyama, a Computer Systems Engineer ● Ms Nyalleng, a Data Scientist from CSIR told the scholars that it’s all possible
  12. 12. Projects
  13. 13. Channeling New Companies F.I.S.R L_SENSOR
  14. 14. Projects (1) DEE E-Team (Tshwane) Water management system that allows helps with water reusability by purifying water from household appliances. It’s a web-based with a sensors to separate clean water from the dirty water. V-Taxi (Joshco) Connect pupils with their taxi drivers in a digital form. The pupils will be able to notify the driver through the app for they are sick, late or won’t be going to school. That way the driver knows who to go pick up and also leave behind. 5th-Quadrant (Tshwane) NAB: An app that helps increase the chances of solving a crime by reducing the time taken to report a crime. Providing assistance and report a crime but avoid the normal paper procedure route. The GeekStaz (Joshco) Developed a device (Digital Sensor Chip) that helps reduce hijackings occurring in our everyday lives and give the owners a peace of mind F.S.I.R (Soweto) This website will allow residents and businesses to take a picture of an object that needs to be fixed or implemented and send it to us through our website, where else we try to get hold of someone who will be suitable . The Young Explorers (Joshco) Finding and building innovative solutions to address general power-cuts and load shedding in the country. Provides best information and interactive solution.
  15. 15. Projects (2) The Clever Guys (Soweto) A WATCHTOWER is a type of fortification used in many parts of the world on which guard or lookout is stationed to keep watch as for criminals and built to create an elevated observation point in Soweto to fight crime. GRAPHEEKS (Tshwane) Designs high quality logos or upgrade existing ones. Designed the logos and posters for the Tshwane teams. Find a Doc (Tshwane) An app that helps reduce ques in hospitals or doctor’s area by helping you find help easily. Helps people save money and time. Easy navigation and informative. Ethuba Ilenye (Soweto) Rehabilitation is a healthcare service with dedication on improving, maintaining and restoring physical strength, cognition and mobility with maximized results. School Nerds (Joshco) Online students may be able to get print books from their library mailed to them or use online reference materials. Students may not be thinking about these resources but they could be a key to success. Spartans Invasion (Soweto) Impact for this websites is to alert people from our communities and outside the boundaries of our community give them information about the events, colleges, job opportunities etc.
  16. 16. Projects (3) Geek Code Link (Tshwane) L Sensor is a device that detects water leakages from pipes that are impossible for us to see. It immediately senses leaking pipes and alerts you. Bicycle Empowerment (Soweto) The intention of this project is build an easy human-powered generator from used bicycle and its light but ricity. Also take a huge focus on STEM development. EIT (Tshwane) DOC POCKET solves a problem of not standing long queues More or less we’ll be saving you money because you won’t have to consult a doctor if you’ve found a remedy for your disease Tshwane Tutor (Tshwane) Matriculants will be offered an opportunity to study online , and have a blog/forum which will allow them to interact with one another.
  17. 17. Winning Teams Third Place: 5th Quadrant Second Place: V-Taxi First Place: DEE E-TEAM Best Presenters: GeekStarz AMSAT Challenge
  18. 18. Social Media
  19. 19. The Numbers Reach
  20. 20. Activities: Twitter and Facebook
  21. 21. Getting Stuff Done
  22. 22. Presentations Day The Presentations Dressed in formal, scholars had 8 minutes to present to a panel of judges and to fellow scholars. Presentations took place from 11:00 - 16:00 followed by awards ceremony. Criteria (0 - 5) The judges judged the solutions based on: ● Innovation (localized) ● Socio-Economic Impact ● Market Potential ● Presentation (delivery)
  23. 23. High and Lowlights Highlights ● Scholars came up with projects in accordance to the theme ● The mentors were on board throughout to help ● A good balance of boys and girls participating ● All projects were at their MVP stage ● Scholars had built their business cases ● 3 solutions are ready for the Technovation Challenge ● CoT and TIH leadership showed support Lowlights ● Soweto VacWork was very under- resourced ● The presentations started late ● No consolation prizes were given to the top 3 teams, on the day ● Only one mentor was external ● Some of the speakers did not come through for the Career Day ● The WiFi was ungovernable and could not adequately connect to the Think Tank event in London
  24. 24. Where To From Now? Sustainability Finding more sustainable models to keep the programme going while striving for more mass impact. It is of great interest to strengthen relationships with current partners. Soweto Geekulcha feels that there is a need to strengthen resources acquirement, skills development and Tech/Innovation excitation in Soweto for the next 4 months. VacWork in Kimberley In July, Geekulcha Student Society (GKSS) will officially launch the VacWork program in Kimberley for local youth. Support the Scholars Through media exposure, invitation to exhibit at various platforms, the scholars will be supported with the projects including the Technovation Challenge and Hack4Water. NEXT VacWork Edition: 27 - 08 July 2016, “Modern Workplace”
  25. 25. Special Thanks The VacWork had enough man-power in making everything possible. Geekulcha would like to extend a thank you to the following institutions/individuals: ● Key partners: The Innovation Hub, City of Tshwane, mLab SA, FoE Foundation and Jabavu Youth Centre ● All coordinators from the 3 venues for ensuring best efforts for success ● All the mentors for transferring skills to the younger ones. Special thanks to Layyers and EWB-TUT ● Judges on the presentations day ● All the speakers who came through for the career day and help scholars ● The MC and Stage/Technical manager ● Scholars for waking up everyday and attend the VacWork
  26. 26. Resources 1. gkVacWork 2016 Photos 2. Scholars at Arduino Day SA 3. Videos AqWKlIK6nVdseHPVK21IpfG4o0UVo 4. VacWork Survey Results wKa18hUbLYpCsXfsGntx65uDglroE/pubhtml
  27. 27. #gkVacWork 2016