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Useful items on the website


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I'd like to give you some tips on what useful items you can find on our website

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Useful items on the website

  1. 1. Useful items on the website Author: Andrey Karpov Date: 12.03.2013 I'd like to give you some tips on what useful items you can find on our website The audience of our site is constantly rising. Programmers subscribe to our blog, follow us in twitter, and so on. As a result, many of our readers read new articles but don't know of other useful materials posted earlier. We don't position us as an information portal, so you may miss a lot of useful items of information when visiting our site. However, we find it cruel to refer our readers to the site map. Yes, you can find all the site contents there but it's an impossible task for a guest to choose what to read. That's why I've decided to arrange a small tour around our website for new visitors. I've picked out the sections which, I suppose, will be most useful and interesting. Enjoy your reading. 1. All about "64-bit" 2. Developing extension packages for Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010/2012 using C# with real-life samples 3. Collection of interesting resources on C/C++ programming 4. The compiler is to blame for everything 5. Wade not in unknown waters. Part one, two, three. 6. Is it reasonable to use the prefix increment operator ++it instead of postfix operator it++ for iterators? 7. How to complement TDD with static analysis 8. A sample collection to aid in studying typical misprints and mistakes in C/C++ programming 9. How to make fewer errors at the stage of code writing. Part one, two, three. 10. 32 OpenMP Traps For C++ Developers 11. Studying methods of attracting people to a software product's website 12. Security, security! But do you test it? In conclusion I'd like to invite you to follow me in twitter: @Code_Analysis. There I post links not only to our own new articles but to many other interesting programmer resources too. And one more thing. Could you please vote for our tool PVS-Studio in Visual Studio Gallery? It's been there for a long time, but unfortunately there are almost no responses.