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Feedback about your feedback


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Feedback about your feeedback

Published in: Education
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Feedback about your feedback

  1. 1. Feedback: Discussed COM10003 LEARNING & COMMUNICATING ONLINE TP2, 2014
  2. 2. Some key themes…  The Wikis Support from your eLAs  Learning materials
  3. 3. The Wiki Feedback about the Wikis  Some loved collaborating in the Wiki  Others were not as keen Our response?  The Wikis help us see the ‘who, when and what’  The Wikis help us to support you and ensure that you are marked fairly for your contribution Future action?  Keep investigating options for Collaboration that can be contained with in Blackboard
  4. 4. Support from your eLAs Feedback about your eLAs  Support from your eLAs is really important to you. Our response?  We see student support as being of central importance Future action?  We will continue to emphasise the importance of supporting you
  5. 5. Learning materials Feedback about the learning materials  Some are comfortable with the mix of learning materials  Others want more lectures and less reading Our response?  We do use a combination of delivery methods (written material, pictures, YouTube videos just to name a few). There is minimal reading in this unit and this is quite deliberate.  We do need to include some academic articles. Here is why:  Reading good quality articles will help you develop your academic voice.  We need to prepare you for other units where more reading is required Future action?  We will continue to explore different ways of presenting material
  6. 6. Learning materials Feedback about essay writing  You also wanted to be shown how to write essays. Our response?  There are many practical guides available on the internet and in print that can help. Ultimately being told how to write an essay will not help you. Essay writing skills develop over time as a result of experiential learning (that is – learning by doing) and by receiving and acting on feedback.  We also need to keep the aim of the unit in mind “This unit aims to develop students as informed, active, connected and contributing members of the networked community.” Providing you with information is just one piece of the puzzle. Future action?  We will continue to explore different ways of presenting material
  7. 7. Finally … Thank-you   For sharing your ideas with us  For your hard work to date