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Make your chapter awesome! (increasing female membership)


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How to take your OWASP chapter from average to awesome (by increasing female membership) in 4 easy steps! Because *everything* is better if women are there too!

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Make your chapter awesome! (increasing female membership)

  1. 1. Increasing Female Membership How to make your chapter infinitely more... AWESOME Tanya Janca
  2. 2. OWASP Ottawa Chapter Female Recruitment Experience from the Ottawa Chapter ●From 2 -> 60+ women. ●Attendance is now 15-20% female. ●Overall membership up over 400%. ●6 Women paired with professional mentors. ●More social atmosphere
  3. 3. OWASP needs more women Because everything is better with women.
  4. 4. Step 1:The Evangelist Appoint a champion for this cause. Welcome to OWASP!!!
  5. 5. Step 2:Invite Women xfgxgf Personally invite women to OWASP. to OWASP
  6. 6. Step 3:Female Speakers Get as many female speakers as possible.
  7. 7. Step 4:Mentoring Start a mentoring program.
  8. 8. Step 5:Miscellaneous Imposter Syndrome
  9. 9. Questions? Tanya Janca Ottawa, Canada Chapter