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writing portfolio_tanya caruso

  2. 2. 3 Antebellum Appeal Take a look inside one of the south’s treasures page 20 models katherine langner and laken romine in tanya caruso designs by alyssa vaphiades Get into the Groove This Spring PAGE 4 Check out Nannette Leopore’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection Fashion Down Under PAGE 6 MeetAustralia’s BIGGEST and BOLDEST in fashion Cynthia Rowley’s HamptonVibe PAGE 9 Take a look at Cynthia’s Spring 2016 line and see what made her fashion show unique Think Pink PAGE 11 The season’s Hottest color The Renaissance of Fashion PAGE 13 The true influence of Fall/Winter 2016 Couture Collections style Meet Oily Skins Greatest Opponent PAGE 16 Introducing NarsVelvet Matte SkinTint Savannah, Georgia MakingWaves in Fashion PAGE 20 How this historic city is making strides in trade and fashion beauty business Editor ContributingWriter Photographers Tanya Caruso Tanya Caruso AlyssaVaphiades Tyler Glickman ThriveTribes andWhy You Need One PAGE 18 Say hello to a women’s new secret weapon social
  3. 3. 5 style Getinto the GrooveNanette Lepore’s spring 2016 collection is bringing fashionistas back to a groovier time. anette Lepore’s NewYork Fashion Week presentation showcasing her Spring/Summer 2016 collection made guests feel like they had stepped into the 1970’s. Being surrounded by models wearing flirty pieces, music byTiki Disco, and artwork by the celebrated graffiti artist Stefan Eins had me questioning if her Broome Street store had teleported me back to a groovier era. However, the garment’s updated silhouettes, vibrant pattern designs, and eye-catching phrases like‘Does anyone have a phone charger I can borrow forever’ from collaborator BillyTommy of Eddie Eddie catapulted me back to the 21st century. The garments from Nanette Lepore’s newest collection and other NYFW designers brought a sense of femininity to the runways, presentations, and screenings throughout fashion week. Her clothing defined this aesthetic through a flowing drape, ruffles,V cut necklines, warm color palettes, andA-line silhouettes. Nanette believes,“a romantic period in fashion has spurred on femininity in fashion, that can be attributed to an increase in exploration leading to a rise in creativity.” Nanette Lepore derived inspiration from pop art, flowered textile designs, and gradients. These muses were displayed throughout her collection and made her line stand out. One piece of Nanette’s line that I cannot wait to purchase is a daisy embroidered black dress with structured bell sleeves.The thing that I love about the garment is how it is able to retain structure despite its lace- like appearance, that was attained through pin-perforated neoprene. Despite never being fond of this material, this garment has opened up my eyes to the possibilities of this textile. Another attribute of her clothing that impressed the crowd was the brightness and designs of her textiles. Most of her textiles were composed of pink, orange, and turquoise- colors that Nanette has been know to use. In theory this color scheme can seem overwhelming, but in practice the materials were breathtaking. It may be a little early to start making NewYears resolutions, but I pledge to break from traditional shades of fabric and start wearing brighter colors. I will also start wearing more feminine silhouettes like the models of Nanette’s Lepore’s Spring/Summer presentation. N Designs by Nanette Lepore Photos: Dan Regan
  4. 4. 7 a “technical genius”. My favorite piece of his new collection is the Encompassing Dress. This piece has the volume and draping expertise to make any head turn. Another designer that stood out for their use of fabric manipulation was Strateas Carlucci.The designers used the wave tuck technique to create incredible texture on a blouse, dress, sweater, short jacket, and mid length coat for the women’s and men’s collections.This feature completely changed the feel and appearance of the knit fabrics used, and really made the collection special. Designer Michael Lo Sordo’s Resort 2016 line was consumed with whimsicality. This element was highlighted through the use of silk chiffon micro pleats throughout his collection. This fabrication allowed him to create fan-like gowns, blouses, and skirts that could transform any lady into a goddess.The enchanting gowns designed by Michael and his team made his collection stand out, and has made me a fan of his work for shows to come. One of my favorite collections to walk the runway of CarriageworkswasBettyTran’sline.Herdrivetocreatepieces that empower women to look and feel great about themselves truly shines with these designs. Her pieces highlighted women’s curves through tight silhouettes and gathered trains. One piece I really admired was a red waistcoat with black embroidery that had a floor-length tail. Her designs and use of red were reminiscent of olderValentino collections, which is one of the reasons why I feel ardent about the line and the designer. When many of you think about Australia, kangaroos and the Outback are the only things that come to mind. However, once you review the collections produced by these talented Australian designers fashion will be the only thing that will come to mind. 1) Michael Lo Sordo:Plissé-satin blouse(inquire),Plissé-satin maxi skirt ($599).2) Strateas Carlucci- Sterile Sweater Knit ($244), Step Veil Pencil Skirt ($415). 3) Maticevski, Encompassing Dress ($3,740). 4) Betty Tran, (inquire For more information on Mercedes Benz FashionWeek Australia go to Fashion Down Underike most fashionistas the thought of waiting until September for a new fashion week was almost painful. Luckily Australia was able to grace us with new designs during their Resort 2016 shows. Even though I observed the catwalk from my desk, the shows opened up my eyes to a new group of talented designers. When social media started promoting MBFWA, I became extremely curious as to what country was hosting this fashion week. I then typed into Google- MBFWA, and I was happily surprised to find out it was for Australia.As I began researching the presenting designers my jaw began to drop as I viewed their past collections. Each design was more ornate than the next. I then started my own countdown for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia. My favorite thing about the clothing featured duringthisfashionweekwashowthedesignersandtheir teams were able to manipulate fabric. One collection that has been embedded in mind since last week is Maticevski’s. For those who don’t know the designer, he has an avant-garde style and has been recognized as L The Catwalks of Carriageworks 1 2 3 4
  5. 5. 9 hroughout the years Cynthia Rowley has been influenced by surf culture.This muse once again played an important role during her NewYork FashionWeek screening of her Spring/ Summer 2016 collection. Upon arrival at her space on Morton Street guests were transported to the beaches of Montauk where her latest fashion show and look book were produced. What impressed viewers was that her film was not like any ordinary fashion show video, since it was shot with DJI drones allowing visitors to see 360-degree views of the garments. Cynthia explained that while she was watching her daughter’s surf show she spotted a drone videotaping the performance, and it sparked the idea of using drone cinematography to get the angles she desired. Surf culture once again influenced her video when she was developing the presentation of her latest fashion show. She informed me, “while watching surf films I wondered — how can you have a runway show that goes over and over like the surfers riding waves?This idea led to the show being played continuously throughout the screening.” Once the designer identified the direction she wanted to take for her fashion show she contacted DJI drones of China and they soon sent aerial cinematography specialist Rio Rex to film the show. Over the course of a week Rio Rex captured a beach front fashion show that took place on a mirrored runway. He also filmed videos of the skyline and beaches at daybreak — the time he found them to be the most beautiful. During the screening the walls and ceiling were covered in projections of Montauk’s skylines, ocean and Rowley’s fashion show. No wonder Cynthia can’t help but be inspired when so much beauty surrounds her. The silhouettes and textiles of Cynthia’s collection were just as lovely as the Montauk landscape and just as spontaneous as its wave formations. Her silhouettes ranged from kimonos, to kaftans, to A-line garments and her textiles varied from fringe, to sparkles, to patterned silks. One garment that caught my eye on the runway was a chartreuce silk satin jumpsuit that had a great cut and drape. Another piece that caught my attention was a flirty off the shoulder dress composed of light blue colored fringe. Like most of the garments from Rowley’s Spring/Summer 16 collection, these looks would be great for a summers night or day. Since the 21st century began digital technology has stuck the world with force. For a while digital technology primarily effected fashion behind the scenes, but lately it has come out from behind the curtain and showed the world it’s true impact. Cynthia Rowley was able to expose to the world what her ideal fashion show would look like using the latest and most sophisticated techniques. This unique insight into the art of fashion is the reason why this designer will be around for time to come. Cynthia Rowley’s HamptonVibe T Fringe Swing Dress ($995). Sequin Cardigan ($395), Sequin HenleyT-Shirt ($295), Pink Bonded Cropped ($245). Flare Satin SashTie Jumpsuit ($425). Designs by Cynthia Rowley Photos:William Eadon
  6. 6. 11 ike most NewYorkers, black has been the only‘color’ to be found within the depths of my closet for quite some time. However, I recently have found myself adding pops of color to my outfits. One color I can’t help but stay away from is pink. My attraction could be due to my desire for warmer weather orAnnaWintour casting her spell on the fashion world.These days I can’t help but think pink! A few months ago I would not have been caught dead wearing pink.The reason for this could have been attributed to my over use of the color during my youth, my disinterest in looking overtly girly, or because I was just scared of spilling coffee on anything other than black. For now I am putting my hesitations aside, and I am ready for whatever shade will come my way. So far spring has brought us better weather and light pink duster jackets, which can be seen throughout the streets of NewYork City. One of the best places to find your new favorite spring coat is on This website is the hub of online clothing shopping since it allows you to refine your search while it scours the web for you. One of my favorite light pink dusters on this website is theAll Saints Nehru Coat. Its Mandarin Collar is on point with trends, just like its dusty pink color. Another jacket I adore on this site is the PinkTextured Crepe Boyfriend Coat by Dorothy Perkins. Since this L jacket is made out of crepe, it can easily be worn for both spring and summer. For those who are unaccustomed to wearing pink, the best way to ease into the color is by accessorizing with it.Adding a touch of pink through footwear, handbags, or jewelry can make any outfit fresh for spring. One of my favorite light pink spring bags is River Island’s Pink Mini Satchel that can be found Its small size can add the perfect hint of pink to any outfit. For those who are trying to be comfortable and still stay trendy light pink low-top sneakers could be your style solution. Marc by Marc Jacobs’s Pink Suede Cute Kicks Sneakers are truly one of the cutest pairs of low tops I have seen lately. Don’t walk, run to get yourself a pair! To those who are a little more daring, why not add some flare to your outfit with hot pink or fuchsia—I promise you won’t regret it!This shade will bring out your confidence and can brighten up any rainyApril day.While browsing Polyvore I came across Mackage’s Florica Hot Pink Leather Moto Jacket, whoever said tough women don’t wear pink has clearly never seen this jacket.Another great way to infuse this shade into your outfit is through a pair of heels. Kurt Geiger London’s‘Bond’ d’ Orsay Leather Pumps will make you say, or should I say scream, I love pink! Getting out of your comfort zone, especially with clothing, is a difficult thing to do. However once you make the change its hard to see how you lived any other way. Rhianna turning heads in GiambattistaValli Haute CoutureFunny Face THINK PINK
  7. 7. 13 Pink IS the New Black 1) Chanel, Resort 2016. 2) Carolina Herrera, Spring 2016. 3) Mackage, Florica Hot Pink Leather Moto Jacket. 4) All Saints, Nehru Coat. 5) Dorothy Perkins, Pink Textured Crepe Boyfriend Coat.6) Kurt Geiger London, ‘Bond’ d’ Orsay Leather Pumps. 7) Marc by Marc Jacobs’s, Pink Suede Cute Kicks Sneakers. 8) River Island’s Pink Mini Satchel The Renaissance of Fashion he way many children feel on Christmas Day was the way I felt during the course of July 2015’s Haute Couture FashionWeek. Every thing was bigger and more elaborate than I could have ever dreamed- especially in terms of silhouettes.The reason for this was due to inspiration emerging from fashions of the Northern Renaissance. Since few garments have survived from this era, designers had to use portraits, etchings, carvings, and manuscript margins to derive inspiration from this period.This matter was not an issue for designers since models looked like they had stepped out of a Lucas Cranach canvas, or should I say one of Viktor and Rolf’s garments. Fashions of the Northern Renaissance, which spans from 1500-1600, had three major influences.The first of these influences was the transition from Medieval to Renaissance times. Dior’s collection was highly influenced by men and women’s medieval attire, and attains similarity to illustrations from French manuscripts. Medieval aspects are visible from their chemise- like dresses, long gathered cloaks, wide long sleeves and the look of chain mail created from trims.Another designer that T Fendi Valentino Ellie Saab Ralph and Russo Versace DiorDolce and GabbanaMarchesaViktor and Rolf 1 5 8 6 7 2 3 4
  8. 8. 15 dabbled with medieval aspects was GiambattistaValli.The design team whimsically draped a few of their garments, giving the appearance of Byzantine artwork. Square and deepV necklines were other medieval traits that appeared on clothing throughout the shows. These aspects of renaissance attire were beautifully applied to gowns, rompers, skirts, and shirts across the board. Styles from Germany also influenced clothing during the Northern Renaissance.A trait of clothing specific to this region was softly gathered skirts- similar to the ones found in theArmani Privé andValentino collections.Another fashion trend from this region that stayed prominent throughout the Northern Renaissance and theAlta Moda shows was tight fitting bodices. The elaborate ensembles of the Haute Couture shows can be attributed to Spain’s influence during the Northern Renaissance. Spanish dress design reigned in Europe from 1530-1600 and during that time silhouette grew in width; especially in the hip region.This style feature was called the farthing gale and its size and shape was created through a petticoat with sewn in whalebones and steel hoops.This style formed a cage around the body- similar to a skirt from Stéphane Rolland’s collection.This look was highly visible throughout the couture shows; however, designers were able to manipulate fabric instead creating this apparatus. Design houses accentuated this feature through the use of pleats, tucks, tiered ruffles and gathered crinoline.An additional feature of Spanish style skirts was that they were floor length and had the look of an inverted cone with a‘V’ opening in the front. Fendi and GiambabtistaValli created garments that fit this description; however, they modernized this look through textiles.Another‘V’ shaped clothing feature found during the shows and the Northern Renaissance was the pronouncedV at the base of bodices. Dolce and Gabbana, Ralph and Russo, and Julien Fournie created bodices with this appearance.The houses of Julien Fournie and Ralph and Russo took a more traditional approach to the look, whereas Dolce and Gabbana put an oriental twist on the garment shown by its Mandarin collar and embroidery. During Spain’s reign, and throughout the 16th century, bodices were filled in with chemise and had necklines up to the throat. Jean Paul Gaultier, Ralph and Russo,Valentino, as well as Chanel took a liking to this style and used it among their pieces, these designers modernized this look and filled necklines in with lace and mesh. One bodice feature that caught my eye during the Haute Couture shows and Northern Renaissance paintings was sleeve crescents, or the appearance of them. During the 16th century this design feature was used to conceal fastenings that separated sleeves from the bodice; today, this feature is primarily used to make designs more elaborate. From Roman times to the 17th century capes and cloaks were popular for men and women.This trend ended when the tailored jacket became standard for society. However, these articles of clothing underwent a rebirth on the runways of Italy and Paris during July’s Haute CoutureWeek.Almost every designer presented his or her own take on the garment.This look can be seen through modernizing it- Jean Paul Gaultier created a trench coat like cape, using embellished textiles- Elie Saab used embroidered chiffon, or keeping its traditional appearance- Ralph and Russo’s embroidered cloak. Interpreting the past can be perplexing; however, the men and women designing for July’s CoutureWeek were able to reinvent Northern Renaissance fashions better than I could have imagined.The rebirth of fashion is about to occur, and I couldn’t be happier than to see the past materialize in the present. CoutureHouses brought back the decadence of the Renaissance for Fall 2016 Jean Paul Gaultier Dolce and Gabbana Queen Elizabeth I,by StevenVan Der Meulen Vittore Carpaccio,Italian Artist Ralph and Russo Jean Paul Gaultier GiambattistaValli Dior Dior French Manuscript Margin Abraham de Bruyn,German Artist Valentino Armani Privé Catherine de Medici,by Agnolo Bronzino Chanel Couture Stéphane Rolland Julien Fournie
  9. 9. 17 DJ, artist and designerVashtie Kola posing in the buff with Nars Velvet Matte SkinTint. Image courtesy of Paper Magazine. beautyMeet Oily Skins BIGGESTMatch Introducing Nars Velvet Matte Skin Tint hile reading Paper Magazine’s latest issue Girls, Girls, Girls I came across the article Meet the Women Proving that their Skin is the Season’s Hottest Accessory. Since having good skin is something I constantly try to achieve, I had to continue reading.The story highlighted Nars’ new Velvet Matte SkinTint and declared this product as the “holy grail of a product that matches, protects, mattes and lasts”. After reading these positive reviews, I decided to put the foundation to the test and see if it could retain its matte finish and stay in place throughout a long and busy workday. After prepping my face with Shiseido’s IBUKI ProtectiveMoisturizer,FirstAidBeauty’sOil-FreeMattifying Gel, and dermatologist prescribed Acanya®, I was finally ready to put on my makeup. I applied the foundation with my fingers for better blending and found that it had a silky texture; however, it was a little heavier than expected, but it was still extremely light weight for a full coverage product. Since I have a tendency to poke at blackheads (let’s be real we have all done it) my nose was redder than usual and the product neutralized it completely. I finished my routine with bronzer for a light contour and blush.The NarsVelvet Matte Skin Tint foundation did wonders to my morning routine, only if I was going out for drinks and not to the office! Due to my Mediterranean and oily skin, I am always skeptical of products that proclaim to be ‘matte’ and ‘long- lasting’. On a typical day, I end up finding my face covered in oil only after an hour or two of makeup wear, leading to an extreme amount of diffidence.On the day,I tested Nars’new foundation I found myself running to and from the bathroom to check my reflection, and to my surprise I wasn’t the ‘oil monster’Itypicallyturnintowhenwearingliquidfoundation. Today was the first day in a long time I truly felt I had a full day of perfect makeup. Just like the beauties featured in Paper’s article, I at times am self-conscious; however, I no longer have to be. NarsVelvet Matte SkinTint has not only changed my makeup routine, but also changed my level of self-confidence and made me feel comfortable in my‘own’ skin. W Editors Picks for oily skin First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Oil-Free Mattifying Gel Moisturizer Have your skin feeling dry with this oil-controlling gel hydrator. It instantly mattifies skin and visibly reduces the appearance of pores for a smooth complexion BECCA Perfect Skin Mineral Powder Foundation Show off your skin with a pure mineral foundation that provides buildable coverage for a perfect, lightweight finish.This water resistant product is free of oil, fragrance, alcohol, chemical dyes, talc, and other fillers PALLADIO Oil Absorbing Rice PaperTissues with Rice Powder Natural Wipe away excess oil with these oil-absorbing rice paper tissues. Coated with a light dusting of shine-controlling powders, these sheets will let your confidence shine, not your skin
  10. 10. 19 rank Sinatra hadThe Rat Pack, Kanye West has a clique, and I have a thrive tribe. Most of you reading this are probably thinking:What is a thrive tribe, and should I get one?A thrive tribe consists of the people in your life that help guide you through your unique journey.These individuals are very important for ones growth and mental health, which are reasons why I highly recommend having one. Life can get rocky at times and with the assistance of your tribe you can get through almost anything thrown your way, and come back better than you were before. In Kenya,the Gabra tribe remains nomadic and continues to reject Western culture because its influence would diminish their traditions. Some of the Gabra’s traditions are their transitory lifestyle, agrarian society, and willingness to help one another.The reason why tribal members are so willing to help one another is because mutual support is essential for their survival as nomads. Because of this belief the Gabra Tribe lives by the proverb: “a poor man shames us all,” meaning no member will be allowed to go hungry, go without livestock, or be refused shelter or help. Just like the Gabra tribe, thrive tribes must help one another even when there is nothing in it for themselves.Acts of selflessness are crucial for tribes because in time everyone will play the role of tribal elder, and give back to their members during their time of need.The advice one obtains from their tribe should always be honest and never misguiding.These aspects are key for thrive tribes, without honesty and sincerity a tribe will lack stability and crumble before ones eyes. Another important quality my tribe members must have is respect for one another. Everyone is from different backgrounds, has different beliefs, and is their own person; therefore, we must cherish tribe members for their differences.These differences allow us to increase our knowledge and gain a better perspective on how others view the world. Having tribe members from various backgrounds has allowed me to appreciate diversity. I now see the world through a new set of eyes making myself more open-minded and knowledgeable. One of the most important qualities I seek in tribal members is that they are constantly working to turn their passions into realities. Doing this is easier said than done, but once you are on your way it is worth the journey.Achieving your goals takes hard work, perseverance, positivity, and a great tribe to guide you along the way. I am fortunate to have tribe members who continue to assist me with any inquiry. Having these people in my life has made my journey worthwhile. With over seven billion people in the world it is harder than you think to find your tribe.The funniest part about most tribes is that you will meet your tribesmen when you least expect it. Be open to new experiences, be helpful to strangers, and be friendly to people in your surroundings.These ‘strangers’ can add something unique to your journey, and make it more colorful than you ever dreamed was possible. Without my thrive tribe I would not be the person I am today.These people have changed me for the better, and I hope I have done the same for them. F MyThriveTribe social The GabraTribe
  11. 11. 21 he city of Savannah is constantly intertwining its past, present, and future. Since the city’s emergence, trade and manufacturing have played a huge role in its economy and continues to make an impact on a local and global scale. Savannah’s ability to mix modern times with its historical past is one reason why this city is undergoing a growth spurt in manufacturing, logistics, and tourism.This combination of assets creates an ideal situation for industrial growth, in particularly fashion.The fashion industry will flourish in this location due to its inspiring atmosphere, competitive costs, big city experiences and its coastal location. Once you get immersed in Savannah’s beauty its hard to picture yourself anywhere else. The inspirational city of Savannah has attributed its charm to elegant architecture, ornate ironwork, pristine squares and antebellum homes. However, some facades in the city’s downtown have been altered over time, making streets like Broughton look imbalanced.Thanks to developer Ben Carter and preservationists from HansonArchitects many of these buildings are being restored to their former glory. Carter owns 37 properties on Broughton Street that are being converted into restaurants, boutique hotels, lofts, and storefronts. Some of the retailers and eateries that have signed onto the project are: Club Monaco, Lulelemon, H&M, J. Crew, Lilly Pulitzer,Victoria’s Secret, Michael Kors, Beetnix Superfoods and Juice Bar, and SavannahTap House - just to name a few.As of now 70% of construction is complete and by fall 2016 the project will be finished.With hard work and ambition Ben Carter Enterprises and HansonArchitects will bring Broughton Street back to its pinnacle and enhance the city of Savannah. Developer Ben Carter started his firm in the early 1990’s, since then he has been responsible for retail development throughout the Southeast such as: St. Johns Center,The Mall of Georgia and most recently Savannah’sTanger Outlets. One common theme among Carter’s projects is that he always creates or enhances places that people will enjoy visiting, supporting his goal of adding quality and experiences to everyday life.This motivation makes Ben Carter’s projects successful and will make his Broughton Street project a staple for the community. Carter became involved with Savannah when he realized there was a gap in its variety of stores.After this realization he began developing theTanger Outlets, purchasing properties on Broughton Street, and business Savannah, Georgia The Fashion Industry’s Latest Power T River Street Savannah Georgia becoming involved with Savannah’s design and retail community. His involvement with locals began when he sponsored the fashion show Fashion’s Night Out on Broughton Street and founded the Broughton Street Exchange. These venues have allowed locals to showcase their merchandise and expand their influence. Designers Emily Bargeron of Mamie Ruth, and BrookeAtwood have been working with the Broughton Street Exchange since it’s beginning.What the designers love aboutThe Broughton Street Exchange is that it allows small designers to make a big impact by joining together to help promote their brands. However, many natives fear the development of big box retailers on Broughton Street will eradicate the presence of mom and pop stores.This change gives local retailers the opportunity to expand Savannah’s shopping district and attract more customers. Designer Emily Bargeron has a design studio and store on Liberty Street. She chose this location because of the unique experience it offers to shoppers. Features that make visiting Mamie Ruth distinctive is that shoppers can meet the designer and see her create new fashions.This innovative design and art community off Broughton makes the Savannah’s shopping experience something unique. Savannah fashion designers Brooke Atwood and Emily Bargeron have been making a big impact at apparel markets, retailers, fashion shows, and music festivals around the nation and are proud to call Savannah their home.These designers came to the city because of the quality of life they would be able to maintain and the lack of distractions, giving them more time to focus on their business and become successful designers at their own pace. Being in Savannah has allowed them to make a large impact on their community, and benefit from the many perks the city and Georgia has to offer. One of the greatest advantages of the city is that it offers a lower cost of living- a factor that designers of LA and NYC constantly struggle with. Another perk of this location is the increasing amount of manufacturing facilities in Georgia. Having production sites in the vicinity of the design team allows for a faster turnaround time than overseas.Manufacturing smaller orders are easily accepted allowing special orders to be produced,and designers can be involved with the whole design process.The involvement of the design team is crucial for manufacturing since its saves money by cutting down on errors and ensures that workers are being fairly treated.Designer Emily Bargeron uses manufacturers in Georgia and believes that“all the love being put into the manufacturing of our products is what makes her brand stand out.” Being in fashion generates a lot of pressure to live in a fashion capital like NYC or LA; however, due to digital technology and the abundance of trade shows, designers can work from wherever they desire. Designer BrookeAtwood believes that,“being successful isn’t about where you live. Success is taking advantage of the resources you have in front of you.You might have to work harder to make it happen, but in the long run drive, determination and perseverance will be most beneficial to you.” Since speaking to Brooke these words have resonated in my mind, and have made me realize that success come to those who work for it. Other than Savannah being a cost effective location, there are several reasons why some of America’s most recognizable companies are making the move to Savannah.Walmart,Target, Ikea, and Hugo Boss have moved their distribution centers to warehouses off the Savannah River for reasons such as: professionalism offered by Mamie Ruth BrookeAtwood
  12. 12. 23 port and warehouse representatives, the availability of expansion, quality infrastructure, expedient trade routes from Europe, and the availability of being under a foreign trade zone.When officials of Hugo Boss were exposed to the timelessness, responsiveness, and excellent follow through offered in Georgia the company decided to relocate their NYC and some of their Cleveland operations down south.Another great thing about the location is the size and the accessibility for expansion. At 4.5 million square feet, Savannah is home to the 4th largest distribution site in the US. Surrounding the distribution centers lies a vast amount of unoccupied land, at the price of $100,000 per acre growth can be easily attainable. Georgia’s high quality of infrastructure makes trade expansion possible.When Panama Canal officials announced its renovation, the state of Georgia anticipated the increase in traffic and spent over $250 million to improve waterways, highways, purchase new cranes, improve rail connections, and reconstruct terminal ramps and traffic patterns.Within the past years the Port of Savannah was expanded to 7 miles and deepened to 47-49 ft below sea level. Expanding the Savannah River will allow for more efficient and larger container ships to access the channel, allow for greater flexibility, and will accelerate deliveries and shipments.The increase in depth will allow for an additional 3,600 cargo containers in each transit thatThe U.S.Army Corps of Engineers believe will bring an additional $174 million per year. Georgia has the amenities to support the increase in cargo sinceAtlanta’s Hartsfield JacksonAirport, the world’s busiest airport, is in close proximity to the ports and there are two railroad lines that connect to the city. A major benefit of owning a business and working in Savannah are the tax incentives the city offers. One of the major tax reductions found in this city is that the Port of Savannah falls under a foreign trade zone, and its surrounding warehouses can qualify as subzones.These zones allow companies to maintain a competitive edge in foreign and domestic markets, improve profits, lower shipping rates, save money on duties and taxes, can reduce costs associated with operating in the U.S., and generate jobs inAmerica. Other than the Port of Savannah being under a foreign trade zone the city offers businesses tax credits, tax exemptions, electricity discounts, and many others. Savannah is also beneficial for employees since the city has a 0% income tax rate topping NewYork and LosAngeles at 6% or higher. Savannah’s cost effective and acclaimed efficiency will put the city on the map for years to come. Even though Savannah may never be as well- known as NYC or LA, the city has a sense of realness that is hard to find in this digital age. According to Ben Carter Savannah is an “irreplaceable experience of art, architecture, and culture.” He affirms “(if people) want to get away from the distractions of digital technology and go see something that is real- experience it, see it, feel it,” then the city of Savannah is the place for you. Savannah’s resurgence in business, hotels, and restaurants will be able to highlight the city’s historical past as well as its future, and accommodate businesses and visitors for time to come. Fashion’s Night Out, Broughton Street The Port of Savannah Antebellum Appeal Welcome toTuscaloosa, Alabama’s Battle Friedman House.The estate’s grounds include the only remaining documented antebellum garden in the state where models Katherine Langner and Laken Romine posed in designs byTanya Caruso.
  13. 13. 25 Crème Blouse and Bell Skirt Designed byTanya Caruso
  14. 14. 27 FlyAway Cape, Carpe Trousers, Love Lace Corset Designed byTanya Caruso
  15. 15. 29 Trogon Gown Designed byTanya Caruso
  16. 16. 31 Soirèe Dress Designed byTanya Caruso