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How mobile apps can boost your business


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Check out how custom mobile apps increase revenue and foster customer loyalty, and how important mobile apps are for online retailers and, eventually, how customers appreciate the advantages of mobile app development.

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How mobile apps can boost your business

  1. 1. HOW MOBILE APPS HELP OPTIMIZE BUSINESSES Know how you can boost your profit with a custom mobile app MOBILE E-COMMERCE
  2. 2. Key Mobile E-commerce Statistics Smartphone Users 53% of smartphone users buy from company- specific apps. Conversion Rate Mobile app conversion rates are 3 times higher than mobile devices Gross App Revenue In 2019, customers spent an estimated $54.2 billion on in- app purchases in the Apple App store. In-app Purchase Only 20% of purchases are incomplete in apps
  3. 3. So Why Do You Need a Custom Mobile App? The first step is to Understand Reasons WHY: Your customers are not deciding to purchase They leave your store They do not return to your online store There is so high cart abandonment rate ?
  4. 4. Stand Out from the Crowd Mobile apps help businesses be unique and distinguished among their competitors Mobile apps have modified the marketplace and business of all shapes since they tend to increase revenue and foster customer loyalty. First think about users’ journey, their needs and pain points; afterward, about triggers that will incentivize them purchase your product.
  5. 5. Mobile app vs. Mobile website Preferences of mobile apps Broad spectrum of possibilities It’s more convenient It's faster Settings are stored Benefits/rewards for using it More personalized content Opportunities to find better deals It's more entertaining
  6. 6. How Mobile App Can Boost Your Business In 2017, global mobile retail revenue amounted to $1.36 billion, and it is expected to reach $3.56 billion in 2021. This statistics demonstrate how important mobile apps are for online retailers and, eventually, how they appreciate advantages of mobile app development. Move on to find out the benefits
  7. 7. Effective Marketing Tool If your mobile app offers effective solutions to customers optimizing their time or budget, for example, they will recommend your product to their friends and family. With integrated social channels, users can easily share their experience in a few steps.
  8. 8. Integration with Customers in Real Time Simple buying options in mobile apps will increase your customers satisfaction and gain their loyalty via interactive programs and communication. Been connected with customers, your brand will be more human to them.
  9. 9. Additional Data from Your Clients If you want to create a more relevant buying experience, mobile app downloads by your customers can provide you additional data that you can use for targeting through ads or making recommendations based on previous purchases.
  10. 10. Increase Conversion In comparison with mobile websites, mobile apps have a lower bounce rate. They also have considerably lower cart abandonment rates owing to the simplified checkout process. CONVERSION
  11. 11. Reduced Time Response Due to the fact that mobile apps retrieve information much faster, users can be more proactive and save their time. What can be more precious than the time-saving approach?
  12. 12. Boost Sales & Profits Well-designed mobile app architecture and right UX built by your mobile app developers can be a turning point for your sales strategy. How you treat your customers influences their decisions. Moreover, you can offer loyalty programs to your best clients.
  13. 13. Features Your Customers Want Simplicity Easy navigation Personalization Advanced Support In-app payments Push notifications
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