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“Brand Planning Roadmap for Digital Success” by Salman Abedin


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This presentation was shared on PAS Digital Marketing Conference "Dig-It 2.0"
Presentation: Brand Planning Roadmap for Digital Success
Session name: Integrated Digital Brand Planning
Speaker: Salman Abedin, Consultant & Masters Programme, Media Sciences, SZABIST.

Published in: Marketing, Business, Technology

“Brand Planning Roadmap for Digital Success” by Salman Abedin

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  3. 3. @ideawala BRAND PLANNING VS COMMS PLANNING Brand Architecture Positioning Personality IDEA Tools for Communicating Idea
  4. 4. @ideawala Is digital marketing so different that a new model is needed? Or can conventional brand planning models work?
  5. 5. Typical Comms Plan Outdoor Print TV Digital BTL @ideawala
  6. 6. Typical Digital Comms Plan Outdoor Print Digital TV BTL @ideawala
  7. 7. @ideawala Typical Urban Consumer Journey Information Online Offline Product Experience Online Offline Purchase Online Offline Post-Purchase Online
  8. 8. @ideawala So what does it all mean?
  9. 9. @ideawala From making your brand work in the digital domain …. ….to digital branding
  10. 10. @ideawala KAPFERER’S PRISM
  11. 11. @ideawala
  12. 12. @ideawala • Physique: – This is the recognizable physical aspect of the brand. – In terms of digital marketing, this expands to include the online spaces that the brand inhabits and the community and brandosphere that is nurtured and developed by the brand.
  13. 13. @ideawala • Personality: – The brand’s character. – When communication is expanded into the virtual world, personality, values and tone of voice become all the more important. All interactions in hyperspace, whether games or blogs, need to have the same personality. Once the personality has been set, there would be many things that the brand cannot do online just like, based on personality, people decide what to do and who to hang out with.
  14. 14. @ideawala • Culture: – The system of values that the brand inherits from the company. – In virtual terms, this becomes all consuming, as the corporate entity needs to sort out its presence online, and to decide how the brand will communicate with the TA. Company values are being constantly assessed at all times by consumers before and after the purchase.
  15. 15. @ideawala • Relationship: – The relation between brand and consumer, and also between consumers, and how the brand facilitates this relationship. – In the virtual world, of course your brand could be facebook, and be the ultimate facilitator of relationships, or you might have to work at building a relationship with consumers. Here, an interesting tribal insight comes into play: Everyone does not have to be playing the same role to be friends, in fact in a functioning tribe different people play different roles. Hence, it is not essential for the brand to be an exact replica of its target audience in personality terms in order for it to have a good relationship.
  16. 16. @ideawala • Reflection (of the consumer): – This is the stereotypical user of the brand. – In Kapferers model, it is important for the brand manager to know who the ideal consumer really is, and to focus communication on this consumer. – Online there will be many groups of consumers who will engage with the brand, but the reflected consumer is the one who the brand should seek to target, and this reflected consumer should be used to engage the other groups. Brand advocates and bloggers with the right personas can be used to engage online audiences here.
  17. 17. @ideawala • Self-image: – The mirror the target group holds up to itself. – The ideal self of the consumer. Brands must find and talk to the ideal self. In the virtual world most people put on their ideal self on display, and so brands who connect in the avatar affected world will be the most likely to succeed.
  18. 18. @ideawala Social digital triad Brand Idea Opportunistic Brand Personality Hygiene