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Poser idea curnival

presentation about idea in the idea carnival

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Poser idea curnival

  1. 1. GENERATING POWER BY USING RAIN WATER AND WIND The basic idea is by collecting rainwa- ter from rooftop or tin shade and di- recting water to the turbine blades where rotary motion is created. This rotary motion is effective enough to rotate the armature of a generator which can produce electricity. Further a wind turbine can also be placed at the rooftop by which we can generate electricity. In order to do this the rooftop has to be de- signed such that water can be temporarily stored and can be made to flow in a particular direction. The turbine is placed at a consider- able distance from the rooftop so that the velocity of the water stream is enough to ro- tate the turbine. The shaft of the turbine is directly connected to the armature of a gen- erator. Due to the rotation of the armature electricity is generated which can be supplied to a rechargeable battery. The salient features:  Effective use in rural areas where electricity is not available.  Environment friendly  Cheaper than solar cell and less maintenance cost  the used water in the turbine can be later puri- fied, stored and used for domestic purpose. Due to moderate wind flow the wind turbine ro- tates which can enable us to generate electricity in the same manner. It has to be noted that the output of both generators are applied to the same battery. GROUP: HYDRONICS NAHID-AL-NAHIAN RAHAT (ME’13 ROLL-1305001) APURBA AZAD (ME’13 ROLL-1305012) TANVIR KHAN (ME’13 ROLL-1305014)