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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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  1. 1. By Tanveer Mahil
  2. 2. The main objective for me was to appeal to the target audience, and make thisthriller a lot more altered – in the sense that it uses a wide range of camerashots, such as a track; to enable all of the story is clear, We did this to makesure that this thriller played away from the general stereotype of thrillers, aswe wanted Incognito to stand out. The plot of the film had both thriller andaction pieces, so we decided that the thriller opening will consist of both thrillerand action themes too ensure the target audience we wanted were correct. Example: - We based the stalker Example : - We base the victim around the character of the Joker around the a character from Batman: The Dark Knight victimised in the film of scream.
  3. 3. Our Opening Sequence shows difference as we include social realism within the film thethriller to make it play against the neutral stereotype given to thrillers in which they areportrayed in a non realistic manner. Amritpal shows the audience social realism, as he isportrayed to the group to be a very normal person, however ; the social realism is shownwhen Amir, becomes visible to the audience, as it is seen within the opening that society isnot a very nice place , as Amir is a very dark character and represents the darkness withinsociety, he also does demerit things in which are looked down upon in society ; carryingweapons and smoking would be an example of this. However Amritpal shows the exactopposite within the clip and shows the bright side of society, they counter battle throughoutthe opening to show society will have both good and bad people and this shows how socialrealism is shown within the opening.Another way in which our media product appealed to a certain social group was in the waywe portrayed the characters. We had Amritpal look very innocent to do this, we had himwear average clothes, and look as if he were coming back from school, as any other student.We also didn’t represent him within any other of his characters and friends as kids in modernsociety are seen as rude people, when in large crowds and groups, so we isolated himthroughout the opening to ensure that it was impossible for the audience to have a negativeopinion toward Amritpal, and just have empathy toward his character as this would increasethe impact of the audience when he confronts his opposite, Amir. When Amir is confrontedwe make it certain that our social group will be people who understand Social Realism andhave a understanding of the real society out there, as Amir is seen to be the Villain within theopening.
  4. 4. I have chosen a distributor called Warp Films, to be able to distribute mymedia product. I chose this as I believe my target audience will not beinternational. Warp Films was my choice as it was made clear to methrough research that it is a independent firm which also prefers socialrealism films. This works in my favour as it made clear that my openingsequence is a thriller in which has elements of social realism. Warp Films,will not having any problem with distributing this film to the whole of thecountry as it is a national firm which has distribution rights all over thecountry allowing the target audience to be met.Also the budget of the film is seen to be a mere £200,000 as it is this smallit will enable a higher chance of having this distributor. This small budgetincludes all prices for the film, actors, cameras.Another reason in which I chose Warp Films was to ensure that, this filmwas not sold to an international monopoly such as universal as it wouldnot make as much money as wanted as the budget of the film wouldsincerely increase as it will be needed for the over the top advertising, asit will not be needed as this is a low budget film which only insist ofstaying within the country to widen peoples knowledge towards societyand raise awareness of people who live within the country and make sureit is seen clear that this film is a social realist not just a ordinary thriller.
  5. 5. I chose a target audience of people who are over the age of eighteen plus. Ichose this age for the target audience as I believe will be able to relate tosociety in this way. Although the film is certificated at the age of 15+, as itdoesn’t consist of much eighteen rated scenes, as there are only two violentscenes and in both it is not shown clearly the person being killed/hurt. There isone love scene within this film and it will not be shown at all only the twocharacters kissing , however, coitus will not be shown.Also I believe that the target audience should be eighteen plus, as it is madecertain that to understand the social realism in the film how we have chosen itto be, not mislead into a action thriller, and under mimed for something it isnot. I believe eighteen year olds will be old enough to understand what wewere trying to explain to the audience and convey the message that society isno longer a nice place and there are evil people out there – this was donethrough social realism as it shows both sides of society, we have the evil sideportrayed by the Hitman and the bright side portrayed by the victim.Another way in which I chose my target audience was by deciding which of theage groups would be most suited for the film noir effects added, and I decided itwas unlikely for fifteen year olds to understand the true meaning of what filmnoir is and this could most probably only be seen through older eyes in society,so I decided for the target audience to be eighteen plus.
  6. 6. I attracted my target audience by using the word ‘Incognito’ this ensuredconfusion within the audience and in would not trouble those who arelinguistically able; this was one way of attracting my target audience as itenabled me to find people in which will be able to understand the socialrealism within the film and not just watch the film for it to not set a pointwithin the audiences mind about society.I adjusted the opening sequences to ensure a lot of action within thethriller film, as within the thriller opening there is an action scene straightaway this scene enables the audience to be addressed well, as it isstraight into the action forcing the audience to concentrate for clues andhints, for why this person is being beaten up.I also used camera angles within the opening to attract the audience as itstarts off with a CCTV shot which is also know as a tilt, this tiltrepresenting a CCTV, then switches to a track and then a pan, thisimmediately grabs the audiences attention and helps with the film becometaken more seriously as there is no build up and hence no anticipation andthus catching the audience when not expected.
  7. 7. I have used many software and hardware within the constructing of the product.I used the software IMovie within the Apple Macs, for the first time. At first the software washard to use, I then researched on how to use IMovie, after watching a view guides on YouTube, Idiscovered different skills on IMovie, such as ;How to crop out parts of a scene How to upload the video to YouTubeHow to insert musicHow to play two clips at one timeHow to add effectsHow to add textI used the software Garage Band, this aloud us to create our own music, with a range of differentinstruments, I had experience with this software as my family own a mac, and I had watchedvideos previously on how to make creative music to fit the piece. The skills I developed were ;How to create musicHow to Upload the music to YouTubeHow to Upload music to ITunes.I used this to me was a new software in which I had never used before. Ilearnt the skills of how to upload images, URL links, and embed Prezi’s into the blog, I uploadedmusic and videos. This was all new to me and creating my product helped me use this software.I also used the website this enabled me to put presentations I made ontomy blog, in just a few seconds, this was beneficial as some of my research and textual analysiswas as a presentation and being to upload these enabled me to save time by not changing theformat.
  8. 8. The skills I had picked up on the way to the final task enabled me to excelin creating, filming and editing, also the research I had carried outincreased by chances of a better final product as it was made clear thatthe research help with the final product as research about thrillers, wasvery key within the making of the final product as it enabled us to consistof more camera shot/movements, sounds and editing techniques withinthe final product to enable a higher level of quality.With the technological ‘edge’ I had after the research I carried out on howto use editing and music software it was easier for me to have aunderstanding of what to do within the group to have a better finalproduct. I believe technical ‘edge’ granted the group a higher chance ofreceiving better grades for the final product as of the research I carriedout and the videos I watched on YouTube, these helped greatly as it madea large progression from the preliminary task editing, to the main taskediting.