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Supply Chain Management ppt


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Supply Chain Management presentation on retail store and traditional outlet at Jaipur

Published in: Business, Technology
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Supply Chain Management ppt

  1. 1. A presentation by :---• Shehnazneen Khan• Tanupreet Lamba• Rupali Mishra• Rakesh Kashyap
  2. 2. w Nokia a C Samsung r u s Beetal e h Big tCompanies Pacetel LG o Bazar o u m Motorola s e e r Online Inventory Management s
  3. 3. NokiaC Do Samsung emp Beetal a Shreea Pacetel l Sagarni e LGe rs Motorola s customers
  4. 4. A Comparative Analysis Strategy Adopted Product Range Plan/design Promotional Activities Lead time Pricings Distribution Channels e-Shopping Financing Availability of credit.