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The EarthCube All Hands Meeting, May 2015


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Better Tools for Metadata Management

Published in: Technology
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The EarthCube All Hands Meeting, May 2015

  1. 1. Be#er  Tools  for  Metadata   Management Tanu  Malik,  Ian  Foster,  Kyle  Chard, Joseph  Baker,  Mike  Gurnis,  Jonathan  Goodall,  Sco=  Peckham   GeoDataspace Tuesday, October 27, 15
  2. 2. Geoscientists expressed “Need for tools” ...that allow substantial metadata for both expert and non-expert uses Hydrology/Dark Data: Envisioning a Digital Crust, 2013 ...seamlessly integrate data and modeling infrastructure to provide effective ‘workspaces’ EarthCube ModelingWorkshop for the Geosciences, 2013 ...are easy-to-install and are cross-platform with packages Critical Zone EarthCube DomainWorkshop Report, 2012 ...are web-based, require no installation of software and are platform independent Graduate StudentVision for EarthCube Report, 2013 ...allow discovery, access, and reuse of Structural Geology data and models in a ‘dataspace’ Structural Geology andTectonicsWorkshop Report, 2012 Tuesday, October 27, 15
  3. 3. Capability-rich tools Provide mechanisms for • Self-curation • Tracking cause and effect between data and models • Ensuring reproducibility • Support services: discovery, sharing, publication Tuesday, October 27, 15
  4. 4. • Simplify model and data management for computational/ data geoscientists • Faster and reproducible hand-shakes among faculty and students • Cuts down IT support for modeling centers and real science Benefits Tuesday, October 27, 15
  5. 5. CollaborationsIndividual Community Create, Publish Geounits Share, Reproduce Geounits Curate, Preserve Geounits Software -as-a- Service Integrated Metadata Management GeoDataspace GeoDataspace PROVaaS Provenance Management Dependency Management Annotation Management Version Management Globus Sharing Docker Hub GitHub Globus Data Publication GeoDataspace for metadata management Tuesday, October 27, 15
  6. 6. The GeoDataspace demo is BYOP Bring-Your-Own-Pipeline/Publication/Project Solid Earth Hydrology CSDMSSpace Science Tuesday, October 27, 15
  7. 7. GeoDataspace Survey Tuesday, October 27, 15