Mapping SEED research at winchester


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Student Engaged Educational Development research is about students working as partners with staff to enhance programmes and courses at university. The University of Winchester has 55 Student Fellows working on a range of educational development projects. This slide show explores concepts and tries to map this work.

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Mapping SEED research at winchester

  1. 1. Dr Tansy Jessop SEED Research Meeting 14 February 2014
  2. 2.  Students engaging with educational development and quality enhancement     Engagement in educational evaluation Engagement in enhancement research Engagement as change agents Engagement in curriculum redesign Issues: how to involve students in the improvement of courses and teaching; how to set up partnerships between staff and students
  3. 3. Internal and externally funded L&T projects Faculty priority research & enhancement Student Fellow Scheme: 54 Student Fellows, 30 projects Institutional priority research and enhancement Individual academic /student research Student Union research and enhancement Professional Services research – IT, QA, Library, Student services
  4. 4.     How much of the activity is to do with educational development? How do we define educational development? How broadly do we define educational development? “a term that tends to be reserved for the activity undertaken by those staff who specialise in enhancing learning and teaching” Leadership Foundation
  5. 5. Students doing research/evaluation/enhancement of learning and teaching:  with staff  for staff  on staff-led projects  on student-led projects  with the student union  for the faculty
  6. 6.         Informants Representatives Participants Researchers Specialists Student ‘voice’, student ‘ears’, student ‘minds’ Innovators Influencers
  7. 7. Staff driver Develop research profile Engage students more in seminars Research/ evaluation Enhancement Learn research skills for FYP Learn to blog and produce public material Student drivers
  8. 8. Staff driver Deepen evidence base beyond NSS scores Improve A&F Research/ evaluation Enhancement Provide student voice data, contribute to evidence base Learn more and achieve better through A&F Student drivers
  9. 9. Staff driver Deepen understanding of employability data and issues in certain disciplines Develop package linked to disciplines to help students ‘ employability prospects Research/ evaluation Enhancement Find out how to get a job, more about context, employment stats, skill sets and opportunities Re-purpose package in appealing and accessible language and format for fellow students Student drivers
  10. 10. Staff driver Publish and disseminate innovation and findings Improve innovation based on student ‘voice’ evidence Research/ evaluation Enhancement Develop research skills and co-publish with staff Refine innovation based on evidence for future students Student drivers
  11. 11. Actors: Main Informants and supporting roles Liz B, Psychology 2nd year Students, secondary data from websites, experts in the field Methods Content Beneficiaries/ Audience Purpose Interviews, focus groups, website scans Setting up social media platform to help students transition from A-level to 1st year 1st year students; Psychology programme To improve the entry student experience and create a climate of belonging for them
  12. 12.       RKE Conference: April L&T day : 2 June SEDA Conference: May in Newcastle HEA Change Academy on Curriculum SEED Online Journal: to be launched in June Other journals?