CambridgeIP Introduction to Services June 2011


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CambridgeIP is a provider of business and technology intelligence and innovation strategy services to companies around the world. CambridgeIP's work has been covered in leading publications, including the Harvard Business Review, Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg. CambridgeIP runs - a leading online information portal making available over 100 million scientific documents, and training to private and public organisations in high-technology sectors.

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CambridgeIP Introduction to Services June 2011

  1. 1. CambridgeIPIntroduction to technologyintelligence services andknowledge platformsJune 2011Quentin Tannock (Chairman and Founder)IIian Iliev (CEO and Founder) © 2011 Cambridge Intellectual Property Ltd. All rights reserved
  2. 2. Outline• CambridgeIP snapshot• CambridgeIP experience• CambridgeIP work samples & case studies• CambridgeIP team 2 © 2011 Cambridge Intellectual Property Ltd. All rights reserved
  3. 3. Our offeringsIP Landscape® Open innovation Technology Technology mapping market reviewExpert built patent Identify technology Pinpoint emerging Identify market – Knowledge transferdatasets focused on ownership in complex technology patterns technology niches in portalyour technology spaces & hotspots rapidly developing Access over 100 markets million scientificIdentify prior art in a Shortlist acquisition Understand documents,technology space opportunities technology value Inform in-house R&D including the latest chains strategy patentsUncover inventor & Identify overlaps withcollaborator networks your own technology Identify technology Conduct technology Influence public portfolio market & literature searches sector innovationClarify strengths & commercialisation support strategiesweaknesses of patent Conduct due scenarios Perform high-levelportfolios diligence on external analytics on patent partners Locate prospective Prioritise key market dataConfirm freedom to partners, acquisitions segments and identifyoperate & technology Identify open and clients strategic partners & Collaborative patentwhite space analyses innovation collaboration landscaping with opportunities in your Information on opportunities your colleaguesSupport investment own and others’ IP partner/acquisitiondue diligence and portfolios candidates operating Identify in what areas Boliven Landscapespreparation for fund in your area of you need to build an Access valuableraising CxO compatible interest IP Landscape patent datasets materials, workshops combined withUnderstand market and seminars industry experttrends analyses 3 ©2011 Cambridge Intellectual Property Ltd. All rights reserved
  4. 4. IP Landscape ® reports: informing IP, R&D andinvestment strategy CambridgeIP’s IP Landscape® report standard Inventor and collaborator networks informs: • IP strategy development and execution • Development of freedom to operate (FTO) and white space analyses • Investors’ due diligence and strategic overview of a space • Identify prior art in a spaceDecomposition of complex products and processes drives an intelligentpatent research program Needle Free Pen Shape Electronic Prior art analysis helps identify key IP risks in a space injector AutoInjectorDisposable x xCartridge x x xDrug Mixing x x xSingle dose x x xMulti Dose x xNeedle x x xRetractable x x x Drug reconstitutionShield x x xPiston x x xSpring x x xHigh Pressure x x x DesignPump x x xAir Jet xDisplay x x xLCD Screen x x xMechanical x x xAuto-Activation x x x ElectronicMechanic x x xSensor x x xData Storage x x xMechanic x x xElectronic x x xDose control x x xMechanicElectronic 4 x x x x x x Needle Monitoring © 2011 Cambridge Intellectual Property Ltd. All rights reserved
  5. 5. CambridgeIP and open innovation Fact-based technology intelligence through science literature analysis and expert interviews Identify key players  Identify key players, R&D relationships and their intensity  Find relevant technology examples, diagrams and descriptions  Understand trends by technology, geography, application and other factors  Confirm freedom to operate and identify expired/abandoned patents  Inform IP and technology valuations Expert partnering, M&A and IP acquisition advice and contacts derived in over 120 major technology scouting and technology mapping projects  Expert in decomposing products into their component parts and identifying technology ownership, overlapping technology areas and cross-over technologies  Rapid identification of IP-related strengths and weaknesses that can be exploited/plugged with open innovation techniques  Our understanding of the technology trends and activity of key players helps inform your open innovation and partnering strategy  Due diligence on external partners and technologies CxO compatible materials, workshops and seminars  Accelerating internal communication  Facilitating effective technology transfer Which technology components are you ready to license out? Which ones should you acquire? 5 © 2011 Cambridge Intellectual Property Ltd. All rights reserved
  6. 6. Competitive intelligenceKey benchmarks and comparisons against key competitors or alliances• Strengths and weaknesses of patent portfolios• Inventor and collaborator networks• Evolution of R&D focus• Technology value chain mapping Technology value chain mapping Evolution of R&D focus 6 © 2011 Cambridge Intellectual Property Ltd. All rights reserved
  7. 7. Technology foresight Emerging technologies in electrical energy storageTechnology foresight activities helping you identify:• Emerging technology trends• Industry white space analysis• Investment opportunities• Key technology market scenarios Technology maturity and market requirements drive likely market adoption Nanoparticle Manufacturing Techniques: As the technology matures, the different industry field requirements will determine industrial R&D Linking technology potential to marketHigh attractiveness Scaffolds for Drug Fuel Cells tissue formulations/d engineering elivery Photovoltaic Quality Requirements Medical Cosmetics Diagnostics Air purification Catalysis Where should we invest ? Automotive Aerospace Water purification Target Industrial Opportunities lubricants Paints/coatings Experimental applications Cement/ Construction Low Market Low High Attractiveness Volume Requirements 7 © 2011 Cambridge Intellectual Property Ltd. All rights reserved
  8. 8. Technology market review Technology evolution maps:Technology market review reports provide a review of migration and interdependencieskey development areas as they correspond to current IPC Map 2000and future market niches, helping: • Corporate investment and M&A strategy in rapidly developing markets • Inform in-house R&D strategy IPC Map 2007 • Support public sector innovation support strategies • Assist young technology companies in prioritising key market segments and identifying strategic partnersTechnology tree and categorisation: identifying key solutions andexample technologies Analysis of key participants in complex systems 8 © 2011 Cambridge Intellectual Property Ltd. All rights reserved
  9. 9. CambridgeIP’s technology and knowledge platformsCambridgeIP’s offerings are based on a combination of:• Proprietary software and workflow platforms tested through more than 100 real life projects• A 100 million document database of patent and non-patent literature• Quality assurance and report standards that ensure consistency in the outputs for our clients• The online platform of technology literature search and analytics with 8,000+ registered users and 30,000+ unique visitors per month RedEye: our software analytics and workflow a leading portal for R&D and IP professionals 9 © 2011 Cambridge Intellectual Property Ltd. All rights reserved
  10. 10. Outline• CambridgeIP snapshot• CambridgeIP experience• CambridgeIP team 10 © 2011 Cambridge Intellectual Property Ltd. All rights reserved
  11. 11. Our clientsSelected clients:We have delivered more than 120 projects with leadingorganisations including major corporations, research institutes,service providers, high-tech SMEs and investors. Below is aselection. 11 ©2011 Cambridge Intellectual Property Ltd. All rights reserved
  12. 12. Thought leadershipSelected experience:CambridgeIP is a recognised thought leader in the technology intelligencespace. Our research has been covered by the Harvard Business Review,Financial Times and other leading media. Our collaborations includeChatham House, University of Sussex and Cambridge University’s JudgeBusiness School. 12 ©2011 Cambridge Intellectual Property Ltd. All rights reserved
  13. 13. Health and life sciences Medical devices Pharmaceutical OTC drugs Auto-injectors formulations Analgesics Inhalers Excipients Anti-microbial Endoscopy Carriers Anti- fungal Ultrasound Liposomes Wound healing Propellants Vaccines e-Health Nanoparticles Dendritic cell Capsules Recombinant vector T- Diagnostics cell receptor peptide Telehealth vaccines Manufacturing DNA vaccination Blood glucose Heart rate processes Blood pressure Spray drying Gene therapy Biomarkers Freeze drying Silencing Jet milling Tissue targeting Filling Active Packaging pharmaceutical Regenerative ingredients Generics medicine Biopharmaceuticals Cell therapy Bio-similars Tissue targeting iPSC Re-formulation Drug conjugation Tissue engineering Patents expiries New chemical entities Cell-based vaccines13 ©2011 Cambridge Intellectual Property Ltd. All rights reserved
  14. 14. Clean tech and energy Wind energy Fuel cells Nano devices systems & materials Biomass Advanced Geothermal refrigeration energy Systems Photovoltaic & Clean coal Refineries, component carbon capture power gen, technologies CO2-EOR co-gen. Concentrated Marine Desalination solar & other transport and water energy storage sanitation systems Smart grid14 ©2011 Cambridge Intellectual Property Ltd. All rights reserved
  15. 15. Telecommunications and electronics Wireless authentication Geographical systems Physical/Remote access control GIS measurements Merchant/Purchasing Satellite navigation/GPS Digital credentials Clean tech Telecoms standards Smart grid ETSI Smart meters Continua alliance Transport management RFID Distributed sensor systems Blue tooth Energy harvesting Near field communication Radio frequency identification Internet & data handling Search Hardware Cloud computing Card readers Data fusion Routers Database replication Mems Flexible displays Contactless card Mobile devices/applications Satellite communications E-reader Mobile search Application software e-Health Media convergence Remote diagnostics 3G/4G/WiFi Device access control15 ©2011 Cambridge Intellectual Property Ltd. All rights reserved
  16. 16. Nanotechnology Nanomaterials Tissue engineering CNT Nano-materials Graphene Nano-fibers Nanoparticles Scaffolds Nanobiotechnology Nanoparticles Bio-compatible nanoparticles Colloidal gold DNA nanotechnology Iron nanoparticles Nanospheres Nanostructures Nanoformulations Platinum nanoparticles Quantum dots Silver nanoparticles Carbon nanotubes CNT, SWNT, DWNT, MWNT Functionalization Industrial fields Production Advanced materials Purification Automotive, Aerospace Electronics Paints & Coatings Nanotoxicity Nanotubes Nanospheres Environmental Nanoparticles applications Risk assessment technologies Construction materials Energy storage, generation and transmission16 ©2011 Cambridge Intellectual purification All rights reserved Water Property Ltd.
  17. 17. Outline• CambridgeIP snapshot• CambridgeIP experience• CambridgeIP team 17 © 2011 Cambridge Intellectual Property Ltd. All rights reserved
  18. 18. Selected team members Quentin Tannock Ilian Iliev Dr Robert Brady Mark Meyer Ralph Poole Vladimir YossifovChairman & co-founder CEO & co-founder Non-Exec Director Business Development Boston Geneva Representative Manager Representative North America Dr Phil Coldrick Arthur Lallement Helena van der Merwe Sarah Helm Yanjun Zhao Dr Daryl Boudreaux Associate Consultant Senior Associate Senior Associate Senior Associate Senior Associate Associate Consultant 18 © 2011 Cambridge Intellectual Property Ltd. All rights reserved
  19. 19. Key team members 1 Quentin Tannock (Chairman & co-founder)  Prior experience: founder of a successful company in the chemical sector; law lecturer; facilitated major R&D collaborations at Cambridge University; member of Lambert working group tasked by government to draft model contracts for industry- university collaborations; IP analysis & strategic advice to nanotechnology venture capitalists; assisting Cambridge University Institute of Biotechnology start-ups with commercial and fundraising strategies  Education: Law, (Roman-Dutch, Common Law, International Law in Cambridge & elsewhere) Ilian Iliev (CEO & co-founder)  Prior experience: strategy & innovation advisory work for a Magic Circle law firm; award-winning biotech start-up in Cambridge; policy advice; 1990s: founded and ran a 100+ employee business in the electrical industry in Southern Africa  Education: Economics and Management; Ccmpleting a PhD on ‘Innovation Finance’ at the Judge Business School, Cambridge University Dr Robert Brady (non-Exec. Director)  Prior experience: Founder of Brady plc a leading supplier of transaction and risk management software solutions to companies and banks operating in the metals and minerals, energy and soft commodity sectors. Dr Brady acts as an active mentor and advisor for several growth companies, specializing in information technology and services. He is the current treasurer of Cambridge Angels investment group.  Education: fellow at Trinity College, Cambridge, where he specialized in the field of physics. 19 © 2011 Cambridge Intellectual Property Ltd. All rights reserved
  20. 20. Key team members 2 Mark Meyer (Houston Representative and Head of North America)  Mark leads our North America business development, and is based in Texas  Mark has more than 20 years of oil and gas experience and 25 years of business development experience  VP and Director level assignments at independent oil & gas companies, international oil companies, energy sector startups and high tech firms.  Mark has been recognized by the Harvard Business Review, Gartner Group and IBM Corporation for best practices in business transformation and business development.  Education: BS in Chemical Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin. Ralph Poole (Boston Representative)  Assists CambridgeIP in knowledge management and taxonomy methodology development  Supports our client base out of Boston  Former Chief Knowledge Officer at Ernst &Young LLP and Cap Gemini; former partner at Boston Consulting Group and Bain & Company; Vladimir Yossifov (Geneva Representative)  Assists CambridgeIP with relationships with patent authorities and the Swiss market  More than 35 years of executive experience in intellectual property, transfer of technology, licensing, innovation and IP infrastructure development.  Former director at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) for regional IP information and Innovation promotion systems in countries of Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Caribbean 20 © 2011 Cambridge Intellectual Property Ltd. All rights reserved
  21. 21. …and finally… Feel free to discuss your specific technology intelligence requirements with Quentin or Ilian Visit CambridgeIP’s for free patent searches Thank you ! Quentin Tannock Ilian Iliev (Chairman and Founder) (CEO and Founder) GSM +44 -077-862-10305 GSM: +44-077-863-73965 Tel: +44-1223 778 846 Tel: +44-1223 778 846 Corporate office Internet resources Website: Cambridge Intellectual Property Ltd 8a Kings Parade, Cambridge Blog: CB2 1SJ, United Kingdom UK: +44 (0) 1223 777 846 Sign up for our free newsletter Fax: +44 (0) 20 3357 3105 on our home page 21 © 2011 Cambridge Intellectual Property Ltd. All rights reserved