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PSArmy Bulldog Domination by RMY-Outkast

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  1. 1. Bulldog (ST) Domination Strategy By RMY-Outkast I. Fireteams 1. Summary We will have three fire teams for this strategy if we have full attendance, if not we will remove Fireteam C and distribute members evenly among fireteams. Fireteam A will consist of RMY-Outkast , Petorea, and Xx0b3rxX. Fireteam B will consist of Essence 926, inFAMOUSHero23, and RMY-Laserflip. The main role for Fireteam A is to defend the flag nearest our spawn. We will capture it from the beginning and stay with it the whole round, allowing one member at most to leave and assist at another point. The main role for Fireteam B is to rush the second nearest flag if it is a Triangular map, or to rush the enemy spawn if it’s a Straight map. Examples of a Triangular would be Terminal, and Highrise is a Straight. The main role for Fireteam C is to more or less spawn kill, which is basically watch their flag and make sure not all of them get out and rush A and B, also doing a lot of callouts so A and B know when tangos are inbound. 2. Fireteam A When we spawn at the beginning of the match Fireteam A will run straight to the nearest point, using a Rusher class (all classes are outlined below.). After the point is taken you can switch to a Defender class. Fireteam A will generally camp our first one and pick a few people off if they are within view rushing another point. 3. Fireteam B When we spawn, Fireteam B will rush the enemies spawn if it is a straight line map(Highrise) or rush the designated flag if it is a triangle or other irregular map(Terminal). They will first equip a rusher class and then rush there, planting a Tactical Insertion nearby before switching to a Defender class, with one of you going for a Sniper class to defend from afar, unless otherwise specified. This person will volunteer in the lobby before we being to go Public for the Domination matches. 4. Fireteam C When we spawn, Fireteam C will rush across to the flag that A & C are not going to capture, and camp out around it without actually capturing it. You can use any class you want, although the Defender class is most suited for this type of play. I would suggest to use a Rusher class then Tac Insert and respawn with a good ol’ Defender. (Only to be used in Groundwar) II. Classes
  2. 2. Rusher 1 (More suited for lower levels/recently prestiged) UMP.45 With any Attachment Spas-12 Grip (It pulls out faster, no tighter grouping or anything.) Semtex Smoke Marathon Lightweight Steady Aim Rusher 2 (More suited for medium levels.. Less than 45 but above 30 or so.) M4A1 Silenced Tactical Insertion/Claymore Smoke/Flash M93 Raffica Silenced Marathon Lightweight/ColdBlooded Ninja/Steady Aim Rusher 3(Level 60+) M16/ACR Silenced/Thermal M9 Silenced Semtex Smoke Marathon Stopping Power Ninja/Sitrep Defender 1(More suited for lower levels/recently prestiged) RPD Grip Spas-12 Grip Sleight Of Hand (Don’t forget doubletap reload trick, if you don’t
  3. 3. know what it is just ask.) Lightweight Steady Aim Defender 2 Favorite LMG with a grip. Ranger/1887 Akimbo Stuns C4 Sleight of Hand Lightweight Steady Aim Sniper Intervention or Barret .50 cal HBS and FMJ if possible. Any Pistol or Machine Pistol, but please no G18s, not that reliable. Smoke C4 Bling(can be subbed with SoH if you don’t have HBS) Stopping Power Steady Aim REMEMBER These are guidelines and the classes can have modifications made as needed.