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PowerPoint Portfolio

  1. 1. PowerPoint Portfolio MidTerm<br />Tanner Norman (:<br />3-31-10 Online ENS <br />
  2. 2. Personal Health History<br />I got my name, William Tanner Norman, because “William” (Wilhelm) has been a family name since the renaissance era when my family was in Normandy. “Tanner” is something my parents liked because when they chose it back in 1994 it wasn’t all that common and they wanted something somewhat unique.<br />I was born in La Mesa, California on July 18th, 1994.<br />
  3. 3. Family Health History<br />William Tanner Norman (1994 - )<br /> Siblings:<br /> Jeffrey Guy Higgs (1987 - ) (Half-Brother)<br /> Brian James Higgs (1989 - ) (Half-Brother)<br /> Brooke Alexandra Norman (1999 - )<br /> Parents:<br />Rene’e Selene Sinohui (1964 - )<br /> William Howard Norman (1964 - )<br /> Grandparents: (Nothing Is Known About Great Grandparents Due to Early Deaths due to Hereditary Diseases)<br /> Robert Cordova Sinohui (1937 – 1991) <br /> Maria Magdalena Moreno (1934 - ) DIVORCED <br /> Rosemary Rhodes (1943 - ) Married Robert Cordova Sinohui until his death<br /> William Albert Norman (1932 - )<br /> Shirley Louise Yackel (1935 – 2009)<br /> Aunts & Uncles & Cousins:<br /> Carol Joyce Sinohui (1955 - ) - Buzz Crissman (1953 - )<br /> Scott Crissman (1981 - )<br /> Christopher Crissman (1983 - )<br /> Kristen Crissman (1987 - )<br /> Daniel Richard Sinohui (1956 - )<br /> Patricia Marie Sinohui (1957 - ) - Allen Benish (1961 - )<br />KelcyBenish (1987 - )<br /> Morgan Benish (1989 - )<br /> Justine Benish (1994 - )<br /> Robert Edmund Sinohui (1960 - ) - Marilyn Sinohui (1963 - )<br /> Joseph Sinohui (1990 - )<br /> Jason Cordova Sinohui (1977 - ) <br /> Nikolas Sinohui (2007 - )<br /> Nancy Ann Norman (1955 - ) - Greg Nelms (1953 - )<br /> Stephanie Hawman (1981 - )<br /> Ashley Saverance (1996 - )<br /> Riley Saverance (2001 - )<br /> Kelli Hawman (1983 - )<br /> Reis Hawman (2001 - )<br /> Terri Kay Norman (1957 - )<br /> Nicole Brinkman(1976 - )<br /> Amber Karge (1992 - )<br /> Michael Karge (1995 - )<br /> Richard Brian Brinkman (1979 - )<br /> Maya Brinkman (2005 - )<br /> Lilli Brinkman (2007 - )<br /> Christopher Brinkman (1988 - )<br /> Robert Lynn Norman (1958 -)<br /> Brad Norman (1985 - )<br /> Abby Norman (1987 - )<br /> Mary Beth Norman (1960 - )<br /> Megan Bonnell (1982 - )<br />Kierra Kemp (1999 - )<br /> Adrianna Kemp (2000 - )<br /> Benjamin Kemp (2002 - )<br /> Timothy Bonnell (1984 - )<br />CamrynBonnell (2007 - )<br /> James David Norman (1970 - )<br />
  4. 4. Family Health History<br />Oldest Living Relative <br />William Albert Norman (1932- )<br />1. How old are you? 77<br />2. Where were you born? Penn Yan, New York<br />3. What was your main career in life? I was enlisted in the Navy for 4 years.<br />4. Did you go to any wars? No, I wasn’t in the military long enough to go to a war.<br />5. Where did you meet Shirley Yackel? When I moved to Lyons I met her at the hospital after I broke my arm where she was a nurse.<br />6. Do you have any hereditary diseases? I don’t but in the family heart disease is a big one as well as cancer.<br />7. How long have you been smoking? Since I was 15.<br />8. Has that affected your health yet? Just that I can’t walk fast or climb things without being winded.<br />9. Your wife dies from cancer from smoking, has that affected your smoking habits? Somewhat, I only smoke about once a day now that she’s gone.<br />10. How many kids do you have? 6<br />11. Do any of them have any of the hereditary diseases? No but Mary Beth has Crones disease and James has bad IBS.<br />12. Have you ever had any signs of those? Ive only had mild IBS, nothing serious.<br />13. Any medications required? No but I know that Mary Beth and James are on a lot of meds for their diseases.<br />14. Have you been relatively healthy your whole life? Oh yes, up until about 3 years ago.<br />15. What happened 3 years ago? I had to start having dialysis 3 times a week.<br />16. What’s dialysis? A process where I have kidney failure and they take the fluids out of my kidney’s.<br />17. I heard you’ve been going to the hospital lately since living with your daughter. Why? I havnt been able to find a hospital in her area that can do dialysis like I need so my kindey’s have been filling up with fluids and it makes it hard for me to breathe.<br />18. How much liquid did they take out? The first time was 3 pints and the last time was 2 pints.<br />19. Is that a lot? Well that average kidney holds about 1 – 1.5 pints.<br />20. Do you require anything else besides dialysis? No but I’m just an old man who needs medical attention every now and then. hahah<br />21. Have you had any signs of heart disease? No but I have been put on warning because of my age that I have a higher risk of contracting it.<br />22. What would that mean for you? I would probably have to be put in a nursing home as I would need constant doctoral attention because of the heart disease and dialysis.<br />23. Would you mind living in a nursing home? I would but I wouldn’t at the same time. <br />24. Which means? I don’t really like being taken care of, I like being independent but at the same time it might be nice not to worry about making long commutes to hospitals for treatment.<br />25. When would you stop having dialysis done? I’ll have it done until I die.<br />
  5. 5. Family Health History<br />My dad’s family came to America by boat in the late 1800’s as they are descendents of King Wilhelm of Normandy (where the last name Norman came from) and they had been one of the richest families in Normandy and they sought a nicer life in America, which they did not find. <br />My mom’s family came from Mexico and Spain in which they all persued better lives as the Mexican side of my family were poor and came to America as illegal immigrants and worked for rich families until the very early 1900’s. The Spanish side of my family came to America as conquistadors in Mexico and escaped the wrath of the Aztecs and fled to America and were enslaved by the white men.<br />Heart disease is a big hereditary disease on my dad’s side of the family in which one person in almost every generation get it. On my mom’s side diabetes is very common and very easy to get. It skips a generation and right now it’s on my generation. I have 3 cousins who have it and one brother who has it. It’s a very nasty disease. I currently have type 2 diabetes and bad IBS and I may have Crones disease.<br />
  6. 6. Fitness Data and Nutrition<br />In 5 Days;;;<br />Studying: 17 hours<br />Sleep: 35 hours<br />T.V. Watching: 11 hours<br />Computer Use: 23 hours<br />Phone Use: 56 hours<br />Total: 142 hours<br />
  7. 7. Social and Emotional Health<br />I enjoy playing soccer [I’ve played on ODP(Olympic Development Program) and High School (JV Co-Capitan)] & Baseball<br />I have one dog, KaiahRoo, she’s a Mini AustrailianShepard<br />My favorite travel was when I lived in Europe and we would go to Paris and shop and Disneyland and the Eiffel Tower. Spain was amazing too, the people are so nice and the history is so cool.<br />My closest friends here in the US are ShylaVasvani & Amanda Higgs. In Germany my best friend is Ashley Storm Levorse.<br />Schools Attended: Iriqouis Point Elementary (Ewa Beach, HI)<br /> Pearl City Elementary (Pearl City, HI)<br /> Deer Canyon Elementary (San Diego, CA)<br /> Mesa Verde Middle School (San Diego, CA)<br />Boeblingen Elementary/Middle School (Stuttgart, Germany)<br /> Patch American High School (Stuttgart, Germany)<br />Westview High School (San Diego, CA)<br />Clubs: Futbol Club (Patch American High School)<br /> Key Club International (Westview)<br /> Link Crew (Westview)<br />
  8. 8. Health Triangle<br />My<br />Physicality<br />Is definitely<br />Unbalanced at the<br />Moment and I need to<br />Work on my fitness a lot! I do eat<br /> well and exercise I just don’t exercise<br /> enough and I need a lot more water in my<br /> body. I need to improve so that my body is <br />healthy for the rest of my life and I won’t have to<br /> worry as much later in life.<br />Physical<br />My emotional state at the moment I believe is very<br /> well balanced, I exercise when I get mad or stressed<br /> out and I keep my composure most of the time so things<br /> don’t blow up in my face making me sooooo stressed out. I think<br /> another way to keep my emotional/mental health could be improved<br /> by maybe starting a journal of everything that has happened so I can vent<br /> and I wont keep things bottled up.<br />Mental/Emotional<br />My social state is VERY well balanced. I’m able to make and keep friends, I don’t hate I<br /> appreciate (:, I don’t judge anyone I always get to know them first, and people don’t really<br /> not like me because I’m very friendly and outgoing. There’s really only one person in the world I really<br /> can’t stand so maybe I could try and fix things so that nothing blows up and ends up tearing people’s<br /> friendships apart since me and this person have mutual friends.<br />Social<br />
  9. 9. Picture Timeline<br />Age 2 ; 3/15/96 ; La Mesa, CA<br />Age 5 ; 8/21/99 ; Ewa Beach, HI<br />Age 2 ; 7/4/96 ; San Diego, CA<br />Age 3 ; 8/4/97 ; Pasadena, CA<br />Age 3 ; 8/4/97 ; Pasadena, CA<br />Age 4 ; 2/5/99 ; Ewa Beach, HI<br />Age 2 ; 3/24/96 ; La Mesa, CA<br />
  10. 10. Picture Timeline<br />Age 6 ; 12/16/00 ; San Diego, CA<br />Age 5 ; 9/1/99 ; Ewa Beach, HI<br />Age 7 ; 12/9/01 ; Pearl Harbor, HI<br />Age 3 ; 7/23/97 ; La Mesa, CA<br />Age 5 ; 9/1/99 ; Ewa Beach, HI<br />
  11. 11. Picture Timeline<br />Age 6 ; 10/31/00 ; Ewa Beach, HI<br />Age 10 ; 4/20/04; San Diego, CA<br />Age 4 ; 1/7/00 ; La Mesa, CA<br />Age 6 ; 12/23/00 ; San Diego, CA<br />
  12. 12. Picture Timeline<br />Age 13 ; 6/28/08 ; Rota, Spain<br />Age 14 ; 10/23/08 ; Stuttgart, Germany<br />Age 14 ; 10/23/08 ; Stuttgart, Germany<br />Age 15 ; 12/1/09 ; San Diego, CA<br />
  13. 13. Personal Crest<br />When I Stood Under the Eiffel Tower<br />Ride Across California in 5th Grade<br />I can do my fitness better by working out more and eating healthier.<br />Climbing the Eiffel Tower<br />My singing/acting career.<br />Trustworthy ; Funny ; <br />Outgoing<br />William Tanner Norman<br />
  14. 14. Unique Self<br />Song The Represents Me: <br />A Different Side of Me by Allstar Weekend<br />ya, i’d be living the dreamif i switched with the football team.I’d be praised by my friendsif i was driving a mercedesbenz.do i know?what do i know?[Chorus]I wanna be a rockstar, a superhero,livin the dream; doin the things thati always wanted.iwanna see my face on that tvwith a picture on the coverwhere my friends could see a different side of me.I’m barely 5 foot 8.no muscle man but i can roller skate.not the biggest sports fanbut the band drives a mean mini-vando i know?what do i know?[Chorus]I wanna be a rockstar, a superhero,livin the dream; doin the things thati always wanted.iwanna see my face on that tvwith a picture on the coverwhere my friends could see a different side of me.<br />I think this song represents me because I’m a very open person and I’m always showing characteristics of myself to people and I’m not really a sports fan, and I do want to be a rockstar. (:<br />
  15. 15. Unique Self<br />Self Portrait: Obviously I’m not an artist haha but I’m a very happy and outgoing person so I thought this was a way to represent that.<br />
  16. 16. Future Aspirations<br />My brother Brian has made an impact on my life by being there for me as I grew up and helping me with soccer and baseball when I needed and always giving me college advice.<br />Dear Brian,<br />Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. Even though you’re a junior in college now I still remember how every weekend you would help me with soccer and baseball and give me talks about girls and convincing me to go to UCDavis with you.<br />Thanks for everything.<br /> Love, Tanner<br />In 3 years I see myself as a freshman in college at either UCDavis, UCLA, CSU Fullerton, or Johnston and Whales for Chemical Engineering, Criminal Investigation, or Culinary Arts.<br />In 5 years I see my self as a junior in college hopefully close to being done with my minor in spanish and close to being done with college in whatever field I decide to do.<br />In 10 years I see my self in a very stable job hopefully starting a family or already have one by then with my wife.<br />If I could accomplish one thing in my life it would be my singing/acting career to take off. Ive been to many auditions and have been so close to getting the part but getting cut for someone who’s more well known. For example I tried out for a new Disney channel show and I lost it to Doug B. (I cant say his name or the name of the show) who now stars in the show we auditioned for. <br />
  17. 17. Media Awareness<br />In my opinion, I think the media is bogus. They exaggerate everything and most people buy into all of it. I don’t believe that Lindsay Lohan is as bad as people say, and I don’t think Elin Woods tried to kill Tiger in his sleep. Everything just seems so rediculous that it’s hard to know what’s real and what’s not.<br />The Media doesn’t affect my clothing or activities. I don’t really go with “what’s hot” or the “new fad” I do me, I wear what I look good/decent in, and I do what I want to do or am good at. The only thing the media affects is my music because I LOVE music and the media always has the newest songs by the newer artists and they’re usually pretty decent songs/artists so I end up listening to them nonstop.<br />Packages Come in All Sizes, Inside is Where the Prize Is.<br />