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Landfills and housing


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For Presentation class COMM273 at BYU Idaho

Published in: Real Estate
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Landfills and housing

  1. 1. Tanner Browning Landfills and Housing a Good mix?
  2. 2. The answer is… Probably not.
  3. 3. Somethings CANNOT be ignored living near landfills.
  4. 4. Homes near landfills can have consequences. Not far from home
  5. 5. Health Issues Methane gas constantly emits from landfills. covered or not.
  6. 6. Can cause respiratory problems Methane, Ammonia, pollen and Fungi
  7. 7. Cancer? Studies show risks of certain types of cancer, including bladder, brain and leukemia.
  8. 8. Birth defects in 2 mile radius.
  9. 9. Leachate: a leaking problem Toxic cocktail contaminating water in ground supply
  10. 10. Toxic cocktail contaminating water in ground supply
  11. 11. Money loss? up to -13%
  12. 12. Expensive maintenance is required
  13. 13. Est. up to $88,000 per Acre in Maintenance a year
  14. 14. 200 Acre Property = $17.6 Million
  15. 15. Public Takeaway
  16. 16. The Public will know. And they won’t like it.
  17. 17. Protest and rallies are just the beginning. Boycots, lawsuits, protests, and strikes are possible.
  18. 18. -Cheaper Housing -Extra income with Methane emissions The Pros
  19. 19. -Lawsuits and protests -Loss of Money in real estate -Health hazard to residence -Long term maintenance -Bad perception for public The Cons
  20. 20. Better off building somewhere else.
  21. 21. References Oxford University Press. "Living near a landfill could damage your health." ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 24 May 2016. <>.