Internet as a resource


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Internet as a resource

  1. 1. Presented ByPresented ByTanmoy Chowdhury AntuTanmoy Chowdhury AntuFMP-4FMP-4
  2. 2.  Introduction Internet as aresource Helping hand toresearch Abuse of internet Conclusion
  3. 3. First introducing as ‘Telenet’ to the users.Dictionary of Meeriam Webster defines aselectronic communications network thatconnects computer networks andorganizational computer facilities around theworld. Fastest developing ideas like ‘Globalbusinesses’, ‘Open information share’ becomepossible for this networking system all overthe world. So we can call it as a benchmark to‘Digital World’.
  4. 4. Internet can be defined as a ‘House ofinformation’ where anyone can knock as aviewer, blogger, and researcher etc. Itmakes possible the fastest access tosocial networking, sharing ideas,information & news. Through internetanyone can publish his thinking andrecommendation for any purpose. Anyonecan get news from any corner of worldusing this system. So we can called it as agreat resource in research.
  5. 5.  Thousands of webpage and search engine areavailable to search the related topics of one’sresearch. Those web pages can give latest views andopinions about the research topic. Any relevant datacan also easily find out from those pages. Sharing information is going to be more easier associal networking sites are like Myspace,Linkedln,Facebook, Orkut, Youtube, Flicker etc. are becomingmore familiar terms to the people as the easiest wayto get access in international network. Books from many writers are available at sites thatcan help a researcher to make his/her research papermore powerful in logic.
  6. 6. Sometimes it happens that the informationwhich are following up in the websites canbe wrong because of the editors or source.Very often it happens that people, who wantto make some awkward situation againstinformation, release some clumsy news.From those types of news as a researcherone should think to collect any data. Somesites can misguide the researcher from hisway of thinking by giving some invalid newswithout providing the latest ones.
  7. 7. We can realize the consequence of internetwhen we disconnected from the network.Internet becomes a part of daily life aspeople depend mostly on it for news andinformation. Ignoring all the bad section,everyone should follow up the goodsections of internet.Conclusion
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