Evaluation Question Six


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Evaluation Question Six

  1. 1. What have you learntabout the technologies from the process of constructing this product?
  2. 2. What technologies have you used?I used a variety of technologies while constructing my media product. The technologies I used are:• Blogger• Mini DV digital camcorders• YouTube• Still digital cameras• Mobile phones (with cameras)• Survey monkey• Wordle• Prezi• Slideshare
  3. 3. Blogger We used blogger to keep a record of all the work we completed in class in regards to thrillers. We also did all our planning on the blogs, and all the research we found out wasalso uploaded on there. Blogger has been very helpful during the construction of our mediaproject. This is because we used it as a diaryand it helped us be more organised by keeping a track of all the work we were completing.
  4. 4. Mini DV digital camcorders We used a mini DV digital camcorder to film our thriller. This was the most important source I used during this whole process, as all the footage wasrecorded on there, and without a camcorder I wouldn’t have a thriller. The camcorders werevery simple, so it was easy to use and I got the hang of it very quickly.
  5. 5. YouTubeYouTube was also an essential source as it is where we uploaded the final piece of our thriller. Also, we used YouTube to look at thriller openings in order to develop ideas for our thriller. Some ofthe thriller openings we analysed had an effect on our project. YouTube alsohelped us look at past students’ work, so we had an insight as to what the audience look for in good thriller.
  6. 6. Still digital cameras and mobile phones with camerasWe used still digital cameras and mobile phones with cameras in order to takepictures of the location we were filming at. We then uploaded this to our blogfor the examiners to see. We also usedcameras/mobile phones to take pictures from our storyboard which we later turned into an animatic.
  7. 7. Final Cut Express & Live TypeFinal cut express is the software I used to edit all my footage. It allowed me to crop some clips and merge them together etc. Editing our footage was verytricky to begin with, however as the weeks went by, I became used to it and managed to complete our editing and even add small effects such as cross dissolves. Hence why you can see an improvement between the preliminary task and our final thriller opening. We used Live Type to make the logo for our production company, TEEN. Live Type was also quitehard to use at first, however practice makes perfect, and we finally managed to complete our logo by the end of the project.
  8. 8. Survey monkey We used survey monkey to find out more about what our target audiencelike. We asked them to tell us what they think makes a good thriller, why they enjoy thrillers, and what type ofthrillers they like etc. This helped us as it made us more aware of what we should include in our thriller in order for it to attract the audience.
  9. 9. Wordle, Slideshare and PreziI used wordle to make an image of what people think makes a good thriller. This was needed for question four. I alsoused slideshare to uploadPowerPoints onto my blogfor my evaluation. Finally, I also used prezi to answer two of the evaluation questions.Prezi was very useful as it helped me design presentations in a fun, organised way, easy for everyone to understand.
  10. 10. What skills have you gained? I have learnt several skills from usingthese technologies. I have learnt how tofilm steadily with a mini camcorder, andI’ve also learnt how to edit that footageon Final Cut Express. In addition to this, I’ve also learnt how to edit in a way which is very effective, and produces high standard work. All these technologies have allowed me to gain new skills, and develop on old ones.