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Linkedinversion_Summary_CV English_Tania Ruezga Garcia _ DefinitiveFinal _ FebMar2016

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Linkedinversion_Summary_CV English_Tania Ruezga Garcia _ DefinitiveFinal _ FebMar2016

  1. 1. Professional Objective International executive development within a corporate business environment focusing on new products commercialization, sourcing strategy, manufacturing and supply chain initiatives prioritization. Academic Background International Relations Master Degree (Oct 2003 – Ago 2005) Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM) – Madrid, Spain Bachelor in International Business (Ago 1994 – Dec 1998) Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM) – Mexico City Experience Areas International new products development: Project Management, Stakeholders Management, End to End Supply Chain, Prioritization Processes, Brand Renovation, Governance Commercialization Process and Leadership, End to End COGS Strategy, Pack & Liquid/Foods Development, Capital Expenditure Control, Manufacturing, People Leadership, Risk Analysis, P&L improvement, Customer Presentations (Commercial Team support), etc. New Sourcing Strategy: End to End Supply Solutions, Cost Reduction, Strict Compliance, Trade Agreements, Quality Improvements, End to End COGS improvement, P&L improvement, Joint Ventures, etc. Others: Imports/Exports, Strategic Planning, Global Procurement, Consumer Care, Transport & Warehousing, etc. Work Experience CONAGRA FOODS (February 2013 - Present) Location: Mexico City Current: Operations Business Director/Project Manager Officer for Mexico and Latin America Career: International OBD (covering Central and South America during 2013 and Global Markets during 2014) Activities Achievements Mexico priorities in 2015 and 2016  Grow our TOP LINE  Expand our BOTTOM LINE  ACT II MWPC Export Strategy to Central and South America  Launching of FROZEN Platform  Mexico’s New Operational Model  Mexico’s Ketchup Reengineering Champion of 1 of the 3 “Core Processes”/“Strategic Pillars” of the company = IA3 (“Innovation for Impact” methodology) o Ensure all the “Growth Projects” are within the “thresholds (success criteria)” set by the Executive Team and ensure the multifunctional teams are completely focused on delivering the “Business Priorities” to deliver a NS of US$ 234M and a minimum GM% ≥ 27% at the end of the current Fiscal Year o Ensure Mexico’s Team can deliver a stretch target of US$ 4.2M by “COGS Reduction Initiatives (CCR)” o “Total Margin Management” ideation session leader o Mexico improved ACTII portfolio COGS versus US by 38% o GM% improved by 8 points, from 35% to 43% o Ensure the complete successful launching of Frozen portfolio in clubs stores next June, delivering an incremental sales of US$ 5M o Moving from 1 central distribution center to 5 new distribution centers strategically located o Change of 3PL Partner / Savings Projected ≥ 1.5M o Find the best sourcing solution to bring doy pack format México, D.F. Ph. +52 55 5211-3282 Mb . +52 1 55 1069-9736 Email: Birth Date: May 11th , 1976 TANIA RUEZGA GARCÍA
  2. 2. DIAGEO Plc (August 2005 – February 2013) Location: Mexico City Current: Innovation Brand Change Sr. Manager for Mexico and Latin America Career: Imports and Planning Coordinator, Supply for Innovation Manager, LAC Supply Technical Manager Global Markets priorities in 2014  PAM Passover for Israel (exclusive edition)  MEGALODON Central and South America priority in 2013  Colombia ACT II MWPC Local Production to life, for Hunt’s and Del Monte brands o Net Sales expected of US$ 1.2M, GM% of 25%, ROI≥20% o PAM Passover special edition was delivered on time, in full, with the design & the quality expected & 100% compliant with Jewish Laws & Jewish’s production specific processes o This project meant US$ 800K incremental net sales for Global Markets region in just 8 days of sales o ACT II MWPC “English Export Version” new design + new pack + new formulas for 18 specific countries o This project was delivered on time/in full to all the countries expected, 100% compliant with local laws & sanitary registrations needed + the quality expected o This project represented about US$ 7.5M of net sales for Y1 (12M) o Three “Local Supply Chain” scenarios were delivered on time achieving an improvement of COGS of 9% versus imported scenario o Two options of Joint Venture were successfully delivered to the International Leadership Team (Team Foods vs Colombina) improving our COGS by 12% Activities Achievements More than 30 projects successfully launched in Mexico and Latin America :  RÖKK Vodka – 2011 (New to Market)  CAPTAIN MORGAN 1.75L Rum (New to Market)  BLACKBURN Whiskey – 2010 (New to World) Mexico’s Innovation NSV 2008 = 3% of Total Sales Mexico’s Innovation NSV 2012 = 35% of Total Sales o Launch timing = -50% days (90 days - Concept to Shelf) o Sourcing cost reduction of 46% o Packaging quality improvement (vs original source) o NRF Closure, new embossing bottle design and new label o New long term co-packing contract o New co-packing model implementation in Mexico o Launching overall timing = (11 wks - Initiative to Shelf) o NSV = GBP£ 644K and TP = GBP£ 300K Other important launchings in 2011: o JW Double Black/Test Market o Nuvo/National Roll Out o Bulleit Bourbon/National Roll Out o Sourcing cost reduction of 46% o Liquid quality improvement o “Blended Whiskey Category” addition in the Mexican Norm to make the new brand compliant in market o Risk assessment run in time and form and we avoided GBP£ 500K of impact for a “possible re-call” due to a problem with the first production batch
  3. 3. ABBOT LABORATORIES (Nov 2004 - Ago 2005) Location: Mexico City Career: Global Procurement Coordinator CENDIAN CHEMICAL LOGISTICS (Jan 2004 - Nov 2004) Location: Mexico City Career: Import Logistics Planner DAISYTEK DE MÉXICO (May 1999 – Ago 2001) Location: Mexico City Career: Imports and International Logistics Coordinator for Mexico and Latin America ACTIVITIES AND HONORS: Diageo Way of Innovation and Project Management Facilitator (Mexico City, Mexico 2012) Advanced Development Program (London, UK 2010) Graduated with honors - Master Degree (Madrid, Spain 2005) Industrial Administration Program (Mexico City, Mexico 2004) Graduated with honors - Bachelor (Mexico City, Mexico 1998) COURSES AND EVENTS: University of Glass Ohio, US - 2009 Diageo Way of Brand Building / Selling Mexico City, Mexico -2008 Purchasing and Supplier Management Mexico City, Mexico -2004 Global Customs Up-date and Recommendations Mexico City, Mexico - 2004 Globalization and Human Rights Madrid, Spain -2003 MERCOSUR, ALCA and European Union Madrid, Spain - 2003 SKILLS: English 100% (Written and Oral)  BUCHANAN’S Master – 2010 (New to Market)  CAPTAIN MORGAN Rum (LAR) – 2009 (New to Market)  ZACAPA Rum and KETEL ONE Vodka acquisitions o An unexpected reaction in market increased the sales 11 times vs forecast during the Test Market launching. A successful negotiation and strict follow up was leaded to avoid being out of stock in Mexico although the plant in Scotland was in a closing period as result of the crisis during 2009. o Captain Morgan was launched in Costa Rica 10 days before the target date avoiding Bacardi reaction in market and with a cost reduction of 11% vs target. o Successful leadership with the Industry and the Government in Mexico to change the “National Norm of Rum”, allowing Zacapa and Captain Morgan brands to be compliant as rums (and not liquors) in Mexico o Changing this norm, Mexico was able to launch the global formula of Captain Morgan in Mexico reducing costs by 17% resulting from “liquid and pack” efficiencies and a new co-packer strategy. This launch was followed by 3 more countries roll out from the new sourcing (Argentina, Colombia & Peru). o Member of the Leadership Teams for the acquisitions of Rum Zacapa and Vodka Ketel One assuring their successful launch in market on time. o Mexico was the first market that launched Zacapa in a record timing and today is the Leader Worldwide.