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Intro to Product Marketing - Tania Clarke


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Learn about why product marketers are product managers secret weapon. Presentation is from the Intro to Product Marketing - Women in Product Sydney meetup.

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Intro to Product Marketing - Tania Clarke

  1. 1. Intro to Product Marketing Tania Clarke, SafetyCulture PMM
  2. 2. What people think I do, and what I actually do. Not demand gen, not a growth marketer, social media, SEO, events, content marketing. Collaborate and use elements of these functions to take a product to market. Bridge between engineering, product management, sales, success and the customer. Professional deck builder.
  3. 3. Responsibilities Positioning and messaging for new products and features Owning the overall GTM Helping the sales team sell more and close Having a deep understanding of the market and competitive landscape Driving demand, adoption, and the overall success of product Customer feedback loop Voice and champion of the customer internally Defining what to build through user stories and JTBD Be sure the team ships the right Deep understanding of competitive products and related technologies Product Marketer Product Manager Source: Drift
  4. 4. The persona of a product marketer Super curious Passionate debaters Data driven Research driven Loves to build decksIncredibly resourceful A really damn good listener + communicator Can transform technical to palatable
  5. 5. Data points Sales Customer Success Business Product Technical Market CUSTOMER Business Product Technical CUSTOMER Sales Prospect Sales Product Manager Product Marketer
  6. 6. The role is quite varied. Strategic product marketers Inbound focused PMM’s Outbound focused PMM’s Customer & product PMM’s
  7. 7. Inbound — Customer facing Development focused PMM. “We don’t know what we’re building, or we think we know what we’re building” Responsibilities: ● Early stage discovery and strategy ● Heavily focussed on market analysis and where it’s headed ● User research ● Differentiation proposition
  8. 8. Outbound — Product & Engineering Facing Commercially focused PMM. “We know what we’re building, but we want to validate our product and launch it into the world” Responsibilities: ● Beta testing and GTM planning ● Marketing materials ● KPI’s for launch ● Differentiation in the market ● Keeps a pulse on customer pain points
  9. 9. Customer & Product Facing Field Enablement PMM. “We already built something that’s in the market, and we need your help with market adoption” Responsibilities: ● More mature company ● Evaluating existing value propositions ● Executing market effort in conjunction with demand gen, content marketing, digital, PR, trade shows
  10. 10. How product marketing starts
  11. 11. Tactical Strategic GTM Plans Sales enablement Buyer/user insight Influencing product roadmap Researching market opportunities Customer segmentation Positioning Competitive intel Battlecards
  12. 12. There are three main parts of any funnel Attract Convert Close Blogging, Social Media, SEO, Growth, Paid, Lead Gen Lead Scoring, Content Marketing Product marketing - Product expert, Teacher/Trainer, User Testing, Messaging, Persuasion & Lifecycle
  13. 13. So what does a day in the life of a product marketer look like? It’s an incredibly cross-functional role.
  14. 14. Types of activities product marketing covers Sales Enablement Product Launches Competitive Analysis Feedback on roadmap Positioning Pricing/ Packaging Buyer personas
  15. 15. How Product Marketing supports the Sales and Customer relationship Source: Sales Customer ● Customer research and development ● Sales training on customers ● Buyer personas ● GTM strategy ● Positioning and messaging through marketing and sales collateral ● Competitor research
  16. 16. How Product Marketing supports the Product and Customer relationship Source: Product Customer ● Customer insight and user interviews ● Validating product market fit ● Gathering customer feedback on product ● Positioning and messaging through website and product ● External facing comms on product updates and changes ● Competitor research
  17. 17. How Product Marketing supports the Product and Sales relationship Source: Product Sales ● Sales training on product ● Sales insights for product teams ● Gathering Sales feedback on product ● Internal facing comms on product updates and change
  18. 18. How it works at SafetyCulture Product team #5 Product team #7Product team #6 Product team #8 Product team #2 Product team #4Product team #1 Product team #3 Product marketing Marketing team
  19. 19. PMM’s are invaluable at every stage of the product development process.
  20. 20. Product and product marketing are on the same team and ultimately have the same goal — to create an experience that customers love.
  21. 21. We are true partners with product managers. Involve us early.