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An Overview of Web Innovations in China


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It's the ppt for my presentation on web 2.0 event organized by Orange Lab in Beijing

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An Overview of Web Innovations in China

  1. An Overview of Web Innovations in China Tangos Chan China Web 2.0 Review China Growth Capital
  2. People Regard It A Copy2China Internet Xiaonei Zhanzuo Fanfou Taotao Wealink Linkist Youku Ku6 Diglog Digbuzz Qzone 25% people think there are only copycats in China’s Internet (CWR reader survey)
  3. But… Innovation arbitrage, in fact, is a global phenomenon
  4. Then the Question becomes… • Why so few web innovations in China? – Most startups only seek shortcuts to success • Lack of entrepreneurship • Limited revenue sources to support startups – Market doesn’t reward innovation enough • Big companies take “me too” strategy to follow • Few open API, esp. from big companies, for mashup • Copycats’ proven models easily attract eyes of Capital
  5. Few Local Innovations in…
  6. A Case of Innovation for China’s Market
  7. And More Innovations In… • BBS/Online forum • IM related service • P2P streaming/ Internet TV • Mobile • Online gaming • Virtual goods • …
  8. BBS/Online Forum Baidu Post: innovative way to gather people with similar interests together
  9. IM Related Services IM bot: Social networking and information delivery on IM platform, rather than on web.
  10. P2P Streaming/Internet TV PPstream: Enable people to watch movie online by taking p2p technology
  11. Mobile Services mInfo: Natural language mobile search through SMS and WAP
  12. And More Companies to Watch
  13. But again…Where are we?
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