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Reward Link 101


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Reward Link is Tango Card's digital choice product for your engagement incentive, loyalty reward, or payment disbursement need. Send a Reward Link and allow your recipient to choose the e-gift card, prepaid card, or donation of their choice. Give great choices with Reward Link.

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Reward Link 101

  1. 1. Reward Link – give great choices.
  2. 2. Intro
  3. 3. History of Incentives: Choice is the best incentive Cash Travel Merchandise E-Gift Cards Instant Gratification Currency, Travel, and Merchandise all-in-one Easily Administered E-Gift Card Catalog as a Service Instant choice via one link
  4. 4. Reward Link Features • Catalog as a Service • configure a catalog • give choice with one link • Adaptive for web, tablet and mobile • Configure Branding throughout experience • Email containing link • Catalog • Email Containing e-gift card
  5. 5. Digital Catalog E-Gift Cards International Reach Reward Links The recipient chooses Nonprofit Donations Inspiring incentives Cash Equivalent Rewards Easy Payment Disbursal
  6. 6. Ready to go Reward Links With Reward Link – Preferred you’ll receive the choice of the most desirable gift card brands and non-profit donations in our catalog. With Reward Link - Content & Media you’ll receive the choice of digital content - apps, music, games, news, and entertainment at your fingertips. With Reward Link - Wellness you’ll receive a collection of retailers and non-profits that focus on rewarding wellness with healthy options – gear, clothing, music and more! With Reward Link - Experiences you’ll receive the choice of restaurant, travel, and entertainment gift cards.
  7. 7. Experience
  8. 8. Receive and Click!
  9. 9. Choose and add to cart
  10. 10. Verify and receive confirmation
  11. 11. Receive e-gift card!
  12. 12. Options to Configure for Your Brand
  13. 13. Configurations – Reward Link Email
  14. 14. Configurations – Reward Link UX
  15. 15. Configurations – Reward Link Email
  16. 16. Give great choices with