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The Social Customer Journey: A Webinar Presented At SOCAP International


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Tangerine Lab presented this webinar at SOCAP International. It is discussion of what is a social customer and an approach for integration of social media in customer experience strategy and design.

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The Social Customer Journey: A Webinar Presented At SOCAP International

  1. 1. The Social Customer Journey A Webinar For SOCAP International By tangerine lab © 2015 Tangerine Lab All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. About Tangerine Lab Tangerine Lab is a customer and brand experience design firm. •  We are passionate about how customers experience and engage with brands and adopt them as their favorite. •  Our mission is to help you become the brand of choice. tangerine lab
  3. 3. Our Approach •  Customer interactions designed through empathy •  Design thinking •  Informed by data and analytics •  When appropriate, enabled through integration of emerging technologies •  Holistic •  Expertise in the entire customer life-cycle built on a foundation composed of people, process, technology and data tangerine lab
  4. 4. Why Are Customers On Social? tangerine lab
  5. 5. Entertainment & Enriching Content tangerine lab Annual Loud Door Study: Top 20 Brands With Most Facebook Followers
  6. 6. tangerine lab JD Power 2013 Benchmark: 67% Support vs 33% Marketing To  Get  Support  
  7. 7. tangerine lab Nielsen (2012): 33% prefer contacting brands via social Edison research: 42% expect less than an hr; 9% in 5 minutes For    A  More  Rapid  Response  
  8. 8. tangerine lab Hubspot: 50% to compliment; 35% to complain To  Give  Feedback  
  9. 9. What Are Customers NOT On Social Media For? tangerine lab
  10. 10. tangerine lab Gartner: 15% increase in churn rate when ignored Not  There  To  Be  Ignored   More  Than  Being  Heard,  They  want  AcAon  
  11. 11. tangerine lab JD Power 33% there for marketing vs 67% for support Only  To  Be  Sold  To  
  12. 12. Varying needs for various customer segments tangerine lab
  13. 13. •  18-29 Year olds •  23% for marketing vs 43% for service •  30-49 year olds •  39% for marketing vs 39% for service •  50+ year olds •  38% for marketing vs 18% for service tangerine lab
  14. 14. Customer Journey Maps As The Roadmap To Opportunities Where in the customer journey social media will add the most value and how? tangerine lab
  15. 15. Why Can Customer Journey Maps Help? •  A tool in the customer experience designer’s toolkit. •  A narrative of the customer’s experience that can span from the before brand awareness through long term relationship –  Customer journey from their perspective –  Emotions, needs, aspirations & motivations –  Gaps and misalignments in the journey that can be addressed by social media –  Opportunities to innovate or disrupt –  How a customer uses social in their daily lives and how that use can be integrated into the customer journey tangerine lab
  16. 16. Complexities Introduced By Social Media That Journey Maps Can Address tangerine lab
  17. 17. Transition From A Multi-Channel to Omni- Channel Mindset Is No Longer An Option •  Multi-Channel –  Multiple channels (digital and physical) of engagement with customers but no particular focus on delivering consistent, seamless and optimized experience across the channels. •  Omni-Channel –  Multiple channels of engagement with customers but WITH focus on delivering consistent, seamless and optimized experience across the channels. tangerine lab
  18. 18. There Is No Such Thing As a “Social Only” Customer •  A part of an omnichannel and integrated customer experience – Not a linear journey (From marketing to sales to support) – Seamless integration with legacy online and offline channels matter and matter a lot. – Don’t only optimize experiences for a channel, but also optimize the experience across channels and by offering the proper channel. tangerine lab
  19. 19. A Real World Story tangerine lab
  20. 20. 1.  My  Order:  Popular  Online  Retailer   2.  ConfirmaAon  By  Retailer:  Order  Shipped   3.  Shipping  Company:  Delivery  NoAce   tangerine lab
  21. 21. •  Delivery Service – Online Self Service – Track Delivery – Change Delivery Schedule – Report Issues tangerine lab
  22. 22. DELIVERED! NOT DELIVERED! tangerine lab
  23. 23. My Favorite First Stop: Twitter Customer Service tangerine lab
  24. 24. My Not So Favorite Stop: Call Center tangerine lab
  25. 25. Multi-Channel Omni-Channel Web   Social   Physical   Web   Social   Physical   tangerine lab
  26. 26. Which One Of So Many To Use? •  Private or public or a hybrid? •  Public: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin, Google+, Yelp, Youtube,……. tangerine lab
  27. 27. Summary •  There is no social-only customer. Social is only a part of a customer’s omni-channel experience •  Customers use of social platforms across their journey is not consistent. •  Customer journey maps as a roadmap to opportunities. tangerine lab
  28. 28. Thank You! tangerine lab Banafsheh  Ghassemi     Email:   TwiRer:  @BanafshehGh  &  @Tangerinelab   LinkedIn: