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CATTAN Services Group Promotional for Clients


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This is an overview of CATTAN's supply chain management advisory, counseling and training services that feature its capabilities, expertise, and clients served. CATTAN specializes in purchasing, inventory, materials handling, freight traffic, and warehousing logistical functions

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CATTAN Services Group Promotional for Clients

  1. 1. Advisory, Counseling and Training Services Logistics and Supply Chain Consultancy College Station, TX Let us put our experience to work for you. Contact us at: 979 212-8200
  2. 2. Background—CATTAN Services Group Founded in 1987, incorporated in 1991 Focused on Logistics and Supply Chain Management (SCM) Provide advisory, counseling, and training services Specialize in purchasing, inventory, traffic, and warehousing functions Cadre of staff Certified in Function Located in College Station, TX
  3. 3. How Can CATTAN Put Its Logistics &SCM Experience to Work for You? When it comes to logistics, knowledge is power: the more you know about the “big picture,” the better you can maximize a specific function. Since our staff have all served in upper middle management to senior level executive positions, we can take a conceptual, philosophical, and strategic approach to understanding your organization’s processes, methodologies, and expenditures. Our insights are based on independent, objective viewpoints which have been validated by our experience with other organizations and business sectors.
  4. 4. A Complex Logistics Supply Chain (Internet Enabled) Supplier Wholesalers Manufacturer Distributors Retailers Supplier Logistics Customer Exchanges Exchanges Exchanges Logistics Providers Virtual Manufacturers Contract 1999 AMR ResearchManufacturers
  5. 5. How Can CATTAN Put Its Logistics &SCM Experience to Work for You? Our familiarity with defining logistics processes as related to supply chain management practices allows us to know where to look and what to look for when analyzing an operation. We use that knowledge to help our clients identify specific problems as well as opportunities, followed by a recommended course of action to address them. CATTAN has an excellent track record in guiding organizations toward their supply chain management goals and logistics objectives and in providing value-added counsel and advice. We are not just purchasing, inventory, traffic, or warehousing consultants but are true logistics and supply chain synthesizers.
  6. 6. Our Bona fides—ProfessionalMemberships and Affiliations
  7. 7. How Can CATTAN Put Its Logistics &SCM Experience to Work for You? At CATTAN, we will outline a consulting engagement for your specific business or operation. We will always meet with you before submitting a proposal, so we have a complete understanding of your plans, goals, strategies, and objectives. Whenever a specified need can best be addressed by the expertise of a particular consultant or consultants, we put that individual or individuals with you. If other consultants are needed, we carefully pick and add them, as necessary to help the client.
  8. 8. Use of ManagementConsultants-WHY? Objectivity  Staffing Pragmatism Augmentation Specialized  Independent Functional Skills Opinion Knowledge and  Confidentiality Contacts  Experience with Similar Problems
  9. 9. Industry Clients Served—CATTANServices Group Government & Utilities & CATTAN has an Public Sector Telecommunication extensive range of consulting and on- Oil Processing site training & Gas & Chemical experience with a Healthcare & OEM wide variety of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing clients and industries. High Distribution We are functional Technology & 3PL strategy and tactical Financial Service experts Services Industries
  10. 10. How Can CATTAN Put Its Logistics &SCM Experience to Work for You? Since CATTAN conducts seminars globally for the American Management Association, universities and colleges, as well as professional associations in our area of expertise, we are also well versed in the most current Logistics trends and SCM concepts in addition to the life lessons our experience brings to the forum. Because we practice what we teach, we can further assist our clients during implementation through consulting, coaching, and/or on-site training. Let us put our experience to work for YOU!
  11. 11. Areas of Expertise--CATTANServices Group SCM Strategy and Reengineering Purchasing and Supply Management Warehousing and Materials Handling Traffic and Distribution Management
  12. 12. Functional Expertise—SCMStrategy and Reengineering  Strategy and Supply Chain Streams  Lean Process Management  Network Analysis and Design  Software Evaluation, Selection, and System Requirements  Operations Improvements, Cost Savings, and Productivity Enhancement  Automatic Identification and Technology Enablement Opportunities
  13. 13. Functional Expertise—Purchasingand Supply Management  Total Spend Analysis  Strategic Sourcing  Supply Base Consolidation and Rationalization  Solicitation, Administration, and Management of Contracts  Legal Aspects and Contracting  Supplier Relationship Management  Supplier Qualification, Selection, and Evaluation  Negotiation Planning and Strategy  Negotiation Coaching and Counseling
  14. 14. Functional Expertise—Warehousingand Materials Handling  Facilities Planning and Design  CAD Facility Layouts  Material and Process Flowcharting  Capacity and Throughput Analysis  Storage Space Utilization  SKU Density and Location Slotting  Inventory Analysis, Control, Forecasting, and Management
  15. 15. Functional Expertise—Traffic andDistribution Management  Outsourcing Feasibility  Solicitation and Selection of 3PLs  Carrier, Traffic Lane, and Distribution Network Analysis  Carrier and 3PL Rate Negotiations  Carrier and Mode Bid Packages Solicitation  Inbound Freight Control  International/Import-Export
  16. 16. CATTAN CAN—Produce Results for You We are known as the “hands-on” people. We “practice what we teach.” We are known for our functional expertise, analytical abilities, operations acumen, and common-sense approach.
  17. 17. CATTAN CAN—Produce Results for You We do not provide “canned” solutions, layouts, or approaches. We do not use template scenarios to produce generic solutions. We do not use consultants with little consulting experience or relevant operational expertise. We do not make recommendations and then disappear when implementation time rolls around.
  18. 18. Summary—Why CATTAN?No Pre-conceived SolutionsNo Template ScenariosUnique Solutions for Your Situation Thank you for the opportunity to present our credentials.