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Trussville methodist consignment sale


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How to tag clothes for the Trussville Methodist Children's Consignment Sale.

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Trussville methodist consignment sale

  1. 1. Trussville Methodist Consignment Sale How to Tag Everything!
  2. 2. Tagging Clothes Only use wire clothes hanger. No Plastic or Plastic Coated hangers.
  3. 3. Tagging Clothes Hang with the hanger facing the left so that the hanger looks like a question mark.
  4. 4. Pinning Clothes When you pin pants, pin at the top of the hanger and make sure the pins are close enough together so that they will not slip.
  5. 5. Good Bad
  6. 6. Tagging 2 piece Outfits Tag the shirt as you normally would, and pin the pants on the back
  7. 7. Tagging 2 piece Outfits When you hang the pants, hang them with the front facing out. Mom’s like to check the knees before they buy.
  8. 8. Bathing Suits Hang bathing suits like you would pants. Don’t forget to pin the shoulder straps. If you have hangers with paper, use those for items that might slip.
  9. 9. Shoes If shoes are small enough, they should be put in a zip-loc bag. Tape the top so they can’t be removed. Tape the tag to the outside of the bag.
  10. 10. Shoes If shoes are too big for zip-loc bag. You Can tie the laces or Use a plastic zip-tie. Attach the tag using A safety pin.
  11. 11. Puzzles Puzzles can be placed in Ziploc bags or wrapped in saran wrap. For larger puzzles, count the pieces and make sure to tape the box tightly.
  12. 12. Books Books can also be placed in Ziploc bags or wrapped in saran wrap. If you are selling multible books, I suggest you write the title of each book and place in back of Ziplock bags, so that Buyers can see which books are included. included
  13. 13. Multiple Big Items If you have a Stroller, Car Seat and Several seat bases, tie them all together and Sale as one.
  14. 14. Strollers Only place a barcode on ONE of the items. Put 1 of 3 on the barcoded item. 2 of 3 etc on the rest.
  15. 15. Big items with small pieces Place the tag on the big item. Place smaller items in Zip-loc bags (TAPE SHUT). Tape to big Item. Place unbarcoded tags with 1 of 2 on bags.
  16. 16. Large amount of small items
  17. 17. Pack N Play
  18. 18. Examples
  19. 19. Examples
  20. 20. Examples
  21. 21. Examples
  22. 22. For More Information Visit our Website at Under Consignors, click on the Consignor tips