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How to find ebooks on AccessPhysiotherapy


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A short tutorial on finding eBooks on AccessPhysiotherapy

Published in: Education
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How to find ebooks on AccessPhysiotherapy

  1. 1. How to find eBooks in AccessPhysiotherapy
  2. 2. Click on the Databases link Click on the AccessPhysiotherapy
  3. 3. Browse To browse all the available textbooks on AccessPhysiotherapy, select Readings
  4. 4. You can filter to a specific subject Or scroll down to see all available books
  5. 5. Click on a book to read it
  6. 6. Select a chapter
  7. 7. Book chapters can’t be saved but you can print the chapter or email to yourself or someone else
  8. 8. Search Rheumatoid Arthritis The search function will find book chapters from various books related to your topic. It will also find images and multimedia items related to your search.
  9. 9. Need Help? For further assistance please email us