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Getting buy-in for your intranet project


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Case study from ANZ including:
- how to turn challenges into opportunities
- building the business case
- the importance of numbers
- gathering user support

Presentation from 'Dynamic Intranets' Sept 2011

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Getting buy-in for your intranet project

  1. 1. Getting buy-in for yourintranet projectTamsin Stanford, Senior ManagerIntranet Communications StrategyDynamic Intranets, 8 & 9 September 2011
  2. 2. 2About ANZANZ is one of the largest companies in Australia and New Zealand anda major international banking and financial services group.• 32 countries inc. Australia, NZ, Asia, India, Pacific and US• 170-year history• 8 million customers worldwide• 411,000 shareholders• 48,000 employees• Rated worlds most sustainable bank by the Dow JonesSustainability Index in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010• ANZ’s global headquarters rated world leader inenvironmentally sustainable design by Green Building Council ofAustralia
  3. 3. 3About ANZ’s intranet, Max1998 IT creates ‘intranet’ for their use1999 ‘Max’ is launched for whole of ANZ2005 IT Governance Board aims to upgrade Max (1)2007 Ownership moves from IT to Communications2008 IT project aims to upgrade Max (2)2009 Productivity Forum funds ‘Fix Max’ project in Communications2009 IT and Communications create Roadmap, request funding (3)2010 CEO makes ‘Fix Max’ project a permanent team2010 CIO funds ‘Globalise and upgrade intranet’ business case (4)2011 Deputy CEO becomes executive sponsor
  4. 4. 4Meet Max
  5. 5. 5Previous attempts to secure buy-in2005: Replace in-house publishing tool with SharePoint• Too technology-focused, Governance Board too senior• Intranet not yet seen as a critical business tool2008: Replace intranet: part of ‘Enterprise Workplace’ strategy• Too technology-focused and driven• Organisational restructure refocused budgets2009: Upgrade and globalise intranet: roadmap• Driven by Corporate Communications but with IT as partner• Funding request bounces between divisional committees2010: Upgrade and globalise intranet: business case• Driven by IT but with Corporate Communications as partner• Priority given to customer-facing technologies
  6. 6. 6Turn challenges into opportunitiesChallenge OpportunityChange of senior leader • What was their previous intranet like?Are they supportive of change?• Get in front of them with your storyOrg restructure • Better IA can future-proof the intranet• People directory will help people ‘findthe expert’Productivity drive or costcutting• Use specific examples to show time orcost savingsIT changes such assystem upgrades• Will old systems still work? Willadditional integration be required?A multitude ofrepositories are used forcontent• What is the risk of duplicate content orcosts of maintenance, training andsupport for other repositories?
  7. 7. 7Building the business case1. Research early and measure, measure, measure2. Tie it to your organisation’s business strategy3. Make it real4. Provide a summary5. Be consistent in your languageObjectives• Productivity• Operational Risk• Super regional• SimplicityOpportunities1. Connecting people2. connecting applications3. connecting information
  8. 8. 8Numbers are vitalUser Centred Design• High emphasis on UCD methodologies and including users fromthe start - increases chances of getting it rightLean Six Sigma• Define, Measure (and measure, and measure!), Analyse,Improve, ControlIf you can, combine the two methodologies
  9. 9. 9Numbers are vital: what can YOU measure?Productivity costs:• Calls to internal help desks if information is hard to find• Rework through incorrect content being used• Time spent completing key tasksIntranet publishing costs:• Training – not just the cost of facilitator, but the cost ofparticipants being away from their desks• Support – each questions asked of our intranet help desk coststhe business moneyTechnology costs:• Upgrading a potentially old platform• Integrating an old platform with newer applications• Businesses funding their own one-off solution
  10. 10. 10What we measuredCentralised publishing team+Content improvements+Information Architecture improvements+Reduced support requirements= $ millions in productivity savings
  11. 11. 11The intranet is a vital part of ANZ operationsSite statistics (30 day period)*• 11.1 million intranet page views• 1,400,000 Australia Branch/Call Centre page viewsWhat our staff have told us:• 90% of staff go to the intranet first to find out what is happening at ANZ**• The best source of truth that helps me do my job is: “Max”**• 50% of respondents’ jobs would be affected in less than 1 hour if the intranetwas unavailable***. For customer-facing staff this figure is 70%.Top five things accessed on the intranet***:• Processes and manuals 73%• Group news and announcements 71%• Policies 71%• Support information (HR, Risk, Finance, Comms) 70%• Forms 67%Sources:* Omniture reporting, 21 Jan - 20 Feb 2011** Group Communications Survey, Nov 2010 (1962 responses, all divisions)*** Global Intranet User Satisfaction Survey, April 2009 (1370 responses, all divisions)
  12. 12. 12Gathering user support• Make use of your biggest critics• Keep the dialogue (and the research) going• Don’t assume everyone will have the same ‘triggers’• Create personas to show you understand users’ needsWhat channels can you use?• Elevator pitch• Discussion forums• Staff magazine• Existing intranet homepage• Online survey• Focus groups
  13. 13. 13Fifth time lucky?Funding from IT stopped in 2010 after the business case wascompleted.Since then, we have focussed on the root cause of lack of fundingand interest and:• Changed the executive sponsor we were pitching to• Held tailored one-on-one discussions with senior leaders• Focused on cost of proliferation of small projects• Finalised a governance strategy• Resurrected discussions with website team• Generated excitement by talking about it at every opportunityand showing persona-based screenshots
  14. 14. 14Future Max?
  15. 15. 15Thank you for listening.Any questions?