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Tamr | MDM and the Data Unification Imperative


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A successful digital information strategy depends on being able to find, connect and consume diverse data sources repeatably and at scale. But top-down, deterministic data unification approaches (such as ETL, ELT and MDM) weren’t designed to scale to the variety of hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of data silos. A new bottom-up, probabilistic approach to data unification complements MDM by providing the agility and scalability to exploit data variety.

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Tamr | MDM and the Data Unification Imperative

  2. 2. Data Heterogeneity is Inherent in Large Companies Data sources are bound to applications with idiosyncratic bias Sales Marketing Manufacturing HR Support Finance AppsStoreApps Store
  3. 3. Sales Marketing Manufacturing HR Support Finance Aggregation of Data Creates Ambiguity/Complexity Broad analytics create need to bring data together from many sources
  4. 4. Outside Forces = More Confusion + Complexity Leadership Changes Mergers & Acquisitions Reorganizations
  5. 5. Result: Just 10% of Data is Consumable by Any One Person And 80% of data scientist time is spent preparing it 90% Dark Data
  6. 6. Expectations for Global Corporate IT as Data Broker Increasing quickly -- along with the hype about Big Data/Analytics 3.0 HR Sales Finance Divisions Marketing MFG ENG
  7. 7. Some Options Option #1 - Deny Variety - use information that is easiest/closest Option #2 - Manage Variety incrementally - using traditional approaches: ● Standardization ● Aggregation ● Master Data Management ● Rationalize Systems ● Throw Bodies at it ● Improve Individual Productivity Option #3 - Embrace Variety using probabalistic/model based approach - Tamr
  8. 8. Traditional Data Management Approaches: Necessary but not sufficient ● Standardization ● Aggregation ● Master Data Management ● Rationalize Systems ● Throw Bodies at it ● Improve Individual Productivity Option #2: “Manage” Variety Using Traditional Approaches
  9. 9. Logical Evolution to Probabilistic/Model-Based Approach Probabilistic Deterministic Probabilistic Deterministic Today Future Probabilistic (Tamr) complements, NOT Replaces, Deterministic (MDM)
  10. 10. INTRODUCING TAMR ▪ Founded in 2013 by enterprise database software veterans ▪ World-class engineering team ▪ Top tier venture backing (Google Ventures, NEA) Jerry Held, PhD Andy Palmer Mike Stonebraker, PhD Ihab Ilyas, PhD Kevin Burke Nidhi Aggarwal, PhD Min Xiao Nik Bates- Haus Kevin Willis 10
  11. 11. Managing enterprise information as an asset requires a new, bottom-up design pattern Catalog Connect Consume ALL your metadata and map it to logical entities Entities and attributes to remove information silos Unified data in the application of your choice via APIs “Embrace” Variety -- Tamr’s NextGen Approach
  12. 12. Tamr’s Design Pattern: “Back to the Future” 1990’s Web: Yahoo’s top-down organization 2020’s Enterprise: Probabilistic data source cataloging, connection and consumption
  13. 13. 13 ARCHITECTURE DATA & METADAT A SOURCES Analytics, visualization, Data Warehouse Expert Sourcing Data Profiling Schema Matching Record Deduplication Data Connection Activities Data Security Data Governance Machine Learning DB, ERP, CRM, CSV + DATA USES
  14. 14. TAMR WORKS WITH MDM SYSTEMS TO HANDLE EXTREME DATA VARIETY 14 MDM EDW Published Keys Schema map Few Well understood sources Long tail of disparate data sources Matches & Rules ● Cleansing ● Consolidation ● Survivorship ● Governance Rapid Analytics Benefits ● Business agility ● Faster MDM implementations (months -> weeks) ● Significantly lower ongoing maintenance
  15. 15. Fortune 50 company -- Optimized Sourcing Analysis Benefits ● Massive reductions in supplier list size & number of distinct suppliers ● Automated data maintenance; lower cost of ownership ● Powering strategic sourcing analytics and governance ● Empowering individual procurement team with global view of payment terms
  16. 16. Catalog Tamr helps you catalog metadata across the entire enterprise, providing a logical map of all of your information Find us at Booth #613 Connect Tamr helps match entities and attributes across the full variety of your sources, leveraging entity relationships for high accuracy Consume Tamr provides a consolidated view of entities and records for downstream applications via a set of RESTful APIs learn more at Find us at Booth #613