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Guidance & Education


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Relationship between Guidance and Education

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Guidance & Education

  1. 1. 1.    Introduction 2.    Guidance 3.    Education 4.   Relationship Between Education and Guidance 5.   Difference between Education and Guidance 6.  Importance of Guidance inside an Education System 7.   Responsible Individuals in Guidance for Education 8.   Conclusion of discussion  9.   Recommendations / Suggestions 10. References 
  2. 2. Guidance  provides  basically  answer  of  all  those  unknowns  whish  are  helpful  in  making  choices  and adjustments in solving problems.  Education  and  guidance  have  some  similarities,  differences  but  the  for  a  socio  economical  development, educational planners should focus  more  on  a  successful  and  combine  system  of  education and guidance.
  3. 3. So this presentation will focus on:  Relationship,  differences  and  similarities  between education and guidance.   Significance  of  guidance  in  presence  of  proper education system.  It  also  consist  of  suggestions  to  form  a  proper  education-guidance  system  for  an  educational  and  vocational  revolution  in  Pakistan.
  4. 4.  As a concept guidance is concerned with the optimal development of the individual.  As a process guidance helps the individual in self-understanding
  5. 5.  Education is defined as the transmission of knowledge from one generation to another by means of direct instruction.  The best education system enhance the thinking process of pupils.
  6. 6.  Aim of Education and guidance  Help in new context  attracts the attention towards new innovations  Change in individuals’ experiences  Traditional Instructions  Process of Socialization  Integral Part  Responsibilities
  7. 7. EDUCATION  Focus on needs of society  Wider Program  All type of guidance can be education  Predefined curriculum is needed in education GUIDANCE • Address individual’s needs • Part of Education • some aspect of education cannot be considered as guidance • guidance needs no curriculum to be taught.
  8. 8. EDUCATION  Process of Behavioral Change  requires a fix time period or levels of study  Methods of Teaching GUIDANCE • Touches the problems related to the emotional and physical aspects of an individual. • guidance is not fix, it continue throughout the life • Methods of Guidance
  9. 9.  Students  Parents  Teachers  Educationa l Managers
  10. 10.  Why guidance is required inside an educational system?  Is education not providing enough guidance?
  11. 11.  Guidance and counseling program needs to be introduced in our schools, colleges and universities to meet the varied needs of the educational system, administration, and students.  A proper guidance plan must be prepared to provide different types of guidance according to the needs of each level of education which is implement-able in our all educational institutions.