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Business caseadobeflashflex

  1. 1. Developed by ::Saltmarchi White Paper A Business Case for Using Adobe Flex and the Adobe Flash Platform www.
  2. 2. A Business Case for Using Adobe Flex and Adobe Flash Platform Introduction Usage of new technologies, collectively dubbed Web 2.0, has improved the richness of interaction on the Web. From games For NASDAQ, Adobe on social networking websites to analytics applications, all now Flex and Adobe AIR delivered extreme returns boast of presence-rich content -- custom designed interfaces in in developing Market a highly branded and expressive visual environment that use Replay. By leveraging sounds, video, graphics and motion. off-the-shelf Flex software components and building a powerful This improved user friendliness has brought out the consumer desktop application for in droves, clamoring to sign up for the latest social game and data analysis using Adobe AIR, NASDAQ can adopt e-commerce solutions like never before. Recent reports run Market Replay using suggest social gaming in the US alone will be a $1 billion an incredibly lightweight market in 2011 and the virtual goods market alone has soared IT infrastructure. Without the support of Adobe AIR 245 percent to $7.3 billion in 2011 from $2.1 billion in 2007. to put the analytical functions of Market Enterprises have been trying to figure out how to fill the Replay on the desktop, we could not have built engagement gap for their corporate applications. They realize such a low-cost , that all applications, all software, need to value user experience assessable product and the connected world. Consumers -- whether customers, because of the back-end hardware investment that investors, or employees -- who experience rich media and would have been interactive content, as well as using online applications for required. Adobe Flex and Adobe AIR literally made shopping, editing documents and photos, sending email, etc – Market Replay Possible. are often put off by enterprise systems whose user experience NASDAQ often fail to equal those they use in their personal lives. Consumers are demanding a higher level of application usability and productivity from corporate applications.Page | 02
  3. 3. A Business Case for Using Adobe Flex and Adobe Flash Platform Enter RIAction Rich Internet Application (RIA) platforms are solving this Businesses that employ issue for corporate applications. Internally, RIAs: well-designed Ÿ work well in situations where line-of-business (LOB) customer-facing RIAs applications need to be deployed quickly and maintained can see: constantly Ÿ Increase in online Ÿ have a small footprint and can be delivered via a Web sales up to 30%* server or an application server on the company network Ÿ Increase in Ÿ allow for a multiple delivery approach, over a wide conversions, cross- variety of connections from the LAN to the Web and channel sales and up- even via CD or DVD sells by up to 40%* Internal corporate RIAs help to: Ÿ Reduce contact center/telephone Ÿ Gather key data from varied sources agent calls up to 20% Ÿ Increase employee productivity annually* Ÿ Reduce data entry time up to 40% Ÿ Improve accuracy Ÿ Save time Ÿ Reduce operating expenses In an Economist Intelligence Unit survey, conducted on behalf of Adobe, 80% of executives agree that better engagement translates into improved customer loyalty, and 75% said they believed it meant higher profits. Companies that built external customer-facing RIAs are seeing it encourages users to: Ÿ Stay on the web site longer: the Adobe Flash Player runtime reaches 98% of Internet-enabled desktops and more than 450 million devices, offering businesses greater reach than with any other client technology available. Couple that with a RIA and the user enjoys a meticulous, appealing interface with different functional characteristics.Page | 03
  4. 4. A Business Case for Using Adobe Flex and Adobe Flash Platform Ÿ Explore more options, spend more money: because of increased functionality, people tend to spend more time on a web site, increasing chances of them converting into being customers. For example, the worldwide virtual goods market, led by Asia, is estimated at about $7 billion. Ÿ Complete more online transactions: online transactions are more convenient because there is no need to switch over pages. Ÿ Recommend the site to others: engagement is critical to transforming customers into active advocates for brands and businesses; studies find that 79% of engaged customers will recommend products and services to others. Ÿ Return more often: since RIAs build brand value by making customers interaction with the brand a more valuable, productive and pleasant encounter they will be more loyal, and return and pay up more money to the e-tailer Figure 1: Customer Implementations** NASDAQ Market Replay NASDAQ used the Adobe® AIR® runtime, the open source Flex framework, and Amazon S3 to create and deploy Market Replay application. The application enables investors and brokers to replay market events and review historical data in simulated real time. Benefits gained: Ÿ It made building the application economically viable Ÿ The ability to process data on the desktop enhanced responsiveness and lowered costs. Ÿ A familiar, object-oriented development framework accelerated development. Ÿ Easy integration with Amazon S3 offered an inexpensive, scalable, reliable, and fast data storage infrastructure. Ÿ Using the Adobe Flash® Platform made the application compelling enough to be offered as a retail product; it was initially conceived as only a regulatory tool.Page | 04
  5. 5. A Business Case for Using Adobe Flex and Adobe Flash Platform Business Benefits Offered by RIA RIAs bring together the best of client-server and web technology. They can be viewed as web applications combined with the features and functionality of traditional desktop applications. Consumers are now gravitating towards applications that are simple, fast, usable and intuitive. Moving forward RIAs will become a de facto requirement any business that hopes to gain and retain customers. If users find a Web site difficult to use, they will switch to one that isnt. RIA offers the following benefits to businesses. Improved decision making Increased Reduced order sizes Improved customer loyalty, costs increased up-sell Reduced errors Reduced overall and workarounds operational cost Increase in Improved employee productivity, reduced training time new customers Ÿ Increased order sizes: since RIAs offer a simple, personalized, highly responsive and consistent user experience, it reduces user frustration and shopping cart abandonment, converting them to buying online and placing larger orders. Ÿ Improved decision making: RIAs aggregate relevant, timely, highly visual analytics with supporting data, making it easier for the end user to understand the information in context, with greater depth and speed and thereby enhancing the quality of the decision making process. Ÿ Improved customer loyalty, increased up-sell: RIAs offer a sophisticated online experience. For instance, when offering customizable add-ons to basic products, a well-designed RIA can help the user visualize his options, understand the value of the add-on and customize the order in a simple manner. For businesses,Page | 05
  6. 6. A Business Case for Using Adobe Flex and Adobe Flash Platform large margins on the add-ons maximized revenues. Further, existing users find it easier to manage their account information, check order and re-order status and so on, which improves their retention rate and drives up revenue streams. Ÿ Increase in new customers: customers who are increasingly Internet savvy and the Web is now the first point of interface for potential customers. They are better convinced through detailed, yet easy to digest sense of With Flex, complex product features and benefits with video, audio and data sets can be interactive presentations, than typical sales hype. Providing presented simply and an easy-to-use application will enhance user productivity visually, reducing the cycle time to decision- and satisfaction and convert Web surfers into Web buyers. making or providing a Ÿ Reduced overall operational cost: RIA optimizes significant enhancement to the overall user bandwidth usage by fetching only required data. Further, experience. This RIA moving the processing to the Web browser reduces server approach offers business load. For the end user this creates a more effective, seamless managers valuable insight into business experience. performance — whether Ÿ Reduced errors and workarounds: users often tend to it be sales, portfolio management, customer be confused with process-oriented applications. RIAs offer a views, or operational visually supportive experience so the user can access metrics. processes he requires, increasing the response time and IBM Global Services reducing error rates and the need for rework. Ÿ Reduced costs: if the web site is not user-friendly and prevents the user from completing a sale or placing a customer service request, they will pick up the phone with a contact center thereby loading up the cost of the transaction. RIAs higher usability and visual interactivity helps to reduce support calls significantly. Ÿ Improved employee productivity, reduced training time: RIAs are simpler to understand and do not require extensive user training manuals. Further, using RIA reduces the number of server round-trips, saves time and reduced server responses -- cutting down the server lag improves the employees concentration and, thereby, performance.Page | 06
  7. 7. A Business Case for Using Adobe Flex and Adobe Flash Platform RIA Technologies RIAs add value rather than complexity, combining the best of Web and desktop applications. Adobes RIA solutions are suitable for businesses looking to completely transform their Web experiences. Flex, Flash, and AIR are extremely powerful solutions for building engaging, next-generation RIAs. The Adobe Flash platform is an integrated solution that enables designers and developers to easily work together to build and deploy enterprise RIAs that enable more effective interaction. Firms must also acquire the skills necessary to use Flex, which is the development framework for the Flash runtime environment. Figure 2: Customer Implementations** Playfish Bowling Buddies Ÿ Five of the ten most popular games on Facebook is built by Playfish. One of these games "Bowling Buddies" features stylish 3D graphics, easy controls, customized characters, and multiplayer challenges. Benefits gained: Ÿ The broad reach of the Adobe® Flash® Player runtime enables single-click access for millions of new users without requiring a plug-in installation. Ÿ The superior design and development tools enabled development of a rich, interactive game. Ÿ The Flash Platform supports integration with Facebook, MySpace, and other social networks. Ÿ The Flash Platform facilitates rapid development and a faster time to market.Page | 07
  8. 8. A Business Case for Using Adobe Flex and Adobe Flash Platform Why Flex is Worth Your Money Following is a comparison of Flex with competing technologies: Flex vs.. Flex and Microsoft Silverlight Microsoft Silverlight Silverlight is Microsofts proprietary RIA technology. The Java FX tool set is fairly competent and .NET developers will already AJAX know the language in which to code. Silverlight still lags in HTML5 penetrations as compared to Adobe tools. The numbers of Flash third party Flex components are increasing quickly with contributions from the open source community. Flex 2 and RIAs Flex and Java FX support our goals of The user base for Java FX is very small. It also lags behind in building and designing rich media experiences font and 3D support. Flex applications use the Flash player that reshape how users like a virtual machine for Flex applications. Java developers experience content. At can, by way of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), use Java as MTV, we reinvented the the backend and use the more popular Flash for the frontend. look and feel of television — now were doing the Java developers familiar with Eclipse will also find it easy to same thing with user work with Adobe Flex builder as it is based on Eclipse. experiences on the web. Flex 2 delivers essential elements for creating and maintaining web services Flex and AJAX — better developer AJAX is the de-facto standard for developing RIAs amongst productivity, an expanded HTML developers. AJAX has a reasonable set of libraries set of powerful tools, easily scalable and working with Ajax is no longer as difficult as it used to applications, and a be. But compatibility issues can be a serious annoyance. All consistent, reliable said, since Flex is a framework it makes it easier to write and framework. Combined, these capabilities help us maintain code compared to writing code in Ajax. extend our position as a leader in delivering compelling, interactive Flex and HTML5 digital content." HTML 5 is the next generation of HTML with native support MTV Networks for video and vector graphics. Over time, HTML5 will be a force in RIA. But browser makers are notorious at abiding byPage | 08
  9. 9. A Business Case for Using Adobe Flex and Adobe Flash Platform standards, so it remains to be seen how soon this will develop. In the meanwhile, Adobe has begun to incorporate HTML 5 support in its products. Flex and Flash Everything that can be done in Flex can be done in Flash too. However, Flex makes it faster to do them because it offers application developers a set of libraries to develop code quicker. Adobe Flex is a more flexible development framework with support for easily moving data around, styling and skinning, advance controls for interactivity and so on. Flex has the most complete solutions and offers an open source SDK, a robust Eclipse-based IDE, rich set of data visualization components and comprehensive data services.Figure 3Primary RIA Platform used for Deployed Applications Dojo Toolkit Adobe Flex Adobe Flex 20% The Dojo Foundation Dojo Toolkit 12% GWT Google Web Toolkit (GWT) 14% Eclipse Rich Ajax Platform (RAP) 4% Microsoft Silverlight 5% Ext JS 4% jQuery 3% In house/custom 12% Other OSS Ajax 15% None - Im not using any frameworks 9% in house/custom other OSS Ajax Dont know 1% Source: Saltmarch Intelligence Software Developer Survey 2011Page | 09
  10. 10. A Business Case for Using Adobe Flex and Adobe Flash PlatformFigure 4Developers [Employee] Pick Choice of RIA Technology Richness of User Interface Flex Flex Silverlight Silverlight JavaFx JavaFx Look and Feel (out of the box) Cost for Developers Flex Flex Silverlight Silverlight JavaFx JavaFx Programming Language UI/Layout Language Flex Flex Silverlight Silverlight JavaFx JavaFx Learning Curve for Developers What did you Choose for your projects? Flex Flex Silverlight Silverlight JavaFx JavaFx Source: Saltmarch Intelligence Software Developer Survey 2011Page | 10
  11. 11. A Business Case for Using Adobe Flex and Adobe Flash Platform Conclusion The last few years have seen unprecedented growth in RIA adoption — especially by Fortune 500 companies. RIA Compared to other combines the goodness of instant Web access to centralized development platforms data to create a user experience that is both easy to use and like Java, such complex enjoyable. Companies like NASDAQ that need to run high-use, and dynamic Adobe Flex high-volume applications that communicate in real-time and applications are much easier to integrate and complete transactions in milliseconds are increasingly turning more efficient to to use Adobes Flex technology for the front-end and couple maintain. This new that with a rich back-end; for details of NASDAQs RIA solution offers our customers significant application see the box Customer Implementations. trading advantages. This document has attempted to summarize Adobe Flex and the Flash Platform as a mature and evolving ecosystem, well suited E*TRADE Germany to your organizations RIA projects. Adobe solutions will enable your organization to beat the competition and deliver successful performance. Links & Literature [1] * Survey conducted on behalf of Adobe [2] ** [3] [4] [5] | 11