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Essential Oils 101


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Learn about the profound and life-changing benefits of therapeutic essential oils. This presentation explains what essential oils are, how to use them, and how to get started with essential oils. Young Living leads the essential oil industry in research, sourcing, science, and standards with their Seed to Seal Guarantee. More information available at

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Essential Oils 101

  1. 1. E O 101 Learn the basics of essential oils. by Tammy Neeb Young Living Independent Distributor #13585195
  2. 2. What are essential oils? ● Essential Oils are liquidsthat come from plants. The oils are distilled from the flower, leaves, stems, roots, bark, and resins of plants or they are cold-pressed from the rinds of citrus fruits. ● Think of them as the “immune system”of the plant: everything the plant needed to grow, thrive, and survive is what is extracted. ● They are powerful agents which support every system in your body. ● Essential oils are directly extracted from plants without any chemical manipulation and share very similar structure to human DNA. Because of this our bodies easily recognize the oils and readily absorb them. Your body uses what it needs from the essential oil to supportyou and your health.
  3. 3. How are essential oils beneficial? ● Therapeutic Essential oils are taken by the bloodstream and carried to every cellwithin the entire body, in a matter of minutes. ● Essential oils are so small in molecular size that they can easily and quickly penetrateour skin tissue. They are different from fatty oils like coconut and olive oil, which have very large molecules. ● Essential oils detoxifycells and blood in the body. ● They are powerful antioxidantsthat create an unfriendly environment for damaged free radicals.
  4. 4. Are all oils created equal? Not even close! The quality of an essential oil is directly related to the quality of the plant it is extracted from - including how the plant was cared for and harvested. The distillation process is also key. There are four grades of essential oils available: 1. Synthetic = created in a lab 2. Extended or Altered Oils = fragrance grade, for aromatic use only 3. Organic Oils /Certified Oils = contain few, if any, therapeutic compounds 4. Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils = pure, medicinal, most often steam distilled or cold pressed and contains all of the plant’s therapeutic properties
  5. 5. Watch this short video to learn why Young Living is the industry leader in therapeutic grade essential oils: (*If video does not work look for the link uploaded with this SlideShare or search YouTube for “Young Living Seed to Seal.”)
  6. 6. Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils • Most oils found at health food stores and retail stores, including “therapeutic” brands found on Amazon, have been adulterated with synthetic ingredients like propylene glycol (found in anti-freeze) and other fillers. Do not ingest these! • Young Living was started over 25 years ago and is the only company in the world that is not an oil broker. YL owns our own farms and distilleries and uses organic farming practices. YL oils are so pure you can literally ingest them. Every batch is tested to be sure that it meets the highest standards. • Young Living is trusted in hospitals and research centers around the globe. They are also the first company to pioneer combining pure essential oils with top quality supplements. This is powerful because when you take a supplement with an oil, it helps to increase the absorption rate by over 50%.
  7. 7. Three Ways to Use Essential Oils 1. Topically 2. Aromatically / Diffusing 3. Internally
  8. 8. Topically Apply a couple drops directly on area of concern. You can dilute with a carrier like olive oil or coconut oil. You can also put on the bottoms of feet where your largest pores and all nerve endings are.
  9. 9. Aromatically/Diffusing Put a couple drops in hands, cup hands over face, and breathe deeply. When you breathe in the molecules in the oils are so small, they go from the olfactory nerves to the limbic system. This region of the brain only communicates through a sense of smell. This has a profound effect on the body! Diffusing is another great way to get the benefits of essential oils, and helps to get rid of any “travelers” you may have picked up circulating in the air. When diffusing something relaxing like lavender it will have calming and harmonious effects on the body.
  10. 10. Internally Take the oils internally in a capsule, or put a few drops in a glass of water or tea. Taking essential oils internally is a great way to support a healthy immune system and maintain proper ph balance in the body! Just look at the back of the bottle and follow directions.
  11. 11. Starter Kit Oils ● Lemon ● Lavender ● Thieves ● Peppermint ● Frankincense ● Stress Away ● Purification ● DiGize ● PanAway ● Copiaba ● RC
  12. 12. Lemon • A favorite among many adults and children for its uplifting and emotional qualities • Diffusing lemon helps to support air quality • Wonderful to drink in water. *Always use glass or stainless steel • Helps to balance proper PH levels in the body, making it very helpful for people in acidic conditions. • Put a drop on your sponge to thoroughly clean kitchen counters • Powerful degreasing agent
  13. 13. Lavender • Lavender has so many uses, people refer to it as “The Swiss Army Knife of Oils” • Soothes skin irritations, burns, and mild sunburns • Has natural antihistamine properties • Try in a “seasonal sniffles” recipe: 5 drops lavender, 5 drops peppermint, and 5 drops lemon in capsule, taken as needed • Supports restful sleep and has a very calming effect
  14. 14. Thieves • Thieves is a blend of powerful oils that support the immune system and respiratory system • Named after a band of robbers who were grave robbing during the plague in the 15th century. They were soaking their handkerchiefs in this blend and and then touching plague victims • Gargle a couple drops hourly to soothe sore throats • Can be taken in a capsule, in tea with honey, or rubbed on bottoms of feet • Use before and after getting on airplanes, going to school or other environments where immune support is needed • Helps with healthy teeth and gums
  15. 15. Peppermint • 1 drop of peppermint oil is equivalent to 28 cups peppermint tea! • Helps alleviate nausea • Increases alertness, concentration and focus - Very helpful for memory retention! • Great for muscles and relieves fatigue • Opens up sinuses
  16. 16. Frankincense • Powerful oxygenator to the brain and body • Referred to as liquid gold, mentioned over 50 times in the Bible • Very beneficial for the skin • Used often in meditation, supports emotional and spiritual well-being
  17. 17. Stress Away • A blend of oils that helps to calm, relax and restore the body • Smells like vacation in a bottle • Elevates mood and reduces negative energy • Wear as a perfume to reduce feelings of stress and nervousness
  18. 18. Purification • Blend of oils formulated to freshen odors - not just mask like chemical sprays • Excellent as an “outside nuisance free spray” • Powerful support for the wounded skin • Makes a great choice to clean with for its purification properties
  19. 19. DiGize • Blend of oils that promotes healthy digestion and soothes stomach discomforts • Can take as a dietary supplement as a healthy daily regimen • A must have when traveling and traveling abroad and drinking unknown water sources
  20. 20. PanAway • A potent blend of oils very effective for bones, muscles, and joints • Great to rub on back, legs, neck when needing support • Rub a few drops with a carrier oil to spread over a larger area
  21. 21. Copiaba • Has a history of very soothing properties • Great for overall body support including the kidneys, bladder and stomach • Use whenever the body needs relief
  22. 22. RC • A wonderful blend of eucalyptus and other oils that support the respiratory system • Wonderful when applied to the chest and throat • Great diffused when needing support to the lungs
  23. 23. NingXia Red • A nutrient infused antioxidant drink that helps to clear the body of free radicals and will SUPER CHARGE you! • Excellent for supporting healthy blood sugar levels • Wonderful support for heart and eye health • 1 oz is the equivalent of eating 4 lbs carrots, 1 pint orange juice, 5 cups blueberries, 55 lbs almonds, and over 10 lbs spinach! • Drinking 2 oz daily is ideal
  24. 24. How do I get started oiling? ● You can get your oils as a wholesale member, similar to Sam’s or Costco, except the kit itself includes your lifetime membership! As a wholesale member, you will always get 24% off and Young Living ships directly to you. You never have to sell anything or purchase monthly, you only have to order once per year to keep an active membership, and that’s it! ● The wholesale membership includes a diffuser of your choice and 11 amazing essential oils with the Seed to Seal guarantee. Included in your kit are plenty of additional goodies, including two packets of Ningxia Red. Receive over $300 worth of product for $160 (+S&H). ● You do have the option of ordering as a retail customer, but you will not get the 24% discount.
  25. 25. What are my next steps? ● Go to the link and choose enroll as a wholesale member. Make sure the number #13585195 is listed as the “Enroller” and “Sponsor." ● Another perk once you become a Young Living member is that you will be added to our Oily Community Team private Facebook group where you will learn even more about all of your essential oils and Young Living Products, and find all kinds of incredible resources and support from people who are living and loving the oily life. ● Young Living has a great referral program as well. Every time you refer someone to the company Young Living sends you a $50 “thank you.” By sharing with three people, it pays for the cost of your oils!
  26. 26. Let me know if you’d like to host a class. Invite some friends over and we will pass around the oils and share their uses! I would love to help you get your oils paid for!
  27. 27. Essential Rewards Another HUGE perk to being a Young Living member is that you get to be a part of the Essential Rewards program. This is their monthly wellness box that ships to your door each month, and you get to pick whatever products you want every month. Example: Month 1 Thieves cleaning line, Month 2 Ningxia Red, Month 3 ART skin care, etc. You get an additional discount on everything 10%, then 20%, then 25%, in addition to your wholesale discount. Plus tons of free oils and products each month! Then you cash it in point for dollar and shop, shop, shop! It’s only 50PV a month and you can cancel anytime you want.
  28. 28. Oil On! Tammy Neeb Young Living Independent Distributor #13585195