Design for humans not robots, with WordPress


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London WordPress meetup talk

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  • Don’t get me wrong robots are cool. But they aren’t humans and you know what they aren’t the ones visiting your sites to interact with them. Take emotions for instance - if films and cartoons told us nothing - robots suck at emotions.\n
  • Yes grids, responsive, formulas and techniques rock... but we’re in danger of loosing the soul of our designs. It’s time to focus on the heart of what we do and give some heart back to the web.\n
  • Lets look at each of these\n
  • Making it personal means knocking down those barriers of entry. Approach with an open hand and give your users a virtual hand shake. \n- Go through points\nIt’s not just about cartoons, characters and jokes - personalisation is important. But...\n
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  • In the film Hackers, Serial Killer says ‘spandex is a privilege not a right’ - same goes for personalisation. Personalisation is a privilege not a right.\n
  • Aaron Walter wrote a book recently I’d highly recommend ‘Designing for Emotion’. In that he looked at the hierarchy of needs by Marlow. \nGo through each.\nThink of these needs just like the WordPress hooks but for humans.\n
  • Lets look at some examples.\nGo through each.\nLets take a deeper look at 3 of those - error pages, google logos and the twitter fail whale.\n
  • As you can see 404 pages are really where the world is your oyster.\nLegos and southpark - can’t be wrong.\n
  • Google logos have risen to cult status celebrating birthdays and occasions.\nThis is a great example of a human touch that has grown to it’s own phenomenon.\nThere are even html5 video ones now.\n
  • Turning a bad thing into a good thing is one thing adding the human touch can do. The twitter fail whale is a great example of this.\n
  • Just like personality though take care.\nEmotion is great but a double edge sword.\nDon’t be afraid to use it - just be sensible.\n
  • Lets get practical now. You might be thinking all this is good but I need to start from scratch. Not at all as you can see in this table.\nGo through points.\n
  • The great news is WordPress is easy to design for humans with. It’s built simply and with humans in mind from the start - giving you a head start.\nGo through each.\n
  • Fill those needs and create emotional responses.\nGive you users an eye hug.\nCreate moments of joy in your site.\n
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  • Design for humans not robots, with WordPress

    1. 1. Design for humans, not robots,with WordPressby Tammie Lister
    2. 2. Robots != humansRobots + emotions = omg “ Just what do you think youre doing, Dave? - Hal “ I am not malfunctioning, you are - Hector “ Life don’t talk to me about life - Marvin
    3. 3. Websitesshouldn’t bepaint bynumbersA website is more than a grid, it’smore than a formula and it’s morethan the latest trend...Give your site a soul.Connect.
    4. 4. 3 steps to designingfor humansMake it personalFill a needCreate emotional responses
    5. 5. Make it personalWe’re all differentAvoid stock images - be an individualAvoid jargon infested copy - you are not a clicheDon’t preach - talk one on oneGive it the human touchCreate an identity for your site that stands outBut, with personalisation comes great responsibility...
    6. 6. You can take personalisation too far!
    7. 7. Personalisation is a privilege not a right
    8. 8. Fill a need Aarron Walter - ‘Designing for emotion’ { -
    9. 9.  Physiological -
    10. 10.  Safety Hierarchy
    11. 11.  of
    12. 12.  Needs -
    13. 13.  Love
    14. 14.  and
    15. 15.  belonging -
    16. 16.  Marlow -
    17. 17.  Esteem -
    18. 18.  Self
    19. 19.  actualisation -
    20. 20.  Self
    21. 21.  transcendence A human’s WordPress hooksManfred Max-Neef extra credit :
    22. 22. Examples :Flickr welcome messagesGoogle logosMailChimp chimp anticsTwitter fail whaleEaster eggsError pages - “to err is human” - Alexander Pope
    23. 23. Awoga too much emotion#!? o_OToo much emotion makes :( Don’t alienate Know your users, know their responses You can’t please all of the people all the time
    24. 24. Getting practical... not just for new sitesAction Existing Site New SiteCustom error pages YES YESCreate moments of joy and give visual hugs YES YESBan boring forms YES YESSay NO to corporate gibberish and jargon YES YESReduce the crud - less is more with sites - create paths YES YESStand out from the crowd - know your market YES YESTalk to your users not down to your users YES YES
    25. 25. WordPress is for humans!Action WordPressCustom error pages Codex pageCustom headers and backgrounds Built into most themes - easy to addForm plugins by the bucket load Gravity forms... list goes onUse language files to easily customise a theme Built into most themes - easy to addYou control content It’s up to you what WordPress outputsAdmin panel control Hacks, plugins... tunnel your usersUnique look Roll your own or personalised theme
    26. 26. Create emotional responses
    27. 27. Thank you :) Tammie Lister Twitter : @karmatosed