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Little Star


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Little Star

  1. 1. Little Star Today it was the first day of Lilly at the centre, after a week’s vacation. She was looking upset after her mom left with her newborn baby sister. She sat on a sofa for a few minutes, staring at the door, then at the table, at the child playing blocks. She was not there looking sad and grimed. ‘What happened Lilly, are you Ok?’ Asked the educator. She looked at her with gloomy eyes. The educator got the reason behind her depression (She was missing her mom) and whispered something in her ear.
  2. 2. She nodded and got down of the sofa, started wondering in the room aimlessly. Beside the light board, near the water table, Strolling around the center table touching chairs with her fingers and finally she sat down near a shelf picked a toy vehicle and the dolls. Started setting the dolls on the vehicle, moved the vehicle forwards and backwards, this continued for three minutes.
  3. 3. She then stood up leaving the toys on floor and moved to the other shelf, a telephone receiver was hanging there. She picked up the receiver, placed on her ear and kept quiet, I saw tears in her eyes. I approached near her and asked if she was calling to her mom. She didn’t replied, hanged up the receiver carefully and hide her face down in her arms. ‘Don’t worry Lilly, she will be coming back soon to pick you.’ I assured her.
  4. 4. She didn’t respond. I left her there and moved to the dramatic play area and sat a side on the small sofa there. An other child came to me and started touching his toy insects on my arms, then I saw Lilly passing by looking at me and moving towards the book shelf. After a second She came back to me holding a book in her hand. ‘Can you read this book to me?’ she asked.
  5. 5. ‘Oh sure, come here with me, I squished a side. She sat beside me and opened the book, there were pictures introducing different surfaces. ‘Look how spiky this is!’ she spoke in a low tone, while moving her finger on the surface, ‘Oh yes it is!’ I replied and felt the surface with finger. She turned over the next page, it was a smooth surface. She was feeling the texture of the surface by touching it, ‘look at this mouse’ she smiled. ‘It looks naughty’ I replied looking in her eyes, there was a spark now.
  6. 6. Suddenly she closed the book and ran towards the book shelf and came back with more books in her hands. She was looking happy now. She sat beside me again, opened another book of poems. There was a poem, I asked her if she could read this poem? She started singing, ‘Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are?’ I felt like bells were ringing around me, like I was having a warm sunlight after a cold, dark raining storm. She was singing and I was looking at that little star, who learned how to overcome grief and sorrow? How to regulate her behavior in a positive, constructive way. It was a great Aha! moment. I was surprised and impressed by this little girl, who gave me a message of acceptance, tolerance and endurance.
  7. 7. Evaluation  Child demonstrated a great capacity of self-regulation, as she overcame her feelings of sadness and grief. She got herself busy in play and reading and converted her stress in constructive activities.  The child expressed her social and communication skills, through initiating conversation with me and let me engaged with her.  The child exhibits her language and musical skills as she sang the poem, ’Twinkle twinkle little star’ with a perfect rhythm.