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Social media for Researchers and Research Managers presentation given to ARMS WA members February 2015

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  1. 1. W M W M Na nvm- . ‘Ww-“mm Social media and Online toms o m£ My Swm mwm Vgnug u§€'d hy researchers mm: W .1>¢'r4- E Tamika Heiden S ‘ Pnhcnes Ccnncumn AWN K access m mln Sm‘ . &«, . V‘El Qum hmease<1cxlauns Pmmmm ‘ SOCIAL MED ' ' * FUNDAMENYAIA '5 Nor A FAD L SHWT ' ” 5 A coMMu~: c'»: ‘yQ“E way we
  2. 2. 5ociaI / VIEoIia wron3I~anaIs1.wordpress. corn Olrohn / Hkinsan, Wrong Hands SOCIAL MEDIA IS NOTA FAD, IT'S A FUNDAMENTAL SHIFT IN THE WAY WE COMMUNICATE.
  3. 3. DISCLAIMER: Your use of social media will depend on your organisations policies and procedures. I do not receive any funds or benefits from the platforms that I present to you.
  4. 4. Definition: ‘‘social media refers to interaction among people in which they create, share, and/ or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks" (Wikipedia, December 3, 2013). Social media content includes text, pictures and videos(Mansfie| d, 2012). Social media platforms include microblogs, social networking sites, wikis, video or photo sharing sites, recommendation sites (yelp) and location sharing services (Foursquare). (Humphreys, 2013) THE CONVERSATION PRISM
  5. 5. THE CONVERSATION PRISM Brought to you by Brian Solis & JESS3 i. .,. ,x. :. 0)‘ asvwanaxmvu 3351*‘ F I V mm 5‘ 5 u o . ... .., . mm. . ,,, v . i.. .. mm‘ “‘ wikio , ,.. i . . . . . ' “NM . ..». ;-. I G For more Information check out conversationprismcom
  6. 6. a. Why social media and online tools - Sharing - Speed of information - Recognition/ exposure/ Increased citations - Access to others research - Engagement with other audiences - Self promotion/ branding - Promotion of work - Promotion of your institution - Availability of tools and platforms to make processes easier and more collaborative
  7. 7. Social media being used by researchers Blogging Open Platforms
  8. 8. - Engage an audience and develop ideas - "Conversational scholarship" - Different style of writing and different audience Blogger . , r ":1: ; I I: lIivI= I aliln. I| ;t' Guy Kawasaki Wordpress
  9. 9. Social media being used by researchers Blogging Open Platforms
  10. 10. I . .. _ , I _F"_3,_I'e_: :II. I‘. II, AL. 1=l_I: Il II»: I r= II_I: I : I.I*fII: I I z: :I I‘ , I l'_I I. -Ia ‘}*I: _I’I*L, VIII I‘: , I IuIIII= I Ifl L, I liIl= l‘: nu I': . VII. -Ir: I.1:I’lIL_ , I:: :.I": _ II III IvIvI‘I Q Ii'I: Ir: nu I‘2. . I"II= II= I'I~ : : I: I‘| vIv1 I‘: fl"L; _ Thank people for following and sharing your tweets. Use hashtags! mt I: IiIv i I , I=Ir: I I m -'= :=. I:« H: I I = .I ?2.l‘I= I.1lI‘l , T| p' Use photos and video to get attention. I I: II I I . II: I ma Ii’I: I’: . II : I:I: I~ : ‘II I_, I T ~ ~»— ,5_ . ° ' . ; “WW” ""1"'T“’(’“‘lmI Ensure you have a professional photo, and "M change the default background. 52”“ ‘ A’ T L‘. (Nature Survey — Richard Van Noorden)
  11. 11. Natasha Mncrioii I I ll IT II 'AuS| IaIIarI Dem‘ rairriers urge consiiriiers ‘.0 our riurnegionrr [IIDIJLKI arter neanri scare ' ASLIRIIISI abc net an neV§ 2t . A I, I - Thl NRC ’I "F ' what 5 the airrerence oeivvxeeri new punric 5 researchers value resezirrriv A SuIVe min land In D| H innox soon more MIC ro‘IKzAXIY IA 1 Nlieviollo Gailalror - l' i I» I Love tire personal lMl0duI‘. D(IlI oreveiv guest .31rlresearttrlnmfillvrsexlls I ; oriverSr. I Dinner Novi mars nenuirking In IIIEIDGIIYTIQ Ealomaicino -, rI I I l I Foiinv. _. iEBIOI. ledI(Ine II neti OA]ourrial poinerea ti; The Lantetanu ceii covering transiazionai am] ciimcai researcn Eaiomaicirio I I II, I -.1 Follow Peter Blllll v I I T _ _ AEIC‘s irn >BI‘IIa| II' iaei nes “ . ~.. ... ... .i II. .i. ... .i F ~ F I, m ‘ 9“ ' . |ed lIKrsQIn'h('IlIlnl'iI 533 3-13‘ “ 7" I . . Ros-arch in Action . .. . I II’ NHMRC Q T"“°°I5 T"'““ 5 “W” P"‘"°‘ 5 V'°°°‘ Wm’ ‘° I°"°" “""" ““ "' '-low to make development communlcamns more erreztive av. Iv‘IZri>38 via , ,,. , EGIIHIGIBHIEDF‘ _ , Scinoc: ciirmi O ‘y ,1 MW new mm :7 NNIIRC N-1ln'IH{»'lIIIa lI. ¢Pl'lR a II ' I - W12‘; ,, ,,, ",, ,,_'; ‘m; ;‘, ,,'; ’;, ”,, ',‘, ,,, Health and medical researchers for the aridlrtétlitallesenlcn evIvleIIce—bAS«d future _ What does Austraha need? Te” us 6-IIN-mimmrwnizson Jonathan Cuhum . . neami Blllflelines and neaiin e . _ _, 4 ; .,tI. ,.. A note new er. ononi_ I SCOIIaIlfl‘S vision Ior Social enterprise ow N IZLIX ssocen: what you think. ceo@nhmrc. gov. au 9 cariberra Australia ,9 rinmicgovan ow. ly/ IMSJY “‘“"" "‘°““ Thl Australian Ii ' 4 VI I G) ram Aprtl ZOIO "- ’°"°" WYIII‘ PSG SIVIIEI | DF? Ihll'ID1lf. wanted the WOVIU I0 586 N5 nth‘ M11005 arr: tzttrurs rmmm. VDIIQI Io NNMHC on Ni IVFLINKS
  12. 12. 4 MRC éettgwcoaassqarauian i NCRF Excel| ence‘in Nursing. -'NCREN . ~ L7N| Vi_i‘: i‘V """ " University Tlmcllno About Photos Likes / ideos PEOPLE 55 N. F‘§ invite your friends to lite this Page Ltttli NHMRC CH1"! '0! RQSQBFOH EXCQIIQHCQ ifl Nursing - ABOUY ‘ M" NCREN r r ‘A NHMRC Centre for Research Excellence in Nursing _ _ _ _ _ [men/ emlons '0, Hospuahsed pauems WCRENHS Congratulations IO A/ Pro! Bflgld GIHESDIE and her team (PYOY Wendy Au5(ra| |a'5 ms; centre omeseamn E; ce| |en[e . n Chaboyer. Prof Joan Webster. Prof David Etwood. A/ Prof Jenny Whitty. Dr Helen Stapleton. A/ Prof Lukman Thalib, Prof Nicky Cullum and others) for their successful NHMRC project grant’ The DRESSING Trial 52.285851 htto i/ www gnffith edu auineaim/ centieresearcn-enc for 2015 - 2019 READ MORE Lite Comment Share fiilii Suggest Edits PHOTOS warmest congratulations to Prof Wendy Chaboyer on receiving the vice Chancellors Research Leadership award I Lite Comment Share Au: ,ix. tlmn sing R: -munch
  13. 13. Farnala Dinctors - Apply to the Worldwide Who's who network for successful women. Australasian Research Management Society 6 Discussions Promotions Members Search Aétsmervibers Member , O )9 ~i. m-, “ill . ii. ~.i. ;-, .ii Popular Recent Are You Missing in Action? 5 Things to do Today to Enhance Your Uni Profile Page Susie Walsh Managing Consultant, The ACE Consultancy — Grant Writerl Thesis Editor I Research Publications Coach I NTRO Specialist https i‘/ theprofessionalacademic wordpness comi’2Ot5/02/15/are—you—rnissing4n«action-sthings» to-do-to-enhanc e-y our-uni-profile-page/ Are You Missing in Action’? 5 Things to do to Enhance Your Uni Profile Page theprofessionalacademic wordpress com Have you looked at your profile page on your Faculty site lately’? Is it up to date’? Can you find yourself when you do a search. or are you missing in action? Your profile page serves many purposes l, il-. r~ - L: .iiiri: >:—r‘t - : *Ollr, .‘. ‘ - , .1.i. ‘» . i_; r. Becoming more strategic Lewis Atkinson Helping Non Profit Leaders Develop Better Services and Lower Costs By Thinking. Planning and Acting More Strategically Moving from proving to improving The transition from operational to strategic management linkedin com We at the Haines Centre for Strategic Management LLC often hear our ‘ clients say that ‘they need to be more strategic’ This expression rolls of the tongue much more readily than it is for managers to actually change to become more strategic To Lil-.9 ' : fillVF'‘~Z—’‘l ' F. - 3;? Members of this Group UHII LIZ Barbour Research DeveIopmentAdviser at The University at Western Australia Unlollciw Ll: See all members ' Your group contribution level Start by commeming in a discussion Group participants get 4x the number of profile views Getting Started Ada You May Be hterested in Are You A Fellow? Join An Elite Netwoilr Of Professionals Apply Now To Bnstol Who's Whol . Successful Women Network Apply to the Worldwide Who‘s Who network for Successful Women Are You A Director? Apply for Free to Worldwide Who's Who and get Recognized
  14. 14. Social media being used by researchers Blogging Open Platforms
  15. 15. To be found, share work and find others work Tip: Change settings for email alerts. they like to send lots of emails! Same as for ResearchGate Free online referencing and social network for academics. Share your work, create groups, find references.
  16. 16. Tamika Heiden PhD in Biomectianics OVERVIEW CONTRIBUTIONS INFO Show your career‘s best Use your profile overview page to present yourself and your research, Customizing your profile is the best way to show your peers what you've been irorklng on. create exposure for _'oi. rr current projects. and start buikling your network 1 1 1 k 276 1 33 1 1 .76 PUBLICATDNS Views Downloads Citations Impact Points i’: ‘i'A that A Add your publications we found 1 publication in our database that matches your name: ' Article: Noninvasive ESKTIIIZCTOI1 Of IUMOUF viability in 3 XEHOQTIH HIOUGI 01 human HGUFODIBSKOMZ with DIOKOI1 magnetic resonance sp. .. M Lindslog P Kogner F Ponthan P Scnweinhardt B Sandstedt, T I Heiden, G Helms. C Spenger @ iiavbwei FEATURED PUBLICATION 5 Conierence Paper: communication versus knowledge translation: what's the difference? Tamika Heiden Add your publications . il11_93 RG SCORE N University otwestern Australia School olPopuIatron Health . —:~. —»» . . ; i >1 . -, mar A, ABOUT Interested in Knowledge Translation and future goal to specialise in research management i1'th a particular focus on the exchange of research findings for use in health and for policy development. SKI. LS AND EXPERTISE ‘I a Science Communication H Gait a Knee Ostcoarthrts u Motor Learning and Motor Cortrol TOP COAUTHOR S I DavidGLloyd iil: 'T~’ : 'i 7 : ii"" , ' . ‘t‘l§'i Elizabeth Milne iii”: .' iii. John Timothy lnolis iii '1 rii. »
  17. 17. academia. edu ct tamika heiden Uriiversizy of western ausrraiia, Sports SCl8i‘CE, Adiurcc eat Research Sports Science. Teacher Education. Social Media, Social interests: Networking. Criticai Dedagogy, Knowledge Translation. and 2 3‘ é’ ’ more Edi: PAPERS -I- Add Paper E Reorder 6 Fouowing Papers -- Participation in population-based case-control studies: does ‘9 3 I Add Section the observed decline vary by socio-economic status? Recent Activity Add Post Add cv Adaptations to normal human gait on Potentially sliPPerY ‘’ 3 "mm added 5 saw 7 F’ W surfaces: The effects of awareness and prior slip experience i- . ... .;k. . bookmarked 5 me. Edi: ‘ 1i: :iv tamika started 'i: i lo-. ‘.‘ '2 the Knee Extension and Flexion Weakness in People With Knee <9 3 : i‘fpe: a e. , r -, r " " Edv Osteoarthritis: is Antagonist Cocontraction a Factor? « ~ View 'n: i-e 5. The effect of subject awareness and prior slip experience on <91 3 I . d_ _ L ) tribometer-based predictions of slip probability i » ; ::'. :'f, .:: _'§i", ,'gE "mg an O: -, ':u need Z’aflSifl[lC"l 3' edit wg SeiVlC65- for an UDCCFIWHE lecture. :”e $1.: -no 55 on of an a'ti: Ie (C the Participation in paediatric cancer studies: the role of timing <9 3 and approach to recruitment ~
  18. 18. ,9, MENDELEY welcome back Tarrlka Holden l. =! .1 rlvihcolleagueslsinpon Dashboard My Library Papers Groups People P399” ' Seam‘ Q i EditPloile ‘ vlowvrouu update: Following Followers Doctor of Phllosophy Tamlka Heiden , F0m_ng WNW Penti, Australia Public Groups Research field: Ibdcbe - Epidemiology Biornecrianics, knee osteoarttintis. Aboriginal Health, Research translation, Knowledge brokering Publications V Joumal Article (6) Marie Mazoum, Helen D Bailey, Tamika Heiden etal. (2012)Pal1lcipatlon in population-based case- control studies: does the observed decline vary by socio-economic smus? . 276-9. In Paediatric and pennaial epidemiology 26 (3). rltu:1Nrww. ncbi. ilIm. nin. govIpubriledf22.. . Tamika L Heiden, David G Lloyd, Timothy R Aclrland (2009) Knee exbnslon and llexion weakness in people with knee osteoarthritis: is antagonist cocontracllon a factor’), 807~815. In The Joumal or orthopaedic and sports physical therapy 39 (11). mrpjMww. ncbi. n|m. nili. govIpubnlodI19.. . Tamika L Heiden, David G Lloyd, Timothy R Ackland (2009) Knee joint kinematics, kinetics and muscle co-contraction in knee osteoarthritis patient gait. 833-841. In Clinical Biorriecnanics 24 (10). h1lo; INIww. ncbiirl| m.nih. govIpubrnedl19.. . Tamika L Heiden, David J Sanderson, J Timothy Inglis et al. (2006) Adaptations to nomial human gait on powntially slippery surfaces: the eflects of awareness and prior slip axpenence. . 237-46. In Gail & posture 24 (2). htlp: IIwvrw. ncbi. nIm. niri. govIpubrnedI16.. . Gunter P siegmund, Tamika L Heiden, David J Sanderson etal. (2006) The ellect orsubjeclawareness and prior slip experience on trlboirleler—based predictions ofsllp probabil‘liy. , 11o~9. In Gait 6. posture 24 (1 )r l'itlp: INrww. ncbirllm. niri. govIpubmedI16.. . Tamika Heiden. Angus Burnett (2003) The efbct of cycling on muscle activation in the ninning leg or an Olympic distance tl'latliIon. , 35-49. in Sports Diomechanics / international Society afBromechani‘cs in Sports 2 (1 ). lltlp: lMww. nr; bi. nIm. niri. gov/ pubrned/14.. . Public groups Talrllltl is I member at Nola member of any groups yet Find new public groups. Public groups Turiilu is follainrilg knowledge brokering Show All Cities Perth, Australia Main City
  19. 19. Social media management tools Help! This sounds like a lot of work and time. - Developing a social media plan/ template - Automation applications for posting - Social media monitoring dashboards 4. net Duhboard Emyming Stats on your social media success - Measure your success - How many followers, connections, link clicks etc Altmetrics E‘. ‘.: V
  20. 20. 9 6 RG5 CC‘.2%‘“~§ $3 I "I‘! ‘V1Nr-, P‘ ”00t'l’, ?_9>v~_49 van; -fw¢§, ~. ywo<¢-u o-, w_sJ_ is , ,v way. ..‘~, .{§‘-_h-¢f, ;f. ;'(‘! ..§', ',, §<_{"; I .4,-yfiun-vvhag Exposure Fear Collaborations T'm_e_ Connections P°"C'e5 Quick access to info AC9955 Skills Increased citations _ Personal/ professional 7p<v}o. iy-q(«, r,p) 039- '‘9'1-'. ! $. I')‘v~ . i o. V. ~J- .
  21. 21. Other online tools for research Posters and presentations Flcxnprlrne Open access repository for posters and FKxI)PoSte rs presentations Slideshare Open access arXiv. org Collaborative platforms Basecamp - Idea development Google docs - Writing papers and grants skype - Creating groups, communities, networks Wiki-S
  22. 22. Crowdfunding and crowdsourcing Crowd Research 3"
  23. 23. Crowdfunding and crowdsourcing Crowd Research 3"
  24. 24. V Need more information or help? Knowledge Translation l‘AlLJ. l‘STl5.‘I. ‘&lLl, ~“—»‘ wvvw. ktaustra| ia. com "V-C °? .Ihe Connected Academic ‘® l3eseen. l3eI-Ieard. l9eI<nown.