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    Once the students started classes and e-mails were being sent, they either didn’t have time to read them or didn’t recognize who they were from.
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    Methodical approach:
    Decided ALL the information they needed and then broke it up into smaller part, prioritizing the information they needed 1st, etc.
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    Helps with identification of “legitimate” e-mail vs. phishing

    Key theme
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    Make surveys short and have a “prize” – announce this information in the subject, “Take 5 question IT survey for chance to win iPod”

    Next year, we’ll do the survey sooner and hope to get a higher response.
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    Personal experiences of students
    Summer reading book to flash drive
    University calendar
    List veteran services
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  • Everything old is new again

    1. 1. Everything Old is New Again Tara Thompson Tami Violette University of North Carolina Wilmington
    2. 2. The Problem o Students didn’t know about our services until they needed them, or worse, AFTER they needed them. o Seniors were overheard saying, “I never knew you were here,” once they did find us. o E-mails weren’t working.
    3. 3. What was our goal? o To reach new, incoming students. o To give them a basic understanding of the technology services available to them BEFORE they needed them. o To prepare them for our campus technologies and how to get help at the TAC. o To provide information but not overwhelm.
    4. 4. What did we do? o Formed a committee to discuss the critical technology information new students need. o Gathered suggestions from student advisory group. o Broke up info into “bite-sized” chunks. o Came up with a thematic approach of “key information”.
    5. 5. What did we do? o Sent information to students over the summer via a methodical approach. o Delivered in multiple ways: o Postcards and other mailings o E-mail o Pre-loaded Flash Drive
    6. 6. EXAMPLES of Communications
    7. 7. EXAMPLES of Communications
    8. 8. EXAMPLES of Communications
    9. 9. EXAMPLES of Communications
    10. 10. EXAMPLES of Communications o Branded, pre-loaded flash drive:  Distributed at orientations  Contains information from areas across campus  Loaded data on UNCW Web site in case key was lost.  http://uncw.edu/welcomestudents
    11. 11. EXAMPLES of Communications E-mails with a consistent template and “sender.”
    12. 12. Survey Results o Sent a survey out to about 3,370 students in October and received responses from 536. o “Which of these methods did you find helpful?” o 63% - Postcard about their e-mail o 56% - Key Computing Information flyer o 53% - Flyer for Parents o 11% - Didn’t remember
    13. 13. Survey Results o On average, new UNCW students prefer to receive their technology information: o E-mail o Postal mailings, flash drives, Web pages, Facebook and Text Messages o Twitter “Emails work the best. It’s the only thing that I check daily and look for school information. Facebook is for socializing not for finding help. At least for me.”
    14. 14. Flash Drive Survey Feedback o Students gave some great feedback for improvements including: o More emphasis on the flash drive o Distribute it earlier o Suggestions on information to add to drive o Separate items into what you need to know BEFORE coming to the campus and what you may want to keep AFTER you’re a student. o Bigger drives
    15. 15. Flash Drive Comments “The flash drive was very helpful in getting ready for campus computing.” “i really like the flash drive not only for the information already stored on it but it also gave me a place to store my typed notes in case my computer crashes as well as papers.” “I loved getting a flashdrive =)”
    16. 16. Observations and Comments… o Faculty Observations o Student Feedback/Comments: o “I think things are set up very well already. The most important thing, in my opinion, is informing all the freshman of all technology at UNCW, because they really have no idea coming into college.” o “I wouldn’t have known what to bring to campus without the flyer. It was really helpful.”
    17. 17. Next Steps o Continue to reach out to students in various ways but don’t forget those tried and true methods of old! o Currently implementing similar communications for faculty and staff. o Similar layered strategy for upper- classmen?
    18. 18. Questions? Tara Thompson – thompsont@uncw.edu Tami Violette – violettet@uncw.edu University of North Carolina Wilmington
    19. 19. Please Provide Your Feedback! Tara Thompson Tami Violette University of North Carolina Wilmington
    20. 20. Please Provide Your Feedback! http://unccause.org/eval chance to win 8GB iPod nano!