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Tamauzy Training & Consulting Company


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Tamauzy Training & Consulting Company provides full Integrated Development Services with Multi-National Standards through applying Real-Life Business Environment & Best Practices.

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Tamauzy Training & Consulting Company

  1. 1. “Your Excellence is Our Attainable Goal”
  2. 2. Our Philosophy “We are group of Training and developmentexperts who are ambitious to change the styles and ultimate goals of Training Industries to add more value to the Business Community through partnership success approach.”
  3. 3. Our Mission“We provide Full Integrated DevelopmentServices with Multi-National Standards through applying Real-Life Business Environment & Best Practices.”
  4. 4. TAMAUZY…. Who We Are• Take Ownership and Responsibility in all assigned tasks by fully understanding our client business strategy by tailoring and developing new insights about the business needs in an excellent, responsive, and innovative service.• Able to work in Deep Partnership with our clients, putting their success as our own.• Move towards Excellence by striving hard to develop our business practices aligned together with our customers need to reach the optimum relation cohesion.• Act as an Integrated Team working together in an atmosphere of mutual respect and possesses consistency between our thoughts, words, and actions.• Utilize the highest standards of ethics, integrity, and quality in conducting business honorably to build long term relationships with our clients.• Zest in searching always for business best practices to fit and exceed our customer expectations• Your Organization Success is Our Attainable Goal.
  5. 5. Tamauzy Expertise Know-How for implementing best practices of Organizational Training & Development Consultationapproach from diagnosing business up to offer and implementing solutions Varieties of Expertise in different business fields
  6. 6. Some of Our Customers
  7. 7. Our ServicesCustomized-strategically linked trainingprogramsOrganizational Consultation & SolutionsHR Services
  8. 8. ACTAF Model Analyze all organizational aspects using Business-Related Assessment Instruments and Tools Follow up Customize after Service Delivery Organizational Practices andusing best development Training & Development tools Solutions Assess after Training & Development Train delivery on Business Solutions
  9. 9. Our Values Model Excellence
  10. 10. Organizational Consultation & Solutions 1.0 Organizational Strategy Enterprise Align Resources Strategy Mgt. Assistance in Strategic Plan Model for Strategy Approach BSC 2.0 Organizational Design Organization Ethics & Job Analysis & Salary Values System Job Evaluation Structure JDs Structure 3.0 Human Resources System Design Recruitment & Performance HR Policy & Building HR Competency Compensation & Selection Management HRMS Assessment Procedures Functions Framework Benefits System 4.0 Training & Development Training Coaching & Assessment PDP Management Mentoring Center
  11. 11. Training Programs
  12. 12. Tamauzy’s Training Objectives We can help your employees to….  Make the transition from being “employees/managers" into "leaders“.  Improve bottom line performance measuresTarget performance like sales, service and satisfaction.  Plan out and manage time and workloads more effectively  Delegate work in an empowering way.  Improve communication and soft skills - working with others to achieve results.  Handle conflict in an appropriate manner.Current performance  Increase First Contact Resolution  Improve capabilities
  13. 13. Training ProgramsACTAF Model Development ProgramYoung Leader ProgramBusiness-led Competency-Based Management, Sales& Marketing and specialized training programsInternational Standards-Based TrainingExecutives Leadership ProgramsCoaching and Mentoring & Personal profiling
  14. 14. Young Leader ProgramCompetency Pre-Assessment targeting fresh graduates or newly joined managers.Competency-Based Training Program for boosting the fundamental managerial skills in 3 modules.Improvement Validation at the end of each module to provide brief feedback for further development.
  15. 15. Management & HR Training Programs Business Etiquettes  Performance Management Change Management System Category Management  Professional Writing Skills Coaching and Mentoring  Project Management Competency Based HRM Professionals (PMP) Compensation and Benefits  Setting SMART Objectives Continuous Improvement Techniques  Supply Chain Management Creative Problem Solving &  Strategic HR Management Role Decision Making  Supervisory Skills Effective Communication Skills  Time Management Effective Meeting Skills  Team Building Job Design & Analysis  Talent Management Logistics Management  Total Quality Management Motivation & Empowerment Techniques  Train the Trainer Organizational Development  Training Needs Assessment
  16. 16. Marketing & Sales Training Programs Advanced Sales Negotiation Skills Customer Relation Management Conducting Successful Meetings Effective Promotion and Advertisement Strategies Effective Sales Presentation Fundamentals of Sales management Key Accounts Management Regional Sales Management Retail Management Sales Force Management Strategic Sales Planning Strategic Marketing Plan Telesales – Achieving Sales Over the Telephone
  17. 17. Customer Service Training Programs Customer Service Professionals Implementing and managing Customer Complaints System Winning Customer’s Loyalty Best Practices in Call Center Customer Service Communication Skills Training
  18. 18. Food Safety Training Programs Basic Food Hygiene Intermediate Food Safety Food Safety and Understanding HACCP
  19. 19. Occupational Health &Safety Training Programs Safety Management System Basic Fire Fighting Risk Assessment Manual Handling Office Safety Safety Induction Safety Audit Improving Safety Culture Evacuation Plan
  20. 20. 9/26/2011 Overview Presentation 20
  21. 21. AddressTamauzy Training & Consulting Company Salama Center, Building B4, first floor Prince Sultan Street Tel: + 966 2 6165493 / 6165494 Fax: + 966 2 6166047 Website: E-mail: P.O. Box 126073 Jeddah 21352 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia