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Green Fox - Last Epam Demo

Green Fox Academy Junior Web Developer, 2015 Fall semester final presentation.

Made by the Epam team:
Bauer Judit
Csado Gyorgy
Frank Edina
Korossy Daniella
Molnar Akos
Pozsonyi Norbert
Vrabely Andrea

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Green Fox - Last Epam Demo

  1. 1. Epam Bauer Judit Csadó György Frank Edina Kőrössy Daniella Molnár Ákos Pozsonyi Norbert Vrabély Andrea
  2. 2. Daniella
  3. 3.
  4. 4. Interviewer helper APP •E2E •Backend: oNode.js oPostgreSQL •Frontend: oAngularJS oSASS
  5. 5. Developer Environment •GULP •Jasmine •Karma •Browserify •Linters: oJSCS oJShint
  6. 6. Production Environment •Codeship •Heroku •Postgres on heroku
  7. 7. AngularJS •Dependency injection •Factory •Controller •$scope •Etc.
  8. 8. Edus
  9. 9. Andi
  10. 10. Ákos
  11. 11. Gyuri
  12. 12. Norbi
  13. 13. EXPRESS USER CTRL USER MODEL PSQL Authentication DB connection Sql query Response
  14. 14. EXPRESS AUTH CTRL AUTH SERVICE USER CTRL USER MODEL PSQL BCRYPT Get user with email, password Login Register getAll Update Passport.js Serialize Deserialize loginUser getLoggedInUser sessionLogout Sql query Response auth