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Our proposal


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Our proposal

  1. 1.  Drake: Take care Ashanti : Foolish Beyonce: Sweet Dreams Justin Timberlake: I’m Lovin ItWe rejected these ideas because they got to much of a storyline to them and also the fact that the songs are too predictable (we do not want this effect).
  2. 2.  Our initial idea was to have two songs combined. But instead we got a lot of feedback from people and decided the songs are to different and would be hard to combine them together. 2 songs: Keri Hilson and Beyonce- Get me bodied. Keri for 1min40s and Beyonce for 2min (less when edited) Plot: 4 girls getting ready to go to a party
  3. 3.  Song: Beyonce - Get me Bodied 7tIcChY&ob=av2e Phone rings – quick conversation about meeting place. Different scenes in different locations such as bedroom (girls sleepover), dancing on a street and main 4 girls at the party dancing. This music video will be similar to the video of R Kelly – Happy People. aurug0I&ob=av2e
  4. 4.  Aziza Jheneal Kerry Kiah Olympia Tamara