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Digipack analysis


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Digipack analysis

  1. 1. 01143000A Digipak is a type of CD packaging made out of card stock or other heavy paper/cardboard material. Digipaks can flip open like a book, or it can have three parts, so that one portion of the packaging opens to the right and one to the left, with the CD in the center portion.<br />This Digipak which is one of my favorites is a Rihanna album. The digipak includes colours like bright red, which is the main colour that occupies most of the background. Rihanna’s lips and hair are also bright red. This could be there to suggest the way she is feeling. It can also symbolize her power or symbolize romance, as there are roses in the background. Roses are stereotypically stereotyped as a romantic rose. Front cover and covers within the digipak are of Rihanna’s face. Rihanna is wearing creamy coloured dress with roses all around her. Rihanna has bright red hair and lipstick that again symbolizes her power or also her anger also questioning her sexuality.<br />White writing, name is small font, title of album in large font. The style of writing is very simple and unnoticeable, this suggests this was done so she could stand out more on the album to symbolize her power and strength once again and the way she is feeling.<br />The target audience of this digipak is young females, mostly because it grabs the attention of females, this is because of the roses and dress in the background. It is something that females would like to see as it symbolizes romance and love. It would also target other audiences as the bright red attracts all audiences mainly because it is a very eye catchy colour that stands out. Images include a close up of Rihanna’s face. <br />-885825-514350This digipak is of Beyonce’s B’day album. It includes on the far left side a long shot photo of Beyonce and description of the album, followed by two CD’s on the right side. The layout of the digipak is simple and sophisticated. Colours on this digipak include black and gold. The colours black and gold look very good together suggesting Beyonce’s classiness, also making the digipak look very girly. This also suggests that the genre is R&B/Pop. The font of description is very small and classy. The way the font doesn’t stand out very much suggests they want the audience to focus on the pictures and CDs. The target of this audience seems to be targeting all types of audiences including males, young viewers and especially females though as it shows the classy and girly pictures and the colour gold which also catches females attention. <br />-838200139700This digipak is of Michael Jackson’s greatest hits. I particularly like this album cover as it is very simple and straight forward. Unlike the two album covers above it does not appeal to just some audiences it targets everyone as there is no aspect of the album cover that would seem to be targeting one market. The layout of the album cover is very simple; on the far left are a description and picture of Michael’s feet in the background and mini pictures at the bottom. Towards the right side of the album it is just two CDs. Colour on this album is black and red, black background and red writing, the red writing suggests that they wanted it to stand out to the audience more also as red is a very eye catching colour. The font of the writing is very small. The colour of the CD, which is black, suggests it is simple sophisticated and classical also referring black to when Michael Jackson was in the Jackson 5 when they had black records.<br />