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Company Secretary


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B.Com Sem 2

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Company Secretary

  1. 1. Unit 1- Company Law Company Secretary By Radhika Gohel
  2. 2. Introduction • • • • • “Secretary” Confidential Correspondence Chief Administrative Officer Responsible person Appointment
  3. 3. Key Skills Communication Qualifications & Knowledge Practical Experience Key Skills Compliance
  4. 4. KEY QUALITIES Trusted Conservative Clear thinker Organisation
  5. 5. Duties of the Company Secretary 1. Maintaining the company’s statutory registers – register of members (and index of members’ names if more than 50) – register of directors and secretaries – register of directors’ residential addresses – register of charges – records of director and shareholder meetings and resolutions – register of interests in shares (public companies only) 2. Dealing with the administration of share transfers
  6. 6. Duties of the Company Secretary 3. Co-ordinating inspection of the company’s statutory registers 4. Assistance in relation to board and shareholder meetings and related paperwork 5. Filing of information at Companies House – details of directors and secretaries – alterations to the articles of association – the annual accounts – the annual return – details of share issues
  7. 7. Duties of the Company Secretary – special and certain ordinary resolutions passed by the members – registration of charges 6 . Custody and use of the company seal Other obligations:  Fiduciary duties  Employment obligations
  8. 8. • Appointment & Removal Of A Company Secretary