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Talwalkars Better Value Fitness Limited., more popularly known as Talwalkars, is India's largest chain of gyms, health clubs & spas. It has more than 100 ultra-modern branches across 50 cities of India with over 1,00,000 members.

A healthy body is the perfect complement to a brilliant mind. Building a strong masculine physique or a graceful feminine figure, Talwalkars has been spreading fitness since 1932 across India. A team of qualified fitness instructors, medical specialists, and the latest international equipment synergise to give you the best fitness experience in the country.

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Talwalkars - Stay Fit!

  1. 1. Talwalkars Better Value Fitness Ltd801 - 813, Mahalaxmi Chambers, 22 Bhulabhai Desai Road, Mumbai - 400026.Tel: 022 - 66126300 Fax: 022 - 66126363Website: www.talwalkars.net SMS FIT to 575758 for detailsLike us on www.facebook.com/TalwalkarsIndia Follow us on www.twitter.com/myTalwalkars Stay Fit!Temperatures outside are soaring. One look at last year’s strappy tops and linenshorts means now is the time many of us start to think about shaping up. Long hoursof daylight, warm temperatures and the opportunity to finally get back outside canhelp you go soak up in some much-needed Vitamin D.As we enjoy the season of trips, and the great outdoors, let’s look at some ways totone up and get our bodies looking and feeling better. Talwalkars health juice corner @ Sadashiv nagar, BangaloreI am sure none of the summer health care tip can begin without this one – STAYHYDRATED. It is very easy to get dehydrated during the summer heat without youeven realizing especially sitting in an air-conditioned environment.Water is a key and often the most ignored component of nutrition in keeping thebody cool. With high humidity levels, sweat will not evaporate quickly. This preventsthe body from releasing heat in an efficient manner. Hence it is necessary to hydrateand drink water, even when you are not thirsty. Increase water intake regardless ofyour activity levels.Avoid caffeinated or carbonated and alcoholic beverages, and those high in sugar. Inaddition to maintaining an adequate hydration status you also need to cut back oncaffeine in the form of colas and cold coffees, as it can dehydrate the body, which willnegate the positive effects of all of that water that you’re drinking Colas contain
  2. 2. Talwalkars Better Value Fitness Ltd801 - 813, Mahalaxmi Chambers, 22 Bhulabhai Desai Road, Mumbai - 400026.Tel: 022 - 66126300 Fax: 022 - 66126363Website: www.talwalkars.net SMS FIT to 575758 for detailsLike us on www.facebook.com/TalwalkarsIndia Follow us on www.twitter.com/myTalwalkarspreservatives, colors and sugars. They are acidic in nature and act as diuretics. Theycause loss of fluids through urine.If summers tend to drain out your energy, your diet is the main culprit. Summernutrition should consist of plenty of slow energy releasing carbohydrates like wholemeal cereals, pastas oats etc., citrus fruits and veggies. Berries, melons, and freshvegetable juices are some of the ideal refreshing summer foods that you can add toyour diet in the summer.Spruce up your palate with fresh salads. However, you do have to make sure thatyou’re using smart nutrition when you eat a lot of salad i.e pay attention on the kindof dressings you choose. A fresh dressing made from lemons and olive oil is going tobe a lot healthier for you than a creamy packaged dressing.Get in your protein. Many people tend to reduce their protein intake during thewarmer months of the year. Your body just doesn’t crave all of those meats in hotweather. However, you can get your sources form low fat milk and milk products. It’san important part of your diet as protein foods provide the building blocks of muscletissue. Protein also helps increase your metabolism every time you eat it by 20% andhelp you lose fat.Eat fruit smoothies instead of ice cream. It’s tempting to eat some foods during thesummer that really don’t offer the best nutrition for you. Ice cream is a terrificexample of a summer food like this. Substituting fruit smoothies (made from low fatmilk, yogurt and fresh fruit) for your ice cream is a great example without worryingabout gaining fat.Shaping up for summers means eating smart and yet training hard. If you need toshed body fat, you need to start moving. Your muscular strength affects nearlyeverything you do on a daily basis. That’s why strength training is an essential part ofa well-rounded fitness program, especially during the summer. Strength trainingtightens and tones, helps strengthen your bones, prevents muscle loss and injury.A regular cardio routine will help you increase your heart rate, and that in turn willburn calories. But that’s only half the equation when it comes to managing yourweight. Not only is strength training essential in helping you to look trimmer andshapelier, but also the added muscle helps you burn more calories – even after yourworkout is done.Exercising through the early morning or in the night when the sun is not as wellharsh and the temperatures are reduced. This is in particular handy if your exercisesare mostly outdoors. If feasible exercise indoors, especially if its scorching hotoutsideFollowing these summer health and fitness tips can help you stay balanced and notbe affected by the rising mercury.