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Keep Your New Years Fitness Resolution Going Strong!!!Have you ever resolved to get back on track with your fitness progra...
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Talwalkars - Keep your new years fitness resolution going strong


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Talwalkars Better Value Fitness Limited., more popularly known as Talwalkars, is India's largest chain of gyms, health clubs & spas. It has more than 115 ultra-modern branches across 60 cities of India with over 1,30,000 members.

A healthy body is the perfect complement to a brilliant mind. Building a strong masculine physique or a graceful feminine figure, Talwalkars has been spreading fitness since 1932 across India. A team of qualified fitness instructors, medical specialists, and the latest international equipment synergise to give you the best fitness experience in the country.

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Talwalkars - Keep your new years fitness resolution going strong

  1. 1. Keep Your New Years Fitness Resolution Going Strong!!!Have you ever resolved to get back on track with your fitness program after the New Year?If you are ready to get back on track and make a change to a healthier lifestyle, dont wait for theNew Year, or the right time. There will never be a right time to resolve. The time to resolve is now.Flex Your Mental MuscleOften, the first muscle to train is your mind. Losing weight or lifting weights is as much aboutmotivation, desire, and discipline as it is about just diet and exercise. If your initial mentalcommitment is not there, you may soon find that your excuses are getting the better of yourprogram.Set Specific GoalsUsing SMART goals (specific, methodical, attainable, realistic, tangible) are better than vague,general goals. Saying you want to get in shape by summer is a vague goal, but saying that you wantto lose 10 kgs by June by doing cardio three times a week is SMART.Establish a Specific And Regular Time To ExerciseThere really isnt a time of day that is any better than another, but it helps to pick a time when youfeel most energetic. If you are not a morning person why not establish late morning, afternoon, orevening exercise sessions.Track The Workouts And ProgressRecord the exercises you performed, the weight you lifted, and the number of sets and repetitions.This will help to keep your consistent with your exercise program, eliminate missing exercises, andhelp when you want to progress in your exercises. Nothing beats seeing your progress to keep youinspired to work harder.Say Hello to Good NutritionCreate a healthy meal plan that works for you. Resolve to eat healthy with lean proteins, fibrousvegetables, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, and lots of water.RestMuscles grow outside of the gym. The body repairs and strengthens itself in the time betweenworkouts and during sleep. Not giving proper rest, sleep, and recovery time, will weaken even thegreatest athlete.Starting or resuming an exercise program is important. But it doesnt have to be an overwhelmingone. By planning carefully and pacing yourself, you can get back on track and stay there to helpestablish healthy habits that will last a lifetime.Have a fit and healthy 2012 and in many more years to come …….