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Talwalkars - Getting slim is now an adventure


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Talwalkars Better Value Fitness Limited., more popularly known as Talwalkars, is India's largest chain of gyms, health clubs & spas. It has more than 115 ultra-modern branches across 60 cities of India with over 1,30,000 members.

A healthy body is the perfect complement to a brilliant mind. Building a strong masculine physique or a graceful feminine figure, Talwalkars has been spreading fitness since 1932 across India. A team of qualified fitness instructors, medical specialists, and the latest international equipment synergise to give you the best fitness experience in the country.

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Talwalkars - Getting slim is now an adventure

  1. 1. Getting Slim Is Now An AdventureLosing fat takes a long - term commitment, and that can certainly get tedious at times. When yourestuck nibbling on lettuce and carrots when what you really want is apizza and a big hunk of chocolate cake, getting healthy may not seemlike a lot of fun.But you can take some steps to keep your fat loss adventure excitingand even fun.# Recruit a friend to support you in your fat-loss goals.Having a fitness buddy can motivate you to workout even when you don’t want to simply becauseyou know someone is counting on you. Exercising with a fitness partner is also a great way tosocialize.A fitness partner also makes it less intimidating to join a gym, try a new class, or learn a new sport.Fitness buddy who is in a similar fitness level and goals helps motivate you. You can even make it asa sort of a competition between you two to see who could get the most impressive results after a setperiod of time.# Group Personal TrainingEngage in-group personal training that gives you a built in support system that bestows you with awealth of encouragement and motivation for continuing with your fitness routines.A group personal training lets you measure your progress against the progress being made by theother members of your personal training group. Measuring your progress against the progress ofsomeone else could tell you if you are on target with everyone else or lagging behind for somereason.# Boot Camp WorkoutsIf you’re looking to get in the best shape of your life while completely changing the way you look, it’stime to start doing some boot camp exercises and workouts.
  2. 2. Here are some of the main benefits this style of workout will offer you:  Increased Cardiovascular Fitness  Enhanced Muscular Strength  Greater Agility Ability  Fun Through SocializationSo if you haven’t tried your first boot camp class yet, now’s the time to get enrolled. This is a greatway to get in shape, burn off some calories, and make a few new friends in the process.# YogaIf you have not gotten your yoga mat outside for a little outdoor yoga, you need to get on it. There’sjust something special about doing a sun salutation when you can reach your arms up and trulysalute the sun.Sometimes an outdoor yoga class can get a little toasty out there. But when that cool wind brushesacross your face, it is nirvana.Being close to nature can be simply be yogalicious.Many experiences are nicer when they are shared with someone else. Meals, movies, laughs,exercise, shopping, sightseeing, and travel are just some of the experiences that are enhanced whenshared between two or more people. Similarly there are countless benefits to exercising in a groupor in the open, so getting slim can simply be adventurous and fun too.