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Talwalkars Better Value Fitness Limited., more popularly known as Talwalkars, is India's largest chain of gyms, health clubs & spas. It has more than 115 ultra-modern branches across 60 cities of India with over 1,30,000 members.

A healthy body is the perfect complement to a brilliant mind. Building a strong masculine physique or a graceful feminine figure, Talwalkars has been spreading fitness since 1932 across India. A team of qualified fitness instructors, medical specialists, and the latest international equipment synergise to give you the best fitness experience in the country.

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Talwalkars - Bridal health and fitness

  1. 1. Bridal Health and FitnessIf there is a single day in ones life when you want to look your best is the wedding day. This is the bigone! It’s “the” day. It’s picture day.Of course you want to look fabulous on your wedding day – who doesn’t? Unfortunately, a gorgeouslehenga and killer accessories can only take you so far. The true pathway to looking and feelingamazing is paved by a healthy fitness and nutrition routine.Some simple tips you can incorporate into your daily routine that will gradually improve your healthand the look of the body for the big day.NutritionDo not skip your meals no matter how busy you would be with your trousseau shopping- Skippingmeals not only messes up with the body’s metabolism but can also cause voracious hunger attacksand overeating later in the day. This will also not help your cause in getting all the nutrition that youneed for the big day.Eat five to six small meals a day- Three large meals do not provide your body with the constant flowof nutrients and energy it needs to increase your metabolism and burn fat. Strive to eat five or sixsmall meals evenly spaced throughout the day.Food contentFocus on protein- It is necessary for muscular growth and aids in fat loss, as it requires more energyto digest compared to other foods. To-be brides remember that skin and hair is also made ofprotein. So ensure you get your sources from skim milk, curd, paneer, fish, chicken, and eggs.Carbohydrates/Fiber- Forget that all carbohydrates are evil. Complex carbohydrates are rich in fiberand hence promote satiety, making you eat less and giving you a steady supply of energy.Sources: Whole wheat grains, bajra, nachni, jowar, oats, maize, barley, buckwheat, brown rice.Include good quality fat- Good quality fats promote shiny hair, clear skin and increased energy. It canbe incorporated by adding a handful of nuts (almond & walnuts), flaxseeds, olive oil, and groundnutor rice bran oil for cooking.Vitamins and Minerals for Skin Rejuvenation- For healthy skin, it is essential to eat plenty of fruitsand vegetables in the form of juices (not strained), salads and soup. Vitamins and minerals arenecessary for glowing skin, glossy hair too.General Tips:Avoid villainous foods: For the sparkling wedding glow, avoid all the foods high in fat and sugar, friedfood, junk food, chocolates, mithais, laddus, aerated drinks etc.
  2. 2. Stay hydrated: Water works you should always be hydrated to have healthy and radiant skin. Theearlier you start getting into the habit of drinking adequate water (minimum10-12 glasses a day) thebetter your skin will look on your wedding day.Exercise: Exercise will tone you up, rev up your metabolism (which helps your body burn morecalories), and keep tension low which will be a great benefit during that stressful wedding planningperiod.Establish an exercise routine you can live with. If you’re currently sedentary, don’t attempt to diveinto an hour-a-day/seven-days-a-week routine, because chances are, you won’t stick to it.Instead, increase your energy level with achievable goals; 30 minutes for three to four days a week isa good start for those who haven’t hit the gym in years.Regardless of your current fitness level, you should strive for an exercise routine that combinescardio, strength, and flexibility.Cardio Schedule: 3 – 4 cardiovascular workouts a week for 30 – 40 minutes.Strength Schedule: 3 – 4 strength workouts a week alternating between your upper body and lowerbody workouts.Flexibility Schedule: Stretching will help you increase flexibility. Flexibility training can help avoidmuscle imbalances, postural distortion and injuries.Yoga: Learn to balance your breath through yoga. It helps to control stress and makes you glow frominside.This healthy exercise and nutrition guide will help you get in shape for the wedding day and beyond.