2013 Education Symposium & Expo - 10 Simple Tips for Effective Membership Marketing


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  • 2013 Education Symposium & Expo - 10 Simple Tips for Effective Membership Marketing

    1. 1. 10 Simple Tips for Effective Membership Marketing Kate Chunka Partner Relations & Industry Communications Manager KChunka@VISITFLORIDA.org October 16, 2013
    2. 2. 11,903
    3. 3. Membership Marketing is different from product marketing. vs.
    4. 4. Enroll Service Retain
    5. 5. Tip #1 Ask your members what they want.
    6. 6. Go to the source. Find out what your members want or think. Methods: Survey vs. Hold a meeting, brainstorming session or focus group. Take action based on feedback.
    7. 7. Surveys Focus Groups Wide and shallow Short and deep
    8. 8. Surveys • You need a little information about a lot of different topics. • You think you already know some of the answers. • You want to know the frequency with which an answer is given. • Decisions you will be making must be based on numbers. • The people you want to respond to your survey are generally interested enough in the topic that they will complete the survey. • You have already defined key issues through a qualitative approach (focus groups, interviews, etc.) and want to know what the larger population thinks.
    9. 9. Focus Groups • You don’t know what the issues are; have a complex issue you want to understand. • You want to hear a wide diversity of opinions. • You are trying to develop some preliminary theories of why things are the way they are. • You want to hear about people’s deep feelings, insights and perceptions. • Some of your questions will require probing or prompting to elicit useful information. • People will need time to ponder the answers to your questions in order to provide thoughtful responses. • Insights or historical perspectives of people close to issue are needed.
    10. 10. Consumer Industry
    11. 11. Results and Action Taken • 80.2% said they use Facebook professionally • 58% said they were unaware VISIT FLORIDA had an industry social media page • 55% said they don’t follow our social media sites because they already get enough information from VISIT FLORIDA • Of those respondents that stated they do follow VISIT FLORIDA, 89% said they follow us via the consumer social media pages As a result, VISIT FLORIDA re-branded its Industry Facebook page and reprioritized.
    12. 12. Partner Benefits Platform Review Special audience; divided group into 4 categories. Wanted to know what benefits were important for those specific categories. Involve members in engaging activities to get detailed feedback about different aspects of Partnership. Flip charts Activities Detailed questions and answers
    13. 13. Tip #2 Know Your Members’ Communication Preferences
    14. 14. HOW WHEN
    15. 15. Some stats… People increasingly prefer to browse the Internet on tablets rather than smartphones. For the first time ever, worldwide tablet traffic has surpassed smartphone traffic Tablets now drive 8 percent of all Internet traffic, while smartphones generate 7 percent.
    16. 16. Formatting is key! Website and emails need to be compatible with:
    17. 17. VISIT FLORIDA Communications Audit Objective: Develop an Industry Communications platform that creates a superior and engaging partnership experience for our stakeholders while increasing industry participation with VISIT FLORIDA. Methodology: Evaluate all industry-focused communication touch points across VISIT FLORIDA departments and implement appropriate recommendations for both print and digital communications using industry and Committee feedback.
    18. 18. • Use multiple communication channels. • Send monthly vs. weekly e-newsletters. • Allow members to opt into the communication they want to receive.
    19. 19. Don’t do social media just to do social media. Make sure you are using it in a way that benefits your members.
    20. 20. Tip #3 Communication is all about KISS-ing
    21. 21. The average human attention span is eight seconds. - Google Business
    22. 22. Tighten copy to draw attention to a message’s main call to action, “get to the point” and reduce wordiness.
    23. 23. Keeping it simple with email: Headline Visual Body Copy Logo PICK ONE OF THE ABOVE AS THE FOCAL POINT White space is OK
    24. 24. Tip #4 Members don’t care about how great your business is. They want to know what’s in it for them.
    25. 25. No one cares about your boring business
    26. 26. They care about themselves • 3 Bad B’s: Boastful, Blatant, Boring • Give them a reason to peak over the wall, spark their interest, create intrigue • Personalize communication • Predictable = Skippable
    27. 27. No “Webinar Invite for May 9: Advanced Online Targeting” Unique Opportunity to Participate in VISIT FLORIDA’s Fall Campaign Yes “You don’t want to throw this away…” “Want to attract more guests this fall?”
    28. 28. Identify why your product matters Show you understand their world Bring your benefits to life
    29. 29. Find out what your audience struggles with Many VISIT FLORIDA Small Business Partners have very low marketing budgets. Budgets are an issue. They need access to free or low-cost ways to get exposure for their businesses. Do not want to “fish” for information.
    30. 30. “ 5 Ways to Maximize your Partnership Without Reaching in Your Wallet” 1. Order free maps and magazines to distribute to visitors. 2. Upload your press release on VISITFLORIDA.org. 3. Set up a table for free at a Welcome Center. Learn more. 4. Add Deals & Events to your web listing. 5. Review valuable research pertinent to your business. Need additional assistance? Feel free to call our toll-free Industry Hotline at (877) 435-2872. Our team is happy to assist you!
    31. 31. Tip #5 Be proactive with retention and don’t give up on “declines.”
    32. 32. Something to realize.. It’s cheaper, easier and more effective to retain current customers than to acquire new ones.
    33. 33. Long term customers are more profitable. • The cost of managing long term customers is less (you do not have to spend time and money on finding new ones). • Long life customers are advocates and create new business by advertising your business to their friends and contacts. • Referrals are the strongest leads and most likely to be converted into a sale. People are more likely to go with a product or service that someone they know has already experienced. • Long term customers are not as price sensitive – they want your service and are happy paying for it. • A first time customer generally expects discounts as opposed to repeat customers.
    34. 34. Keep your members. Retention starts with Welcome communication. Need a communication plan to keep members engaged; half way check-in calls. Offer members opportunities relevant to them. Consultations Don‘t accept a “no” without finding out why; often times you can keep a member by some simple actions.
    35. 35. Tip #6 “Steal” programs that work and find the right people to execute them.
    36. 36. Former Governor Jeb Bush I don’t know about you, but I get moved by a lot of books. Smart people. I’m not that smart, so I try to steal ideas from people. There’s no trademark on these things, the best I can tell. I’ve never gotten sued for it. I encourage you all to do it too.”
    37. 37. It happens everywhere… Whole Foods set the standard for the natural/organic grocery store. You can replicate products and programs that work, but you can’t replicate people.
    38. 38. Apply this to Memberships Scope out the competition: other membership models and websites Successful membership programs Website designs Enrollment forms Customer service Etc.
    39. 39. Tip #7 Test and Learn
    40. 40. Analyze response and conversion By programs: - Ie. Pay for 2 years of membership up front at a discount - Referral programs - Different membership discount offers By audience: New members, founding members, etc.
    41. 41. Email items Subject lines: A/B test (copy or size) Button size Color Images Use of social media buttons Email sender field Time of day/frequency
    42. 42. Tip #8 Focus on Delivering Value
    43. 43. Benefits > Cost
    44. 44. Members want to know they are getting what they paid for….and more. Be able to provide data metrics and program results so members can understand ROI where possible. Identify what your organization can provide them with that no one else provides….then deliver.
    45. 45. Tip #9 How you treat members matters.
    46. 46. No cold calls. Be genuine and honest – it’s OK to tell someone membership may not be the right fit. Set expectations accordingly. Focus on solutions, not excuses. Let them know you are there to help. “My pleasure” Let them know you appreciate them.
    47. 47. Tip #10 Let your members be your best marketers.
    48. 48. Word of mouth – influence is greatest when consumers are buying a product for the first time. Testimonial videos Referral programs Enlist them to call members in their area to encourage them to participate in events, etc.
    49. 49. Testimonials Video or written Real world examples Authentic Detailed
    50. 50. 1. Ask your members what they want. 2. Know your members’ communication preferences. 3. Communication is all about KISS-ing. 4. Members don’t care about how great your business is. They want to know what’s in it for them. 5. Be proactive with retention and don’t give up on declines. 6. Steal programs that work and find the right people to execute them. 7. Test & Learn. 8. Focus on delivering value. 9. How you treat members matters. 10. Let your members be your best marketers.
    51. 51. Thank you—Have a great day! KChunka@VISITFLORIDA.org