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Group 2 day 2. ;)


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Past present and future

Published in: Education, Business
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Group 2 day 2. ;)

  1. 1. Past , Present and Future <br />What we would be able to do in the future ??????<br />
  2. 2. We are learning about the past , present and the future at Thomas Tallis School and a part of the future is moving into the brand new school next year of the first week of November and a brand new start…. And having a new head teacher so that is a new start for him aswell and his name is Mr Parker but people say that he is strict but he might or might not you will never know. He came to Thomas Taills from Woolwich Polly secondary school and he want everyone to do there best and to try and get the highest mark they can get so they can do good in the Future like getting a good job and getting lots of money. Also if they do get the best makes as possible they could end up getting one of the jobs in London.<br />