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DrupalCamp SP 2015 - Vendendo a filosofia Open-Source (e Drupal!)

Apresentação realizada na DrupalCamp SP 2015, por Handrus Nogueira (Taller) e Lucas Arruda (CI&T).

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DrupalCamp SP 2015 - Vendendo a filosofia Open-Source (e Drupal!)

  1. 1. Lucas Arruda @lunascarruda Handrus Nogueira @handrus SELLING THE OPEN-SOURCE PHILOSOPHY
  2. 2. Lucas Arruda Software Architect @ CI&T DCO Open-Source enthusiast Acquia Certified Developer Based on Campinas-SP / Brazil Zend Certified Engineer PHP 5.3 Drupaler for 4+ yrs GCP Authorized Trainer & Qualified Dev.
  3. 3. Handrus Based on Florianópolis-SC / BR Software Architect / Dev @ Taller Web & Open-Source & Agile ~11 yrs on the road Drupaler for ~7 yrs Dev with Passion!
  4. 4. Anyway… What is Open- Source?
  5. 5. ● To harness the power of distributed peer-review and transparency. OSI defines Open-Source as a process that promises: ● More quality, reliability, flexibility, better cost control and long-term stability. ● End to predatory vendor lock-in.
  6. 6. Is that hard to sell Open-Source?
  7. 7. First we need to refute some myths.
  8. 8. “Open-Source is Insecure”
  9. 9. “Open Source Quality is Low”
  10. 10. Coverity Scan Report for Open-Source Metric Open-Source Proprietary Source Defect Density* .59 .72 ● Code analysis tool used by Microsoft, SAP, Novell, Symantec, NASA, Konami… ● Analyse C/C++ and Java source *Number of defects for every 1k lines
  11. 11. Coverity Scan Report for Open-Source ● “8 out of 10 people surveyed are choosing Open-Source based on quality.” ● “Open-source code quality surpasses proprietary code quality in C/C++ projects” ● “If software is eating the world, then open-source software is leading the charge,” Zack Samocha, senior director of products for Coverity
  12. 12. “Nobody owns, no one supports”
  13. 13. “Life is not a bed of roses”
  14. 14. “Open-Source is Insecure” “Open Source Quality is Low” “Nobody owns, no one supports”
  15. 15. Is that hard to sell Drupal?
  16. 16. Security team (43 members) Drupal Security Peer review Automated tests
  17. 17. Protection against major flaws: Drupal Security ● Injection ● Cross Site Scripting ● Session Management ● Cross Site Request Forgeries
  18. 18. Vulnerability Tests (Veracode, Qualys) Drupal Security is-drupal-secure ? switch to Drupal Drupal PCI Compliance
  19. 19. Coding Standards Drupal Quality Peer review Automated tests Huge community
  20. 20. Drupal Showcases
  21. 21. “You know when a piece of software is mature when it starts being adopted by financial services organizations. ING Financial Services recently moved a number of sites from Oracle Stellent to Drupal. Among these sites are, the main portal for their US market. The driver behind this migration was to move to a platform that was more dynamic and provided faster time to market.” ING using Drupal, Dries Buytaert ( ING using Drupal
  22. 22.
  23. 23. ~30k Modules ~2.1k Themes ~37K Developers ~2.5k commits/week 5k Issue Comments/week Get it for Free
  24. 24. 1,147,066 people in 229 countries speaking 180 languages Get it for Free
  25. 25. “There is a module for that!”
  26. 26. Demo Framework
  27. 27. Recapping...
  28. 28. Security & Quality Open-source software is secure and quality is set to the higher standards. Market Adoption Huge number of companies are using Drupal to drive their businesses and are having success! Community Tools & Support Many existing resources are available to be reused and both community and companies support them.
  29. 29. Sold the project... Now What?
  30. 30. “Come for the software. Stay for the community.”
  31. 31. 3. Forking 2. Continuous Improvement Advantages only open- source projects have: 1. Alignment with Social Values (and exposition). 4. Easier to identify qualified skilled labors.
  32. 32. 7. Great support 6. Faster issue resolutions 5. Create your features! Advantages only open- source projects have: Most of these for FREE!
  33. 33. All of that just depends on one thing: Give back to the community!
  34. 34. THANKS FOR BEING HERE! Please evaluate this presentation!
  35. 35. Q&APresentation Deck
  36. 36. @lunascarruda @handrus Please evaluate this presentation!