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VOCAB: Week Twelve Slides


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Learning ancient Egyptian, one word a day. Friends of Bennu featured this week are the Sherman Geese and the Black Casqued Hornbill. Words covered: mw, dpt, nxt, HD, tp, Dw.

Thanks to pareerica for the use of her textures, ‘Egyptian Fabric 3’, 'Bandage’, ‘Grungy Paper2’, ‘Egyptian Crushed Paper', which are all licesenced under a CC BY 2.0 license.

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VOCAB: Week Twelve Slides

  1. 1. VOCAB: with Bennu Week Twelve Revision
  2. 2. VOCAB: with Bennu Week Twelve Revision
  3. 3. mu
  4. 4. mu water
  5. 5. dpt
  6. 6. dpt boat
  7. 7. nxt
  8. 8. nxt strong; mighty
  9. 9. HD
  10. 10. HD white; silver
  11. 11. tp
  12. 12. tp head; upon
  13. 13. Dw
  14. 14. Dw mountain
  15. 15. VOCAB: with Bennu One word every day on Twitter: