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From satisfaction to inspiration: the circle of engagement


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How far round the circle of employee engagement does your business reach? And what can you do to move your engagement process from the basic provision of information to full engagement without multiple systems or apps? We've some simple and effective solutions.

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From satisfaction to inspiration: the circle of engagement

  2. 2. Can your employees access the information they need? Are they collaborating on projects? Are they informed about other collaborations? Can they directly receive new information? Can they give feedback? Does your employee engagement system tick all the boxes?
  3. 3. You have a system that creates a continuous circle of engagement Ticked all the boxes? Congratulations! EMPLOYEE INFORMATION EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT EMPLOYEE FEEDBACK EMPLOYEE COMMUNICATIONS01 02 0304 Satisfiers Positive Motivato rs
  4. 4. ideal solution wasted time and effortmore than How many systems or apps did it take your business to tick all the boxes?
  5. 5. Using multiple systems might also result in an unexpected downside: Lack of inspiration Inspiration can be: "Frustratingly fleeting and difficult to recover when lost.” Leadership coach Kristi Hedges
  6. 6. Help your employees be more inspired more of the time by: Focusing on specific goals Enabling and encouraging change Allowing space for “perspective-expanding activities”
  7. 7. Encourage employees to take a single step, to move from inactive stasis, and open up to the possibility of inspiration Encouraging change
  8. 8. Space for inspiration Reading articles Networking Seminars and talks Establish a timetabled routine for gathering inspiration:
  9. 9. Focus on specific goals Too much choice can be overwhelming. A Challenge enables employees to focus on a specific issue or concern.
  10. 10. The TalkFreely employee engagement and communication app helps keep employees engaged, enthused and inspired. One app to enthuse, engage and inspire Why not try it for yourself?